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The Best Incense For Love Spells And Ways To Use Them


Incense for love spells is a fantastic and much-underutilized tool for creating some seriously potent love magic, either as a support aid when casting spells or as the spell's primary emphasis. It's time to start employing incense in your love spells if you haven't before.

You can use incense to perform potent love magic and scent your surroundings simultaneously, whether you use stick incense, cones, smudge sticks, burn herbs and resins on incense charcoal, or make your own incense by hand.

In this article, we will talk about some of the best ways to use incense and the best incense for love spells you can buy online! Let's start!

3 Incredible Incense For Love Spells You Can Buy Online

Lisa Parker Love Spell Incense Sticks

COPYRIGHT_JN: Published on https://joynumber.com/incense-for-love-spells/ by Michele Sievert on 2022-11-01T11:08:30.297Z

This 20-stick collection of incense will aid in your love spells, and the elegant packaging created by renowned Gothic and pagan artist Lisa Parker makes these sticks the perfect present.

Simply fire the incense stick's tip and watch it shine. After extinguishing the flame, insert the holder with the incense inside for a lovely smell throughout your house. One bundle of 20 incense sticks is only £1.60.

Note: Please utilize an incense container, keep it lit at all times, and burn incense in a well-ventilated place when doing so. Please turn it in a separate room or close to an open window, away from your pets and young children. Animals, especially dogs, have far more acute senses of smell than people do, and they can become bothered by the fragrance of aromatherapy items like incense. Keep any incense out of your pet's reach as well to prevent inadvertent ingestion.

Rose Love Spell Incense Cones

Fifteen (15) rose-scented incense cones are included in this box of magic spell incense, along with a matching wooden pentagram holder that is ideal for using with love and romance spells. This scent will draw in all things divine whether it is employed in spellwork or just for pleasure.

This incense for love spells is part of the bestselling Black Magic line of gothic gifts and home furnishings, created by Something Different. When burning, always use caution and never leave lit incense unattended.

Love Spell Incense

This incense for love spells by The Soap Shack is a richly luxuriant fusion of white jasmine, cherry blossoms, peaches, and orange. Only the best essential oils and aroma oils are used in each stick, which burns for around an hour. Every stick is hand-dipped in this shop, and it only costs $2.95!

Different Ways You Can Use Incense For Love Spells

Clear Out Old, Stuck Energy With Incense To Make Room For A Fresh Start

In addition to using incense to draw in desired things, you can also use it to purge and cleanse an area of negative energies. You can burn a purifying incense like camphor, lemon verbena, sage, or rue to cleanse the space and start over if there was a fight in the room, for instance, or if you're ready to get rid of the bad memories of your awful ex from your home.

Use It To Establish A New Love Intention

Invocation of incense during prayer or the establishing of loving intentions is another way to use it spiritually. Make a mini ritual out of lighting a special love incense, saying your intentions aloud, and then watching the smoke carry those words upward.

One of the earliest practices for establishing a connection with the energies of sky deities is this type of spellwork, which is still used in many religions today.

Clear Yourself Of Your Love Funk And Bring In The Magnetism

Smudging using an incense stick or smudge stick is another way to work with incense. Smudging is ideal if you feel like you have unresolved issues that keep you from finding love or if you want to give yourself an incense "bath" because you can't let go of an ex.

Alternately, smudging can work if you want to surround yourself with a gorgeous magic appeal aura before you go out.

You should move the smudge stick or incense stick around the area around your body while holding it a few inches away from your body (your auric field). To direct the smoke toward your body, use a free hand. If you are bringing in something positive or cleaning out anything negative, it is advisable to push the smoke upward.

Using Incense, Bless A Magic Love Charm

Likewise, you can bless, cleanse, or feed magical items using incense, especially if you can't wash or bless them with liquids. Perhaps you want to cast a love spell on a letter you are sending to someone so that they would get enchanted the moment they touch it.

Before sending the letter, pass it through the smoke of a love incense. Just speak the phrases for your spells or your wishes as you pass the paper through the enticing smoke. Alternatively, you can wave a specific piece of jewelry over the smoke of the incense which will increase attraction if you want to make it into a love charm to make yourself more alluring.

People Also Ask

How Do You Use Incense For Love Spells?

Just light the tip of the stick and watch it light up. After putting out the flame, put the incense holder with the incense in it back in. You can then begin to cast your love spell.

What Incense Is Good For Love Spells?

Rose incense is great for love spells in every way. It gives you a sense of peace and helps you get closer to your partner again. It's also an aphrodisiac, but it also helps women with sexual problems and men with psychological impotence.

Can I Buy Incense For Love Spells?

Yes, of course! There are a lot of legit online shops that offer affordable incense for love spells.

Final Thought

We hope this article about incense for love spells helps you find what you're looking for! Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below.

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