Angel Number 888 – Secrets That Universe Trying To Tell You

Introduction to Numerology

Before going into angel number 888 meaning, you need to have an idea about Numerology. Numerology is a belief that a mystical relationship exists between numbers and coinciding events. These events can be single or multiple. Numerology is a study that also includes the understanding of numerical values of letters included in words, ideas or names. Quite often, Numerology is correlated with astrology and related divinatory arts.

General Significance of the Angel Number 888

According to Christian numerology, the 888 number represents Jesus, and, at times, more precisely ‘Christ the Redeemer’. Such a portrayal can be explained via gematria, the process of scoring the letters in the name Jesus using Greek transliteration methods. It can also be justified as an opposite of 666 which represents the number of the beast.

Per Chinese numerology, however, angel number 888 has another meaning. According to Chinese numerology, 888 is a representation of triple fortune. It is because of this reason, addresses, phone numbers, etc. containing this sequence of numbers is considered very lucky.

Angel Number 888

The Angel number 888 is an important and influential number because it bears the vibrations as well as the attributions of the number 8 which appears three times thereby tripling and magnifying its associated energy and importance. The number 8 portrays self reliance while expressing wealth and the abundance of positivity, dependability, self confidence, integrity, truth and discernment and good judgement. It also showcases achievement, philanthropy, karma and the service of humanity.

The Angel Number 888 comes with a heartening missive of encouragement revealing achievements, progress, success and attainment. Its underlying message is optimism in the face of discouragement and adhering to one’s intuition as well as inner guidance. It advices building oneself a solid foundation for support of near and dear ones which in turn ensures prosperity in the future.

888 spiritual meaning

The Angel Number 888 promises continued support from the universe as well as the angels, however, the responsibility of putting in the appropriate work needed to fulfill your goals lies with you. The idea here is to strive to putting in your full potential and results and rewards will follow. The number is also an indication that good times are not far away with financial and material benefits around the corner. Good work done in the past can lead to unexpected rewards. The number also signifies that your life’s goal is fully backed by the Universe.

The Angel Number 888 can also indicate that a phase in life may be about to come to a closure and can be taken as an advanced warning to prepare oneself for a possible change. In most cases in can mean that a career, relationship or emotional phase is approaching a close.

To sum up, the takeaway is, to be steadfast and uncompromising in integrity, honor your truths, your life’s path and your mission.

888 – Biblical Meaning, Jesus & the Salvation of God

The 888 meaning according to the Bible, as written in the the Scripture indicates that Jesus’ name was the only “name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” According to the ancient Greeks, letters used in the Greek alphabet correspond to a number – The sum of letters used in the name ‘Jesus’ in the Greek language is 888.

The number 888 is seen to fuse every idea that is in relation to number 8, including octave, new beginning, etc. Seen from the bible meaning, 111 is a triad of numbers that is multiples of 666, 777 and 888. As these triads are a way of manifesting the root meanings of each number, the number 111 provides focus on the number one, 666 to the number six and so on.

The Biblical meaning of the number 888 is that the number is seen to represent ‘new creation’ or ‘new man’. Jesus’s name converts to 888 in Gematria, an Assyro – Babylonian – Greek system of code that was later included into the Jewish culture. 888 is in direct contrast to the number of the fallen man – 666. Additionally, Jesus was given his name 8 days after his birth, the day of his circumcision.

The number 888’s is the most proportionate number. It has no change in appearance when it is reflected or inverted or have the digits permuted. This is in line with God’s usage of 888 when he professed his eternal nature by saying “I am the Lord, I change not”. (Malachi 3.6).

888 – Spiritual Meaning

The 888 spiritual meaning indicates a constant flow of positivity in your life with a circulation of elegant energy. The repeating number 888 signifies infinity, abundance and a never ending cycle. The number 888 usually means that a person’s energy is at a level that is high enough to attract the gifts in store for you by the universe, mostly money, abundance and balance.

The spiritual meaning of 888 is an indication that a person’s thoughts as well as actions are in perfect harmony with one another. The number 888 is all about ideal balance and results of creativity in our physical world. It depicts harmony of two circles joining to form an infinite loop. When placed on its side, it transforms into a symbol of infinity. This indicates the the circling of energy around an individual. It’s an indication of the fusing together of both the physical as well as the spiritual world.

Given that the spiritual meaning of the number 888 signifies, largely an abundance of good luck and wealth, it comes with a word of caution. It is important to maintain this bounty of abundance in order for it continue. Taking this turn of fortune for granted, is probably the quickest way you can lose it.

The Angel Number 888 according to Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue, therapist, author and motivational speaker, in her book ‘Healing with the Angels’ has written that angels do their very best to attract our attention and communicate their intentions so they may assist us in healing our lives. Unfortunately, often times, we disregard these signs as coincidences or imagination. If an individual is going through a particularly hard phase in life, the angel number 888 is trying to show that is indeed joy and positive gifts at the culmination of this tough phase and encouraging you not to lose hope.

It signifies that a positive change is about to take place in your life and, therefore, it is not a good idea to hesitate or procrastinate with your thoughts or plans for the future. The angel number 888 is showcasing to you that the choices you make will bear fruit as well as an unexpected award bestowed by the universe.

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