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Create Your Vision Board Workshop

People are always obsessed with making decisions and reaching their goals. They’re always looking for something to help them with this. This is because when it comes to getting it right in life, you can’t take away the place of goal setting and visualization. These are the things that guide you as you journey through achieving your dreams. At the center of this, all is a vision board. With just a little guidance, you could be able to set up a vision board to inspire you towards transforming your dreams into reality.

What Is A Vision Board?

A vision board is a powerful tool that visualizes your biggest aspirations in life through the use of words, pictures, and magazine clippings, quotes, and other things that align with, and affirm, your goals. It gives you precision, a strategy, and a vision. Without any of this, we are all just moving through without direction.

Someone might ask: Why is there a need for visualization when you could simply know what you want and go after it? A vision board does more than just visualize your dreams. It serves as a subconscious reminder of your goals each day that passes by.

What Should Be Included In A Vision Board?

Everything About Vision Boards - How to Create and Use a Vision Board

You can’t just wake up one day and create a vision board without knowing what and what should be on it. You have to ask yourself the most important question when it comes to vision boarding: What should a vision board be about? The answer is simple: It must be about something that drives your passion as soon as you wake up from bed in the morning and when you retire to bed at night. A vision board is about your biggest ambitions in life and nothing less than that.

When making a vision board, make a mental inventory of what you want in each area of your life that is important to you. Health, travel, social life, education, career, finances, home, spirituality, and several others are just some of the things that can be included in your vision board. Visualize your goals and ambitions in each of these areas and write them down.

How Do I Start A Vision Board Class?

Sample of a finished vision board
Sample of a finished vision board

Running a vision board workshop takes a lot of preparation and intentionality. Apart from determining the right to find new clients and those who might be interested in it, you would need enough time to create instruction manuals and other offers. Once you have gotten your inspirational magazines, pens, empty pieces of cardstock for all attendees, glue sticks, and pairs of scissors, you’re set to go.

The Board

It’s advisable for those who are new to vision boards to begin with poster board or cork board. Either of the two would not cost you more than a dollar to get.


Using embellishments can be based on preference. You can go for it if you’re cool with that. However, you can choose to use stickers or fun markers to deck out the board.

If you want, fun markers, stickers, or other scrapbook-type elements can deck out your board. I personally like keeping my boards clean, but if embellishments match who you are, then go for it!


If you don’t have access to any colorful and inspirational magazine, simply go online and print any photo or page that captures your fancy. Another option is that you could ask your attendees to help you with magazines. They would be glad to do just that!


Time is key when it comes to creating a successful vision board class. It gives everyone the opportunity to stay focused before and after the vision board workshop.

Other Supplies

Don’t forget to grab scissors, tape, pins, and/or a glue stick to put your board together.

Once you have all of these things ready, introduce yourself and what you do, and welcome everyone to your class. Allow people to introduce themselves. Running a vision board workshop based on a first-name basis is crucial to creating a friendly and warm atmosphere for everyone. To make sure that the glues, tape, pins, scissors, and magazines circulate, sit people in smaller circles.


Show as many examples of vision boards as possible, to show their importance to every aspect of their lives. Let them mark the day’s date on their card stock. This is the point that beginners are likely to get stuck. Advise them to simply go through their magazines and make use of words, images, sentences, phrases that motivate them in order to create a vision board that aligns with their goals.

With great planning, you can use your vision board workshop to share with others essential things about life, promote your own event, and transform your story and their own into something positive, profitable, and consistent.

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