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Adobe Shares Creative Logos For Zodiac Signs


Creative logos for zodiac signs designed by Berlin Michelle, an artist, and designer from Los Angeles, were created for Adobe's monthly Creative Horoscope on Instagram, which is now in its third month of operation. The pictures provide a fresh perspective on the features of each astrological sign, and they are accompanied by motivational taglines that are exclusive to the sign in question. You don't have to believe in astrology to enjoy these amusing and colorful logos, which will certainly brighten your day. Take a look at them in the gallery below.

On social media, Adobe is a force to be reckoned with, with the official Photoshop account keeping us amused with all kinds of amusing graphic design-based gags while we were on lockdown. However, the brand's most recent social media venture is a far more healthy (as well as astrological) endeavor.

In the meanwhile, Adobe is releasing a new graphic every month, picturing the 12 star signs in a variety of different creative styles, from logos to color swatches. Everything is done in a deliciously vintage manner, and some of the logos would not seem out of place on our collection of the finest logos of all time.

Berlin Michelle, an art director and self-described "astrology enthusiast," created the images, which depict the 12 signs in a variety of imaginative ways, including as creative brains, mediums, and other types of personalities. Take a look at some of our favorite examples in the gallery below.


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Charging Aries forward
Charging Aries forward

When it comes to being number one, Aries is the sign to be born under. To be sure, rivalry is nothing new for this powerful fire sign. Aries is fearless and ambitious, and they will leap headfirst into even the most difficult situations, ensuring that they always come out on top.

In accordance with Aries' ram emblem, persons born under this fire sign are more prone than the general population to suffer a head injury during their lifetime. This has nothing to do with being prone to accidents, though – Aries are bold (and, at times, reckless) individuals who frequently jump into new situations (literally) head first, especially when they are children or young adolescents. Aries, keep an eye out for little scars on your foreheads that seem like they belong in Harry Potter's world; chances are you already have them.


Taurus, A bull jumping on a paintbrush curve
Taurus, A bull jumping on a paintbrush curve

What zodiac sign is more likely to indulge in a six-hour bath, followed by a sumptuous Swedish massage and a rich dessert feast than the bull? Why, it's the sign of Taurus, of course! Taurus is an earth sign, and the bull represents this sign. Similarly to their heavenly spirit animal, Taureans take pleasure in relaxing in quiet, bucolic settings surrounded by gentle noises, soothing fragrances, and sumptuous flavors.


Gemini, two heads with one eye
Gemini, two heads with one eye

Geminis, who are known for their attractive, humorous, and adventurous dispositions, frequently design their houses in bright colors such as yellow, gold, chartreuse, or green, and they tend to look their best in these hues as well. Geminis are said to be able to "activate" the abilities of the colors by wearing them (try smearing an emerald eyeliner into your lash line!) on a day when they require a little extra luck (or persuasion!).


Cancer, depths of wisdom
Cancer, depths of wisdom

Cancer is symbolized by a crab, which fluidly moves between the sea and land, symbolizing Cancer's capacity to live in both the emotional and material worlds of existence. Intuition is strong in cancers, and their psychic skills express themselves in physical settings. In contrast to crustaceans with hard shells, this water sign is eager to do all it takes to keep its emotional well-being intact. The first step toward getting to know this sign is establishing trust with it!


Leo, with lion standing strong
Leo, with lion standing strong

Despite the fact that Leos are frequently regarded as self-centered, they are actually one of the most loyal and dedicated signs in the zodiac. You'll seldom find a Leo who isn't prepared to provide a hand to a buddy in need, even if doing so makes them appear terrible or isn't the best financial decision. You wouldn't have expected anything less from a zodiac sign whose animal symbol is represented by the lion and whose ruling planet is the Sun.


Virgo, blue girl shining due diligence
Virgo, blue girl shining due diligence

You've probably heard the saying, "If you want something done, give it toa busy person." That is, without a doubt, the Virgo national anthem. Virgos approach life with a rational, realistic, and systematic attitude to their thinking. This tie with the goddess of wheat and agriculture refers to Virgo's long-standing presence in the material world, which is indicative of the earth sign's deep-seated connection to the material world. This earth sign is a perfectionist at heart, and he or she isn't afraid to work hard and consistently to enhance their talents and abilities.


Libra, weighing scale, heart and light bulb
Libra, weighing scale, heart and light bulb

A Libra never makes a choice on the spur of the moment. They constantly make an effort to consider as many factors as possible before making a decision, and their greatest concern is that they will be unjust or unkind to someone (even if they might deserve it). In the case of Libra, remember that life is not black and white and that it is quite OK to modify your view. If you're friends with a Libra, try not to take advantage of their generosity and patience.


Scorpio, scorpion and a quill
Scorpio, scorpion and a quill

Scorpio is one of the zodiac's most enigmatic and secretive signs, yet it is also one of the most misunderstood. Known as the Water Bearer, Scorpio is a water sign that harnesses emotional energy as fuel to cultivate profound understanding in both the physical and spiritual realms. As a matter of fact, the psychic talents of Scorpio contribute to the sign's great bravery, making it one of the zodiac's most intricate and dynamic signs.

Scorpios are guided by Pluto, the planet of strength and regeneration, and they are fiercely fearless, loyal, and as sharp as tacks – just like their hairlines, of course. The widow's peaks, which are marked by a prominent V in the center of the forehead and were demonstrated by Grace Kelly (who was a Scorpio! ), are the most distinguishing characteristic of the Scorpio.


Sagittarius half human half horse using arrow
Sagittarius half human half horse using arrow

You should never give up on your ambitions of becoming famous or well-known if you are a Sagittarius. According to astrology, Sagittarians, who are known for their optimism, dedication, and self-assurance, are the most likely of all the signs to become famous or well-known in their lifetime. This is supported by a long list of celebrities, including Brad Pitt, Taylor Swift, Frank Sinatra, Scarlett Johansson, and Christina Aguilera, who are all known for bearing the fire sign.


Capricorn, a sea go with a quill
Capricorn, a sea go with a quill

What is the most useful resource available to you? For Capricorn, the solution is obvious: it's a matter of time. It is the sign of Capricorn who is ascending the mountain straight to the top, and he is well aware that patience, endurance, and determination are the only ways to reach the summit. The sea-goat, a legendary monster with the body of a goat and the tail of a fish, represents Capricorn, the last earth sign of the zodiac. Capricorn is the tenth and last earth sign of the zodiac. As a result, Capricorns are well-versed in navigating both the material and emotional spheres of existence.


Aquarius, two hands holding a vase with paint brushes
Aquarius, two hands holding a vase with paint brushes

Aquarians can be quite quiet and introverted, or they can be very loud and assertive. While this may appear to be incongruous, the underlying attribute of honesty (even if it is cruel) is a motivating force for all Aquarians, regardless of their sign. Regardless of how uncomfortable it may be at first, an Aquarius will always tell it like it is and offer you a straight response.

Water-bearer John Marchesella says, "The water bearer is a creature who craves freedom above all else. However, the pursuit of total freedom can become a bit too much for the water bearer." "At that point, Aquarius knows that its freedom has turned into a cage."


Pisces, two fishes
Pisces, two fishes

Seven is a fortunate number for Pisces, but it isn't just any lucky number. The number seven, which is associated with spiritual, psychic, and intellectual development, as well as knowledge and higher thinking, is a lucky number on steroids for Pisces when it occurs in patterns. The probability that you are having a very excellent day increases if you encounter a succession of sevens throughout the day (for example, the clock reading 7:07).


Creative Horoscopes is an Adobe series that takes a lighthearted approach to the zodiac signs. The brightly colored pictures will appeal to even the most skeptical of astrology, as the series is dubbed #CreativeHoroscopes.

Adobe's approach to social media has been properly light-hearted during a year that has, shall we say, been a little trying. From exposing designers' worst Photoshop habits to cracking the funniest (Photoshop-based) joke of 2020, Adobe's approach has been perfectly light-hearted. Which one do you think is the best?

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