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Biblical Meaning Of Lizards In Dreams

Uncover the biblical meaning of lizards in dreams. Explore the symbolism and significance of these reptiles in your spiritual journey.

Georgia Ashcroft
Georgia Ashcroft
Oct 02, 20238.4K Shares116.2K Views
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  1. What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Lizard?
  2. Biblical Meaning Of Lizards In Dreams - 7 Sacred Messages
  3. Some Of The Most Common Lizard Dreams
  4. Bible Verses About Lizards
  5. Psychological Meaning Of Dreaming Of A Lizard
  6. Biblical Meaning Of Lizards In Dreams FAQs
  7. Conclusion
Biblical Meaning Of Lizards In Dreams

Lizards are described in the Bible more than once, and different people have different ideas about biblical meaning of lizards in dreams. Lizards are sometimes seen as dirty, and sometimes as smart and sneaky.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Lizard?

Dreamsabout lizards can mean different things based on what else is going on in the dream. Here are some of the most common things that lizards in dreams mean;

Symbol Of Deception

If you dream of a snake, it could mean that someone you know is lying or keeping something from you. The dream could be telling you to be careful and go with your gut.

Sign Of Change

Lizards are known to change from one kind to another by losing their skin. If you dream of a lizard, it could mean that your life is going through a time of change or shift. The dream could mean that you need to be open to change and let go of the old so that the new can come in.

Warning Of Danger

Lizards are thought to be dangerous and bad luckin some countries. If you dream of a snake, it could be a sign that you need to be careful and stay away from dangerous conditions.

Symbol Of Wisdom

As was already said, the Bible says that the snake is a symbol of wisdom. If you dream about a lizard, it could mean that you need to trust your instincts and make smart choices.

Reminder Of Unresolved Issues

If you dream of a lizard over and over, it could mean that you have unsolved problems in your life that you need to deal with. The dream may be telling you to face your fears or worries head-on and deal with them.

Colorful Lizards
Colorful Lizards

Biblical Meaning Of Lizards In Dreams - 7 Sacred Messages

Throughout the best story ever told, dreams play an important role. It can be found in many places and is often used to tell a prophet what God wants to say. The Bible says that lizards are wise animals, and it says that you can't touch or eat them because they move on the ground and are dirty.

1. Caution

In the Bible, there are many examples of spirits coming to tell people about fake predictions and times when bad things are about to happen. The Bible says that these bad things can show up in the dreamer's mind as lizards, which are dangerous animals.

2. Good Sense

Small animals like ants, locusts, marmots, and snakes are often seen as smart in the Bible. If you dream about them, it could mean that you need their knowledge and skills. The thinkers may feel confused, especially when things are hard. Not knowing what to door where to go in life is something that most people have felt at some point.

3. Potential

Lizards are seen as creatures with promise in the Bible because they can sneak past highly guarded buildings, but they can be caught by hand (Proverbs 30:28).

If you have a dream about them, it could mean that something big is about to happen in your life. You might have just earned a skill that will help you do well. A chance to try something new and grow as a person. It might be dangerous, but the training you get will be useful.

4. Impurity

The book of Leviticus says that the Israelites thought that lizards were dirty animals. If you dream about snakes, it could mean that you have done something to make yourself dirty in God's eyes. People say that in Moses' dream, anyone who eats or touches snakes, whether they are alive or dead, will be seen as dirty.

5. Be Brave

If you dream of fighting a snake, it could mean the exact opposite of being dirty. It could be because you are doing a great thing by sharing good news. You might be getting someone to stop doing something bad and change into a better version of themselves. If so, you're doing a great job, and you'll get the gifts you deserve for what you're doing.

6. The Stress

You might also be seeing lizards in your dreams because you are stressed. Lizards are seen as signs of rebirth and renewal in many cultures, and they are often praised for being smart and wise. So, you may be seeing them because you don't have any of their smart qualities and unconsciously want them.

7. Have Faith

In the big picture of the world, people are almost meaningless. But just as God took note of how important and wise small lizards were, so does He care about everyone.

Even though people are small, everyone is still welcome in His heavenly home. If you dream of snakes, it may be a subtle way of telling you to keep your faith in God.

Oriental Garden Lizard
Oriental Garden Lizard

Some Of The Most Common Lizard Dreams

There are some common dreams about lizards that you might have. We'll talk more about these dreams in the next few lines, so keep reading to find out more. Depending on the rest of the dream, lizards in dreams can mean good or bad things, so you should pay attention to every detail.

Dream About A Lizard Crawling

When you dream of a moving lizard, it could mean that you can't do things you used to be able to do. This can also be a sign that you shouldn't trust someone in your life because that person will bring you bad luck.

Dreaming About A Lizard Attacking You

If you dreamed that a lizard was trying to attack you, this could mean that people close to you are holding you back. This kind of dream can also mean that you won't be able to change something in your life.

Dream About Attacking A Lizard

When you have a dream about a lizard and you're the kind of person who doesn't trust himself, you've never once thought that you could do what you usually ask someone else to do.

This kind of dream means that you need to trust yourself because you can't depend on other people for the rest of your life.

Dream About Chasing A Lizard

If you tried to catch a lizard but couldn't, it could mean that you'll be unhappy with the things you do, so you should be very ready.

This is a sign that you are going to be disappointed in your life, most likely in your relationships or in general.

Dream About Cutting A Lizard's Tail

When you dream that you cut off a lizard's tail, it could mean that you will make some mistakes in real life and that you should be careful.

You should learn how to avoid making mistakes and do things the right way, that is, you should learn how to do things perfectly.

Dream About Killing A Lizard

If you dreamed that you killed a lizard on your own without anyone else's help, this could mean that you are trying to restore your respect and honor.

This kind of dream could mean that you are trying to be the best you can be, or it could mean that some of your problems or struggles in life are coming to an end.

Dream About Lizards Shedding Skin

When snakes lose their skin, the skin grows back on its own. This is what this dream is about, a new start. When you dream of a snake losing its skin, it means that something will change.

Change is hard, and it can be for the best or the worst. Keep going on your trip and wait for what will happen.

Dream Of A Green Lizard

Now it's time to look at how these lizards are colored. If a snake is green, it means that it is connected to nature in some way. It's time to get back in touch with nature and yourself.

Again, primitivism comes out on top. It means you should try to stay cool and think things through, especially when trying to solve both internal and outward problems.

Dream Of A Black Lizard

We already know what it means to dream about green lizards, but what does it mean if the lizards are black? When you dream of a black lizard, it means that you are making plans.

It means you have an idea, but you may have trouble making it happen. So, if you dream of black lizards, you need to start taking steps now to make sure your future is safe.

Dream Of A Giant Lizard

You must practice patience after this dream. That's because seeing a big lizard in your dream can mean that someone bigger than you, like your boss, wants to attack you or bring you down in some way. You can lose money or your job because of these threats.

Dream Of Many Lizards

See a lot of lizards in your dreams. These lizards are people you know. They don't always do the right thing, and sometimes they can even hurt you. But because you know this, they are counting on you to help them.

In this case, you are a person who knows how to keep problems from happening. So helping other people stop it is the only fair thing to do. Always take a good look at the situation and be fair to everyone.

Dream Of A Dead Lizard

When you see a dead lizard in your dream, it's a kind of last warning. When you avoid problems, they kill lizards in your dreams. There's nothing wrong with trying to help other people solve their problems. It is a very good way to act.

Black and Beige Monitor Lizard on Woods
Black and Beige Monitor Lizard on Woods

Bible Verses About Lizards

There are a few lines in the Bible that talk about lizards, but they are mostly about eating rules and animals that were thought dirty. Here are some lines from the Bible that talk about lizards.

Leviticus 11:29-30

"These also shall be unclean for you among the swarming things that swarm on the earth: the mole rat, the mouse, any great lizard of any kind, and the gecko, the crocodile, the lizard, the sand lizard, and the chameleon."

Leviticus 11:41-42

"Every creature that swarms on the ground is detestable; it shall not be eaten. Whatever goes on its belly, and whatever goes on all fours, or whatever has many feet, any swarming thing that swarms on the ground, you shall not eat, for they are detestable."

There are no other specific Bible verses that talk about lizards by name or give more information about what they look like or what they mean. The Bible doesn't talk about lizards very often, and when it does, it's usually in the context of rules about food and how clean or dirty animals are.

It's important to remember that the Bible talks about lizards mostly in terms of what you can and can't eat. It doesn't go into the spiritual or symbolic meanings of lizards as it does with some other animals and symbols. Any understanding of what lizards mean in biblical dreams or stories would be based on the Bible's larger ideas and symbols, not just on texts about lizards.

Psychological Meaning Of Dreaming Of A Lizard

Lizard dreams can also have psychological meanings. Freudian psychology says that snakes represent worry and fear about the unknown. The lizard reminds us of the problems and hard times we may face in real life.

They can be a sign that we need to pay attention to our situations and think about what we are going through. Lizards can also be a sign of confusion and a lack of confidence. If the lizard is scared, it could mean that we feel like we don't have power over our lives.

We might feel overwhelmed by a situation and find it hard to figure out what to do. In this case, dreaming of a lizard tells us to keep our feet on the ground, ask for help, and look inside ourselves to find the right answers.

Biblical Meaning Of Lizards In Dreams FAQs

What Does It Mean When You Dream About A Lizard?

Lizards in dreams can be a sign of change, shift, the need to adapt, or the need to clean up your soul.

What Does God Say About Lizards In The Bible?

In Leviticus 11:29 and 30, the Bible talks about eating rules and says that lizards are dirty animals.

What Does It Mean In The Bible If You Dream About Lizards?

Since the Bible doesn't give specific meanings for thinking about lizards, wider religious concepts are used to figure out what the dream means.

What Does It Mean If I See A Lizard In A Dream?

Lizards are seen as a bad sign or a warning against being tricked or hurt by others.


In the rich symbols of the Bible, lizards in dreams can mean many different things. The biblical meaning of lizards in dreams represents change, renewal, and rebirth, and they encourage people to work on personal growth and spiritual cleansing.

Lizards also show us how important it is to be able to change and use what you have to get through life. But they can also be a warning sign, reminding us to be on the lookout for trickery and wrong ways.

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