Angel Number 9 Meaning – You’re Lucky to See Such A Divine Number !

Seeing Number 9 Frequently

Are you seeing angel number 9 recently? Ever had a strange feeling that you are being watched? Or perhaps a sweet smell? It is widely believed that God has placed guardian angels to protect each one of us. Every religion has different views, as to how many guardian angels are there, to protect a person.

Though, they all agree that every human is sent with his or her own guardian angel. Some theologians believe that guardian angels try to communicate with us; on certain occasions. They send messages to us in the form of signs, symbols, and numbers.

Angel Number 9 Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue- One of the best selling authors in numerology field, believe that angel numbers are an extraordinary genius way for angels to send guidance to us. These are numbers in a sequence, which carry numerological meanings. The guidance; the message, being sent by the angels is hidden in the number sequence.

Among the many angel numbers, let’s discuss the angel number 9 today. Angel Number 9 represents purpose. If someone sees it appear daily, it means that your angels are concerned about the discovery and fulfillment of your life’s purpose. The angels want to tell you that you are not alone in your life quest. You have the blessings and guidance of your angels.

Number 9 is considered as the number of eternal love it links to energies of trust and eternity(1). Service to humanity, generosity towards the needy and selflessness are linked to angel number 9. Another meaning of angle number 9 is the freedom to choose your own path. When you free yourself from whatever is binding you, you become available for new opportunities.

angel number 9 meaning

Angel Number 9 Meaning

Angel number 9 can be considered a spiritual number, in the sense that it denotes purpose and meaning in life. Of all the single digit numbers, 9 is the highest. Hence, its rank is also the highest. If our guardian angels send such high ranking and high vibration number, it means that they are asserting us to take the next significant step in both life and spiritual development.

Angels, being pure, with exemplary conduct, consider service to humanity as the best service. When an angel sends angel number 9 as a message, it may mean that that person should stop his or her worldly pursuits and turn towards the larger purpose; the spiritual purpose. The angel number 9 symbolizes the fact that a person is either not happy in his worldly pursuits, stuck in a bloodsucking job or in a relationship that is not moving forward.

People, who see the number 9 might want to sit down and ponder, as to why they are doing this? Is that dream job important? Is the relationship with their partner, a constructive one or destructive one? Will that condo really solves all their problems? Or is it just us holding on to extra things, which we don’t want.

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Often at times, we are stuck in a job or a relationship because others feel that it is good for us. Or, because we feel that earning more money will lead us to a good life, even though we are losing our mental and physical health.

The occurrence of angel number 9 means that the angels want us to know that we are not alone and that there are things far more significant than earning wealth. The angels wish us to see that we can reach the zenith of our spiritual self by serving humanity, by serving the needy around us. In such situations, the best option for us is to follow the path advised to us and leave an unhealthy job.

Number 9 Meaning In Hinduism

Number 9 is considered as the most complete and perfect number with a divine meaning within it. It means an end to a cycle or an end to a chapter in one’s life. Regarding Hinduism, if someone sees the angel number 9, then he/she can be reassured that the unhealthy and soul-draining job should be left and some other work should be done, which will serve humanity.

The Theory of Karma; major belief in Hinduism, is quite relevant here. The theory says that all living creatures are responsible for what they do. We will have to face the consequences of whatever actions we make in this life. The Hindu dharma claims that it is compulsory for all of us to be good, honest, and truthful and do justice to our duty. Anyone who does not follow the dharma will face a life of hardship and difficulties. The guardian angels; according to Hinduism, will always send their guidance to us, because they want us to remember our dharma.

Some Hindus believe that the guardian angels guide only those people who do Karma with an attitude of dutifulness and passion. The angels do not send those who work with half-heartedness guidance. Passion too plays a vital role in our life. If we are doing a job only for a six-figure salary, it’s useless for us to continue. It will be much better if we switch to something which we are passionate about.

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Angel Number 9 Love Meaning

Angel number 9 is the symbol of universal love. If you keep seeing it repeatedly, then it is a good sign. It means that your relationship will prosper and some positive change may occur which will be beneficial for you and your partner. It might also suggest that you need to do more for your partner, for a passionate relationship.


No matter who we are, no matter where we live and no matter what we do, we must always know that our God loves us more than anyone else. He has placed guardian angels for us, to help us in our life.

If anyone of us thinks that because he or she has had a tough life or a bad job, is not entitled to something big, that person should know that we all are here, not to amass wealth, but to help others.

When the guardian angels feel that we are harming ourselves, they send a message to us through angel numbers. These angel numbers should be taken seriously.

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