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Tarot Cards - Can they help you figure out what lies ahead

Tarot Cards - Can they help you figure out what lies ahead?

Different readers use varying techniques or layouts. You are the hero of the narrative of every tarot, represented by the middle card. The cards that surround it represent the people or issues that affect you and your life story. How can it help you figure out yours? What are the most often practiced techniques?

Martha Gutierez
Sep 30, 2021

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The colorful pack of cards often attracts many in their childhood days. During our childhood days, we laid them following the 10-card layout or the Celtic Cross. Each of the cards of this arrangement denotes a different aspect of the person seeking answers.

Different readers use varying techniques or layouts. You are the hero of the narrative of every tarot, represented by the middle card. The cards that surround it represent the people or issues that affect you and your life story. How can it help you figure out yours? What are the most often practiced techniques?

The cards

A tarot deck has seventy-eight cards. The tarot card decks also have a further categorization into minor arcana and major arcana. The minor arcana is similar to the playing cards deck and has four suits with jacks, queens, and kings. The only difference is the card count, which is 56 in tarot vis-a-vis 52 in the cards deck.

The major arcana has 22 cards that we often link to pop culture and has Death, Devil, etc.

Each card of tarot has varying information. The systems which the tarot card readers follow involve numerology, Kabbalah, and astrology. These help them to get a differing or deeper view of the meanings of their interpretations of the cards. The decks are also a little different from one another.

Rider-Waite deck is one of the most opted decks that many new entrants in tarot reading use to start their journey. It is widely available and is easy to understand. Pamela Colman Smith’s illustrations are clear, colorful, and loaded with symbols that indicate their meaning. It is the prime reason for the popularity of these cards.

The readers

There are various ways to read the cards, and one can not identify a particular method that you can stick to while reading them. Hence it is always advisable to leave this aspect to the experts.

Even if you read several books on tarot and decks of cards, the chances are you will still not be able to speak the language fluently. The obscure meanings of the readings are often difficult to comprehend by us.

You can have a proficiency to read one or two cards about tarots, but beyond that, it needs proper engagement and attention. It most often happens that such people find it hard to make sense of what they are reading.

In the simplest form, the tarot helps to tell stories about the various phases of our lives. When a reader shuffles and picks up your card, it can reveal the different kinds of tribulations or trials that we may face in any given journey.

It is also crucial to note that the major arcana cards do not represent the seeker in any given readings. They primarily depict the other people in our lives and the general issues that we face every day.

Tarot is a complex subject that can have different interpretations as well as reading patterns. Therefore, the methodology to interpret signs and the interaction of the interpreter with the cards are different.

I have come across many people from various backgrounds and reading styles during my years of expeditions around tarot reading. They all use their unique ways to connect with their clients and help them deal with their issues. These can include the incorporation of mediumship, astrology, or art trauma-informed therapeutic background.

An interesting aspect to note is that none of these readers claim themselves to be future seers or fortune-tellers. They mention tarot reading as a deeper psychological symbols interpretation. It also helps us understand how we can use this knowledge to facilitate our activities in daily life.

It is also worth mentioning that tarot readers may not have the answers in most instances. They can come up with more open-ended questions instead of any resolution.

Other means

People often follow other means of psychic reading, which helps them to delve deeper into their lives. Such practices can include the use of psychic reading sessions that offer the first few minutes as free. You also have the option to opt for services that seek payment only after you become satisfied with them.

The rise of such services has led to increased trust and an abundance of opportunities for the seekers. If you are willing to check the same, you can also visit these websites. A psychic reader can help you find the solutions to the issues you are trying to tackle.

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Martha Gutierez | Martha has been studying and working with Numerology since 2002 and is celebrating 19 years of Numerology work in 2021. Her greatest passion in life is in introducing the subject to the masses. Her work with clients over the years has one specific goal in mind: "Assisting personal empowerment through understanding, acceptance, and responsibility".


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