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Know More About Astrology By Using Astro Guide: Astrology By Vice

It might feel like a continuous game of catching up trying to stay up with all the changes and adjustments in astrology all of the time. It's understandable that missing out on the on the umpteenth Mercury retrograde or full moon might make any horoscope enthusiast wish they could have all of that information at their fingers – literally like Astro Guide: Astrology By Vice.

Georgia Ashcroft
Georgia Ashcroft
Dec 01, 202260.3K Shares1M Views

It might feel like a continuous game of catching up trying to stay up with all the changes and adjustments in astrology all of the time. It's understandable that missing out on the umpteenth Mercury retrograde or full moon might make any horoscope enthusiast wish they could have all of that information at their fingers – literally like Astro Guide: Astrology By Vice.

Fortunately, there is a vast array of astrology-related smartphone applications to choose from. There is an astrology app for every type of astrological fan, ranging from those that provide easy daily horoscopes to those that are quite educational and can transform a beginner into an expert.

The following are our top-rated astrology applications. Have fun and enjoy the show! When you're through with our selections, check out our guide to additional witch-friendly applications for your smartphone. Astrology has recently been popular, particularly among millennials and Generation Z-ers - and with this in mind, Vice has just created a stylish, intelligent app for anybody interested in seeing what the stars have in store for them.

Astro Guide: Astrology By Vice

Vice Media, like nearly every other venture-backed digital media publisher, is seeking for ways to better serve its most loyal readers. By peering at the stars, it has discovered early indicators of potential.

COPYRIGHT_JN: Published on https://joynumber.com/us/app/astro-guide-astrology-by-vice/ by Georgia Ashcroft on 2022-04-08T17:02:48.915Z

The freemium astrology iPhone app Astro Guide has received over 100,000 downloads since its introduction on May 21 as a result of mentions in newsletters, promotion on Vice-owned and controlled domains as well as on social media channels, and word of mouth. A new marketing campaign, which began on August 8, will be focused on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, and will make use of information obtained about the kind of individuals who have previously downloaded the program.

According to Vice Media's Michael Ouimette, senior director of new experiences, over 40% of Astro Guide's users are members of Generation Z, and more than half of those who sign up for the app's weeklong free trial wind up becoming subscribers, paying $5.99 per month, after the trial period.

However, while Ouimette refuses to disclose the exact number of Astro Guide subscribers, third-party estimates imply that the number is already in the thousands: According to Apptopia's estimations, Astro Guide has generated close to $30,000 in income from in-app purchases since its introduction in 2012.

Despite Astro Guide's good start, Vice has decided not to build a fleet of subscription mobile applications to compete with it. However, it has confirmed the publisher's judgment that it has to devote more time and resources to discovering methods to satisfy its most ardent readers and viewers. According to Cory Haik, Vice Media's chief digital officer, "we've been thinking broadly about devoted, engaged audiences" recently. "This was a no-brainer in my opinion."

Astrology has risen to the top of the cultural mainstream among Generation Z, and individuals appear to be more eager to spend their money on it as a result. A large amount of revenue increase has occurred in recent months, despite the fact that astrology applications contribute a very tiny part of the App Store income overall. On the U.S. App Store, in-app spending on the top-10 applications increased by 187 percent in July, according to Sensor Tower co-founder Oliver Yeh. This translates to an estimated $4.3 million in revenue, compared to $1.5 million a year earlier on the same platform.

A daily horoscope has been available on Vice's website since 2015, and it has grown to become one of the publisher's most popular sorts of content since then. The horoscopes draw an audience in the "millions," according to Ouimette, who declined to provide further details, and the Astro Guide's audience appears to have taken to it; a big subset of Astro Guide's visitors accesses the site seven days a week, according to Haik.

However, while that level of engagement is exceptional, Haik said the company has identified several other content areas that she believes merit further investigation. These include the daily videos produced by the company's food vertical, Munchies, and the differentiated tech news coverage from Motherboard, which has seen site traffic from newsletters increase by 180 percent since the beginning of the year.

Astro Guide, which is operated by Ouimette and Vice's astrology editorial team with regular assistance from colleagues in product and marketing, is one of a growing number of paid consumer products that publishers have developed using content created by their editorial teams. Ouimette and Vice's astrology editorial team with regular assistance from colleagues in product and marketing. For example, earlier this summer, Hearst launched All/Out Studio, a subscription video service that is mostly comprised of content from Hearst-owned brands such as Men's Health and Prevention.

In contrast to some publishers, who have whole teams dedicated to developing new consumer products, Vice is taking a more cautious approach to product development. Haik stated that she and her team have been tasked with developing a "systematic structure for experimenting," which is intended to aid Vice in its development and growth.

Purpose Of Astro Guide: Astrology By Vice

The app, dubbed "Astro Guide," was created by astrologers Annabel Gat, Ashley Otero, Lexi Ferguson, Priya Kale, Randon Rosenbohm, and Sara David, Vice's editor of astrology, with the help of Vice's editor of astrology, Randon Rosenbohm. In creating "Astro Guide," this group of astrologers hoped to establish a new type of "self-care" astrology that would serve to raise people's awareness of the cosmos rather than to spread fear-mongering astrological beliefs (sun sign hate and apocalyptic forecasts). Rather than focusing on the negative aspects of the celestial sphere, "Astro Guide" will help to keep us informed while providing a positive edge.

Compatibility and inclusiveness are two examples of how this is accomplished. Users will not be prompted to log out of the app because they are afraid they will not match with their bestie; instead, they will be provided with suggestions on how to make their relationships work, prevent disputes, and enhance the time spent together.

BUST was alerted to some insider information by Gat, a tenured Vice astrologer and author of The Astrology of Love & Sex: A Modern Compatibility Guide. Get informed us that users can not only check out their daily horoscopes for their sun sign, but also for their rising sign and, get this, for their friends' horoscopes, as well.

For example, if you're preparing to ask your BFF for a favor or advice, this is valuable information to have. It's also an excellent discussion starter to bring up with your friends when you're bored in class or at work). You may also use the wonderful compatibility wheel to see how you might match up with a crush, friend, or colleague. It's very cool.

Apps Like Astro Guide: Astrology By Vice

Astro+ Horoscope & Astrology

Astro+ is your guide to gaining a better knowledge of yourself as well as learning more about individuals in your immediate vicinity. Learn more about your horoscope and compatibility reports, astrological forecasts, numerology, and palm readings with our daily horoscopes. The following features are available: Horoscopes - Get your daily horoscope on topics such as: love, health, wealth, travel, luck, and job.

  • Compatibility Reports - Understand your zodiac compatibility and how it might help you enhance your personal relationships.
  • Numerology - Gain a deeper knowledge of your life's most significant dates and periods via a mathematical comprehension of the numbers that represent them.
  • Palm Reading - Our proprietary AI and ML algorithms scan your key palm lines in real time to provide you with a real-time palm reading.

Improve your understanding of your emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual well-being through biorhythm analysis.

  • Natal Chart - Create a personalized natal chart using your birth date, time, and location information.
  • Tools: Magic Ball, Love Harmony, Daily Cookie, Phone Analyzer, Address Analyzer, and Business Name Advisor are some of the options available.

It is possible to obtain extremely thorough statistics and charts about yourself based on your zodiac sign. With our in-depth zodiac compatibility study, you can strengthen your connection with your spouse, friend, family, or just someone you like spending time with. You may acquire a detailed analysis of both your and your partner's good and negative zodiac qualities by using this service. As a result, you will be able to identify acceptable answers for your interpersonal problems.

With the Personality Profile report, make sure to verify your fortunate numbers and dates. With the Career Report and Talent Report, you may learn more about yourself and your personality.

With Magic Ball, you may ask questions and get answers. Our Love Harmony report, which is based on horoscope compatibility, can help you find your ideal partner. Let the knowledge of your Daily Cookie serve as inspiration for you. With the help of numerology, you may discover the hidden significance and explore the energy of your phone number, address, and business name.

Our services are available for all zodiac signs, including the following: Aries; Taurus; Gemini; Cancer; Leo; Virgo; Libra; Scorpio; Sagittarius; Capricorn; Aquarius; Pisces; and others. Do you want to discover more about yourself? Come on in, spend a few minutes, and Astro+ will be able to assist you in solving your problem.

Tarot, Astro Insight By Experts

Find clarity, calm, and happiness, as well as solutions to all of your questions about love, work, finances, success, and everything in between. Make use of your intuition to find out what the Universe has in store for you!

A love tarot reading may help you with concerns such as marriage, break-ups, betrayal, & many other issues that are connected to love and relationships.

  • True Love Spread: Understand everything you need to know about your spouse, including his or her objectives, love connection, strengths, shortcomings, and potential future happiness. - True Love Spread:
  • Career Tarot: Are you out of work or hoping for big progress in your career? It will reveal to you any breakthroughs, obstacles, or secret characteristics that you were previously unaware of.
  • Career Spread: Receive a comprehensive career analysis that includes your strengths, appropriate career possibilities, growth strategies, and much more.
  • Finance Tarot: Set aside all of your concerns about money for the time being. With the help of tarot, you may learn about current situations, money repairs, and future monetary growth.
  • Success Spread: With a thorough spread, you may discover important issues, fresh ideas, and prospects for riches.
  • Daily Tarot: With a flip of the cards, you may start your day with new hopes, guidance, and insights for the whole day.
  • In this section, you'll find a selection of specific Tarot readings for a daily dose of personalized counsel.

Discover what the Universe has to say about you based on your major birth card with the help of the birth tarot.

  • Yes or No Tarot: Yes or No Tarot may be used to get straight answers to your questions.

Request Premium Personalized Guidance - - Submit an Inquiry: Using this premium option, you may submit a query to a Tarot expert and receive a response within 48 business hours.

  • Achievement in 2021- With our premium service, Numero-Tarot Guide, you may receive help on how to properly follow through on your 2021 resolution. You are welcome to make a Free 2021 Resolution, guided by the Tarot.

"Birthday Spread": A premium 5-card reading for your birthday that will assist you in reaching your goals for the following year.

Reports and Predictions from the Best Astrologers in the World - - Love Compatibility Report: How compatible are you and your partner with one another? Discover the answer with this research that examines many components of a long-term relationship to find out.

  • Timeline Report: This premium report provides you with a comprehensive roadmap that includes month-by-month predictions and other astrological insights.

Regular monthly or yearly subscriptions to customized Daily Forecasts will help you plan your day ahead of time with predictions on love, job, money, family, luck score, and much more based on your birth chart.

  • Life Report - With this one-of-a-kind report, you will receive a comprehensive and extensive study of your life, as well as knowledge about your golden era.
  • Birth Chart Report: Discover what your planets and stars have to say about you and every element of your life based on your date of birth with this Astrology report.

Using your name and birth date, you may discover the meanings of the most important numerology numbers, like your Life Path Number, Destiny Number, Maturity Number, and Personality Number, among others.

Daily Spin for a Chance to Win - - Every day, by spinning the offered wheel, you may take advantage of interesting promotions such as buy one get one free, free questions to our Tarot Psychics, and much more.

Experience Without Ads - Subscribe to our Ad-free Pro edition and get access to insightful readings without having to deal with advertisements for a full year. Now is the time to upgrade your experience!

Manage Your Personal Information - Create and manage your profile, as well as update your personal information, for a more personalized experience.

Daily Horoscope

It is totally FREE to use the DailyHoroscope, which is updated on a regular basis with the most accurate daily horoscopes available anywhere. The DailyHoroscope is The most popular horoscope app available on several major devices, including the iPhone and Android. Users have proclaimed it to be the most accurate and intriguing horoscope app available on the market!


  • Daily horoscope
  • Weekly horoscope
  • Monthly horoscope
  • Zodiac Characteristics for each zodiac sign
  • Zodiac sign compatibility
  • Chinese horoscope for year 2021, 2020 and 2019
  • Zodiac horoscope for year 2021, 2020 and 2019
  • Explore alternative Druid horoscope
  • Missed a day-scroll back up to a week
  • Custom colors and font size (set in app settings)
  • Aries horoscope
  • Taurus horoscope
  • Gemini horoscope
  • Cancer horoscope
  • Leo horoscope
  • Virgo horoscope
  • Libra horoscope
  • Scorpio horoscope
  • Sagittarius horoscope
  • Capricorn horoscope
  • Aquarius horoscope
  • Pisces horoscope

Get your daily horoscope on the move, wherever you are, thanks to an easy and user-friendly layout. With DailyHoroscope, you can get your daily horoscope in only a few clicks.

Co–Star Personalized Astrology

This hyper-personalized social experience is bringing astrology into the twenty-first century, according to the creators. The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed, Vanity Fair, Vogue, Refinery29, the Guardian, and other publications have all featured me.

  • "This artificial intelligence can compose your horoscope." VICE

The results were "surprisingly accurate and reflective." HuffPost

  • "Wonderful piece of wisdom." According to the New York Times


  • Compatibility between planets on a one-to-one basis
  • Invite your pals to keep note of their horoscope signs.
  • A personalized personality analysis based on your full astrological chart
  • Updates in real time as the planets travel around the sun

"Co-Star has been downloaded by everyone." Vogue

"Sharing information about your astrological sign with others." Conor Oberst is a musician from the United Kingdom.

"It's pretty much everywhere." Techcrunch

Did you know- Typical horoscopes are written just to a person's sun sign, which is a common misconception. You should keep in mind that this is simply one aspect of your astrological chart.

However, it does not take into consideration the moon, other planets in our solar system, or the 12 houses of the zodiac, each of which symbolizes a different aspect of your life, such as your relationships, career, and home. You can make a difference no matter what your sign is: Aries Sun, Libra Moon, or Virgo Rising.

"Astrology app with a lot of bang." Dua Lipa is a pop singer from the United Kingdom.

"The planets have aligned to deliver you some hot af horoscopes," says the narrator. Girlboss

"Download it if you consider astrology to be a part of your aesthetic." Refinery29

Using a map of the sky at your precise birth time and location, Co–forecasts Star's are combined with NASA data to monitor the planets as they travel across the sky over time. Then, on a previously inconceivable scale, artificial intelligence develops hyper-personalized horoscopes.

"Co-Star is a fantastic actor." Teen Vogue is a fashion magazine for teenagers.

"Absolutely absurd." Buzzfeed

"Get Co–Star right now," says the author. Bustle

As a result, by placing human experience against the background of a massive cosmos, Co-Star provides a shortcut to genuine conversation amid a sea of small chat: a method to talk about who we are as individuals and how we relate to one another. It has no effect on reducing complexity. It does not pass judgment. It is aware of what is going on.

It is completely free to download. Premium characteristics include:

Compatibility with someone who is not using the software can be determined.

You will learn about your relationship style, habits, and patterns through an advanced reading that will focus on your romantic strengths, problems, and desires. You will also learn about how to get what you never realized you were looking for all along.

Astrology & Palmistry Coach

Astrology & Palmistry Coach is a free entertainment software produced by Ruby Labs Ltd. that can be downloaded on both iOS and Android smartphones. It is now available for download on iOS devices only. The software is only compatible with iOS 11.4 or newer versions of iOS. Horoscope and palm reader for the day.

Over 12 million people rely on the No. 1 Astrology & Palmistry app, which is available for free. Astrology & Palmistry Coach is your guide to gaining a deeper knowledge of yourself as well as learning more about individuals in your immediate environment. Learn more about yourself and your future by consulting our horoscopes, compatibility assessments, numerology, and palm readings. Keep up with our daily observations and guidance provided by our world-famous contributors, and you'll find yourself feeling more in tune with your surroundings and yourself.

It is our objective to help people live a healthier, more balanced, and happier lifestyle by sharing insights and knowledge in a fun and pleasant environment with them.

Meet the Astrology & Palmistry Coach: - Horoscopes and palmistry consultations

When life gets the better of you, go to your daily, monthly, and annual horoscopes for direction and insight to help you make the best decision possible.

  • Compatibility Reports are available upon request.

Develop a knowledge of your compatibility in love, friendship, job, and family to help you strengthen and nurture the relationships that are important to you.

  • Numerology is a method of determining a person's destiny.

Through the mathematical knowledge of the most significant dates and events in your life, you may reflect and discover more about yourself.

  • Readings from the palms of the hands

With our proprietary AI and machine learning algorithms, we can take real-time palm readings and offer you an interpretation of the principal lines on your palm.

  • Calculations of the biorhythm

Make yourself and your surroundings more conscious of your mental and physical well-being by being more familiar with yourself and your surroundings.


One step up is “Astro Guide Pro,” which gives you an extended daily forecast, a weekly lunar self-care horoscope, and unlimited spins on the compatibility wheel, along with the DL about impending lovers based on their astrological sun signs. According to Gat, the best and most rewarding part of being involved with “Astro Guide” and her colleagues is the ability to “help people use their intuition, as well as give people the resource to implement self-care and wellness into their daily routine through astrology.”

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