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Urgent Prayer For Healing During Difficult Times And Hardships

One of our most urgent prayers is for healing. When we are in pain, we can seek healing from Jesus Christ. It doesn't matter if we need help in our body or in our spirit; God has the power to heal us. One of the most frequently requested prayers in ministry is for urgent healing. Because this world is broken, we may all experience sickness in the mind, body, or soul from time to time. It appears to be an unavoidable aspect of our human existence. When we see those we care about in pain, it can make us feel helpless as well, but prayer can give us hope. Read this article to learn more about urgent prayer for healing and examples of it.

How Can A Urgent Prayer For Healing Helps Us During Difficult Times

A man praying with prayers for healing wordings
A man praying with prayers for healing wordings

It's easy to feel hopeless and as if things will never get better when you're going through emotional, mental, or physical difficulties. Untangling yourself from these spiraling thoughts can be a perplexing and difficult process at times. But it's important to remember that you're not alone, and there are steps you can take to heal and regain your strength. Reading or saying aloud an urgent healing prayer is one way to approach this process. Whether the challenge is related to your health, work, family, relationship, or something else, prayer can help you through the healing process.

Guidelines On How To Pray For Healing For Someone Else

Pray This Powerful Healing Prayer For Urgent Healing Miracle In Jesus Name

Here are some suggestions for how to pray for someone else's healing:

  • Listen with compassion - Understanding what another person is saying necessitates paying close attention to how they are expressing themselves. This is a critical factor in determining how to pray for someone else's healing.
  • Bring your prayer requests to God - The Bible is replete with assurances of God's faithfulness. During your quiet time, bring your loved one's prayer requests to God. Include healing Bible verses in your prayers, such as Jeremiah 17:14, Isaiah 40:29, and Psalm 30:2.
  • Invite others to join you in prayer - The Christian Church is a community on which we rely for support and community. When it comes to praying, corporate (or prayer among a group of Christians) is extremely effective. Remember Matthew 18:20: "For where two or three come together in my name, there am I among them." Anointing of the Sick Sacrament and Laying on of Hands
  • If your loved one is comfortable with it, have church leaders come and lay hands on her and pray. You can meet at a church or in someone's home. When praying, many Christians use anointing oil. A special reminder: anointing oil is a symbol of devotion to and trust in God; the oil itself has no power. Discuss the process of laying on of hands with your pastor.
  • Be an encouragement - Spending time with a friend who is suffering because of health can be very discouraging. It is easy to fall into the trap of looking into negative aspects of life. While it’s important to be realistic about any situation, you can support your friend by focusing on being an encouragement. Use with some Bible Verses and Scriptures to share, some positive news, or a song that touched you.

Examples Of Urgent Prayer For Healing

Flower background with a prayer for healing wordings
Flower background with a prayer for healing wordings

Provided are some favorite prayers for healing that you can use today to speak life and hope into your situation. May you receive strength, hope, and comfort from God as you pray for healing for yourself and your loved ones.

Prayer While Laying Hands On The Sick

Jesus, You taught us that those who believe in You will lay their hands on the sick and they will recover. I lay hands on [name of friend] right now, and I ask that You tread this sickness under Your feet in the Name of Jesus. Father, I thank You that You graciously give us all things. I thank You that [name of friend] is more than victorious because of Your love for us. Amen.

Set Free From Disability Prayer

Oh Lord, we ask You in the Name of Jesus to release our friend [name of friend] from this disability. Send strength, mobility, and good health throughout his/her entire body. We thank You, Lord, for answering our prayers and becoming [name of friend deliverance ]'s and healing. Your right-hand works valiantly; we will dance and rejoice in this day of freedom that You have given to our friend. Amen.

Healing For A Broken Heart

Please, Lord, mend my broken heart. During this difficult time, fill me with the peace and joy that I know can only come from You. Walk alongside me on my journey to healing and recovery, which I know is only possible through Your power. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Prayer For Healing To Body And Mind

All power, both earthly and spiritual, is at Your feet, dear Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. We come against this evil energy that is afflicting the body and mind of [name of friend] in the authority of Your Holy Name, Jesus, and we bind it and command it to leave now! And, despite the apparent setback, we declare that this is not defeat – it is a pending victory, as we stand firm on Your Word and trust Your truth to be fulfilled. Amen.

Prayer For Divine Healing

Loving Father, we beseech you to grant divine healing to [name of friend], who is in desperate need of a miracle. We thank You for providing healing for believers through the atonement of Your Son Jesus. You are the same yesterday, today, and forever, and Your Holy Spirit continues to perform healing and miracles in and through Your body of believers today. We are in desperate need of a miracle right now. May [name of friend] rise today and reclaim complete health throughout his/her body. Thank you very much! Amen.


Reading or reciting these prayers to yourself or a loved one will not solve the problem you are currently dealing with. To address the underlying issue, you may need to take other steps, such as speaking with a professional. Everyone's recovery looks different, but healing prayers can provide comfort at a time when you need it the most.

You can also share these healing prayers with a friend or family member who is going through a difficult time. Keeping them in your thoughts and prayers can help them find peace, just as reading healing prayers can help you find strength.

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