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Top 9 Most Expensive Cryptocurrencies

The 10 most expensive cryptocurrencies are covered in this article! If you want to get your hands on one of all these cryptocurrencies, you currently have to deposit almost 23 thousand dollars!

Celeste Pearl
Celeste Pearl
Apr 13, 20234 Shares220 Views
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  1. Cryptocurrencies: 10 Most Expensive of the Moment

The 10 most expensive cryptocurrencies are covered in this article! If you want to get your hands on one of all these cryptocurrencies, you currently have to deposit almost 23 thousand dollars! Compared to the value of current fiat money, this is a lot. However, you can make amazing returns from digital currencies by using them to bet on various online casinogames on Thegamepoint.

The value of these cryptocurrencies is determined by supply and demand. In addition, there are very few of these coins in circulation, so the price will increase faster than a coin with 100 times more in circulation.

Cryptocurrencies: 10 Most Expensive of the Moment

The following 10 coins are the most expensive at the moment, with some of these coins also ranking in the top 10 Coinmarketcap.


Bitcoin appears in many top 10 lists. Whether it’s because he is seen by many people as ‘the king’ of all cryptocoins, because he is simply very well known, or because it is the most popular cryptocurrency at non GamStop casinos.

Bitcoin is currently the most expensive cryptocurrency. Only 21 million pieces will eventually be mined, a large part of which has already disappeared because users have been careless with their login details.

The value has had many peaks and valleys over the years. At its peak, bitcoin was above $20,000.

The popularity is declining somewhat, partly because bitcoin worked less well than was thought. This is due to the high fees that have to be paid. This fee goes to the miners. The question is whether bitcoin will function better in the future.

Until then, it will remain an expensive cryptocurrency.

The price at the time of writing: $14,914

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash has been Bitcoin’s smaller brother since August 1, 2017. At the time, this division had quite a few feet in the earth. It was difficult to get a majority for this split. In the end, it was all allowed to take place, and there was still a fear of a drop in the Bitcoin price. This turned out not to be the case. Since its launch, Bitcoin Cash has been a huge success, pushing it to over $1,000!

The advantage of Bitcoin Cash is that the transaction speed is considerably higher than with Bitcoin. Whether it will ever surpass Bitcoin’s price remains to be seen. If we are to believe some experts, this coin will become more popular and therefore more expensive than Bitcoin itself.

Current price today: $2,414


You cannot compare Ethereum with Bitcoin, for example. This coin is not intended to function as a means of payment at non GamStop casinos, bookmakers, racebooks, and any other app. Ethereum is different, it is a solution for companies to run applications on the Ethereum network.

The technology of Ethereum is extremely suitable for this, in combination with the use of smart contracts. These smart contracts enable users to automatically record agreements in these contracts. Ethereum will change the future, in my opinion.

Price at the time of writing: $1,231


Dash uses the same technology as Bitcoin but in a much better way. This allows transactions to be made instantaneously without sky-high transaction fees. In addition, you can perform semi-anonymous transactions through Dash. It is a privacy-oriented altcoin.

For the further growth of this altcoin, 10% of the miners’ fee is put directly into further development. This allows developers to be paid and enough money is made to promote the coin. The latter is of course a dubious thing!

You can buy them right now for $1,087

Byteball Bytes

Byteball Bytes is one of the more expensive cryptocurrencies and has the most coins in circulation in this list. The concept behind Byteball Bytes is based on blockchain technology and allows users to store data in a secure way.

Byteball Bytes has its own currency with a unique property. All kinds of conditions can be set when executing transactions. These conditions can ensure that a payment is rejected or not.

Price at the time of writing: $716

If you also want to trade in these, but also other cryptocurrencies, open a free account with one or more of the brokers and exchanges below!


During the introduction of Zcash, the price already rose to unprecedented heights. The project already had the support of the general public, so the coin rose sharply after its launch. Naturally, a major correction was inevitable.

This cryptocurrency also uses blockchain technology but is not decentralized but central. This is remarkable since cryptocurrencies are meant to belong to everyone. The future will therefore have to show whether this privacy-oriented cryptocurrency has a future.

You can buy Zcash for $644


Veritaseum uses the Ethereum network and intends to set up a decentralized capital markets network. At the moment, all these markets are still in the hands of banks. These can exert too much influence, and this has an impact on the price that has to be paid.

Veritaseum will make parties superfluous with smart contracts. The number of Veritaseum units is currently low, with only 2 million units in circulation.

Interested in purchasing Veritaseum? Buy right now for $433


This virtual currency wants to stand out against other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. It cannot be called an altcoin since Monero has its own protocol. This coin does have a blockchain in which transactions can be stored, and this is completely anonymous.

In addition, Monero is interesting to mine, as it does not require expensive equipment. This decentralized currency seems to have a bright future.

You already have an anonymous crypto coin like Monero for $421


Bitcoin Dark is the rebellious little brother of Bitcoin itself. While Bitcoin is trying to gain regulatory approval and become mainstream, BitcoinDark is a different story. This cryptocurrency wants to hide further in anonymity and is in favor of as decentralized a character as possible.

You pay a price of $351 for this decentralized coin.

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