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10 Best Casinos in 2021


Gambling has been one of the age-old practices all over the world. Although casino online have emerged to be a pocket-friendly way of gambling, physical casinos have not failed to retain their charm! They still capture everyone's attention, inspire our imagination and take us to our dreamland! Some of the world's best casinos are combined with resorts, hotels, cruises, restaurants, and so on. In contrast, others are widely acclaimed for hosting various live entertainment and events, concerts, etc. But from thousands of casinos to choose from, it isn't easy to choose the best one! If you are planning on trying your luck in gambling, here are the top best casinos in 2021.

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

Location: Atlantic City, USA

Spread over 17 acres of land, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino has some of the best musical vibe and world-class entertainment. This casino hotel offers a lot of amenities to its guests:

  • Hotel and Spa: With 15 types of rooms, the guests can enjoy a spa and a salon's facilities.
  • Casino: Apart from its famous casino, guests can also play online casino and receive wild card rewards.
  • Entertainment: This hotel is well equipped with various entertainment facilities such as Hard Rock Live, The Comedy Club, Sound Waves, Broadway, etc.
  • Dining: A lot of dining facilities such as quick bites, fine dining, casual dining, etc.
  • Nightlife: This hotel offers one of the finest nightlife in the form of Daer Nightclub, Beach Bar, etc.

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Sun City Resort

Location: Rustenberg, South Africa

Sun City Resort has been successfully operating for over forty years since 1979 and boasts some of the latest technology, modern machines, and some of the most popular casino games. It is equipped with over forty different board games and around a hundred slot machines to make your time spent at this resort memorable. However, with Sun City's Sun MVG card, guests can access some of the most exclusive resort amenities, such as VIP gaming and Salon Prive.

Grand Lisboa Casino

Location: Macau, China

One of the finest casinos globally, this hotel, combined with its grand casino, has around 47 floors and is the tallest building in Macau. With more than 1000 slot machines, 800 gaming tables, and 430 hotel rooms, Grand Lisboa boasts a 10000 sq. ft. spa and some exquisite entertainment shows such as the Crazy Paris Show. This luxurious hotel will provide you the vacation that you deserve!

Casino Baden-Baden

Location: Baden-Baden, Germany

One of the oldest casinos in the world, Casino Baden-Baden, has been successfully operating for more than 200 years and is known to have brought luxury into the world of entertainment. However, this casino hotel has a strict policy regarding responsible gambling. So whenever it is required to verify and identify a player, the casino provides immediate professional assistance. This casino has two types of jackpot slot machines

  • Mystery Jackpots: Regardless of the jackpot game's outcome and stake, this game is won entirely out of luck.
  • Progressive Jackpots: to win this jackpot, players have to put a specific combination of symbols.

Casino de Monte-Carlo

Location: Monte Carlo, Monaco

This casino is one of the most attractive tourist spots and is designed to provide all kinds of luxury. With striking interiors, this casino offers world-class service to the guests. With a minimum bet of 25 euros, this casino offers a wide variety of games such as:

Table Games

  • Black Jack, Craps, and English Roulette
  • Stud poker
  • Baccarat
  • Slot machines
  • Video poker

Bellagio Hotel and Casino

Location: Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas is known as the 'The Gambling Capital of the World' and the epitome of luxury and gambling when it comes to its casinos. Along with other famous and exquisite casinos, Bellagio Casino is known as the best casino in Sin City! With exciting table games, dynamic slot machines, and poker, this casino is one of the best places to put your bet!

Foxwoods Resort Casino

Location: Connecticut, United States

This sprawling resort and casino are known as the second-largest casino resort in America. With a total of six casinos, dining and shopping, two towers, and entertainment, this resort boasts a 350000 sq. ft. of gaming space, over 4700 slot machines, and around 380 game tables. This casino resort also has a colossal bingo room where about 5000 people can be seated in total.

The Empire

Location: London, England

One of the best casinos in London, The Empire, was inaugurated in 2007. This casino has a gaming space comprising of two floors and includes over 5000 popular games such as table games, slot machines, half-mile harness racing track, and so on. This casino also hosts regular World Series of Poker.

Caesars Palace

Location: Las Vegas, United States

One of the biggest and most luxurious casinos of Las Vegas, this casino hotel is exceptionally made according to the Roman style of architecture. Consisting of spiral escalators and marble columns, this luxury casino resort has over 150000 sq. ft. of gaming space. With its different types of table games, slot machines, and poker, Caesars Palace is one of the world's best casinos! Apart from the basic casino games, this luxury casino hotel also features a dedicated horse and sports betting area with private booths and flat screens.

The Venetian

Location: Macau, China

The Venetian is the world's largest casino with over 530000 sq. ft. of gaming floors spread across around four types of themed gaming areas. There are over 3400 slot machines and 500 game tables in this luxurious casino hotel. This casino is at par in competition with Las Vegas's some of the best casinos. Defined as the epitome of exquisiteness and luxury, this casino resort also boasts a San Luca canal system, along which guests can take gondola trips.

Gambling is all about having excellent analytical skills and, of course, luck! But if you want to have a gala time while trying your luck in gambling, this list of the top best casinos in 2021 will surely help you find your perfect casino resort! So invest your money wisely and enjoy your time while you are at these lovely casinos!

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