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The Best Canadian Casinos Online At Olexiy Ivanov’s Website Casino Zeus


Canada is a country that occupies a large area and borders the United States. Gambling is especially popular here. In this country, both land-based and virtual establishments are developed.

A famous expert in the gambling industry, Olexiy Ivanov, has opened a new website https://casinozeus.net/ in English for Canadian players. Here the gambler can find important information such as reviews and ratings of new and well-known licenced brands. They can also find possible payment methods, selection criteria for the best mobile and live casinos, available no deposit and welcome bonuses, and an analysis of the online gambling market in other countries.

Which Casinos in Canada Can Be Considered Licenced?

The legalization of the Canadian online casino has been carried out since 1999. Law acts were issued then, and the Kahnawake Gaming Commission was established to regulate gambling entertainment. The gambling business in Canada is regulated by articles 204, 206, and 207 of the Criminal Code. On their basis, more detailed bills are created by the provinces of the country. There are 13 states in Canada, and each state has its own peculiarities of gambling legislation. Due to this, the provinces receive a good income to the budget.

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is the official regulator of gambling clubs in Quebec, a province of Canada. Its main activities are: issuing licences to online casinos, poker rooms, and bookmakers, and monitoring the quality of the services they provide.

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Olexiy Ivanov wrote about the state regulation of gambling establishments in Canada on his website: “Gambling business is prohibited in the country. However, the organizers of gambling clubs were able to find loopholes in the legislation. The gambling industry is prohibited by articles 201 - 206. However, article 204 allows lotteries, horse racing, and sweepstakes. Each state of Canada can establish its own laws in the field of the gambling industry. In many sovereign administrative units, land-based clubs and online casinos open without problems.”

Online Casino Canada in 2022

Olexiy Ivanov carefully studied gaming platforms and chose the best online casinos in Canada. The Casino Zeus expert evaluated the club according to several parameters. Each of the best online casinos in Canada, selected by Olexiy, carefully monitors the security of guests’ personal data. Special encryption systems are used. These casinos are listed below:

  • Evospin;
  • GoldenStar;
  • King Billy;
  • Lucky Nugget Casino;
  • Hell Spin;
  • Kosmonaut;
  • Kaiser Slots;
  • Spin casino;
  • Royal Vegas.

These sites responsibly fulfill all the requirements of the country.

What to Look for When Choosing a Gambling Site?

To select the best online casino, Olexiy Ivanov analyzes it according to a number of indicators. Compliance with them testifies to the honesty and reliability of the casinos.

These options include:

  • Positive reputation and reviews of real players. Reviews can be checked on trusted sites: Reddit, Trustpilot;
  • There is a valid official document that allows you to conduct gambling activities - a licence;
  • Software from popular vendors. This parameter indicates the seriousness of the platform;
  • Quality work of the technical support service;
  • The presence of an online chat for the speed of solving user problems;
  • Use of special encryption systems for personal data;
  • A wide variety of games: table games, different types of roulette, live games, slots.

Any gaming portal provides an opportunity to use the market in demo mode. However, this option quickly gets boring, so it’s worth trying to play for real money. To replenish your account, you should use popular payment systems. It is necessary that the service meets such requirements as: security, speed and complete anonymity.

The best online casinos in Canada offer the following payment methods:

  • Plastic cards like Visa and MasterCard.
  • Electronic wallets: Skrill, Neteller, PayPal.
  • Payment systems: Paysafecard, Instadebit, Bitcoin.

The local currency in Canada is the Canadian dollar. You need to check that the card used for payment supports this currency. Otherwise, the conversion will be made, or additional fees may be charged.

Responsible Gaming

The principles of responsible gambling must be observed by all gambling establishments since gambling is a real problem. There are special medical organizations that provide assistance in such cases: GamStop, GamblersAnonymous, BeGambleAware.

Government authorities carefully ensure that online clubs and land-based establishments keep to the principles of responsible gaming: protection against registration of minors or incapacitated persons, the presence of options for self-restriction and self-exclusion from sites.

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