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Sage Magic Properties - How Herbs Used For Magic?


Sage thrives in the majority of temperate regions. When touched, its velvety leaves produce a fragrant gas. Greek, Roman, and Egyptian medicine all employed sage magic properties as therapeutic agents.

It is currently best known as a culinary herb for autumnal meals like pumpkin soup, sausage stuffing, and roast turkey. Sage is a herb from the Old World that colonists brought to the Americas to use in their kitchens and gardens.

The terms "common sage" or "garden sage" refer to Salvia officials. The White Sage, typically used for smudging, is different from this. However, both plants have a strong magical history and a lot of correspondence.

Sage's Magical Applications

Sage was revered by Jove throughout the Roman era and collected with great ceremony. The Latin word salvere, which means to cure, maintain, or redeem, is connected to the genus name Salvia.

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The sage magic properties were a symbol of knowledge, longevity, and even immortality in European folklore. Why should a guy die when he has sage in his garden? Asks an Italian adage. Sage is a herb that is used to encourage wisdom and good fortune.

It increases emotional fortitude and could facilitate grief healing. A sage is a magical creature that is connected to wish-granting and protection. It is used in a lot of kitchen witchcraft rituals, especially those that come from European traditions.

Sage comes in dried and fresh varieties. Sage grows well in most home gardens, so don't be discouraged if you want to try growing some. However, it is said that planting it for oneself is bad luck.

Ask a buddy for a seedling, or hire someone else to do it. Sage is reputed to enjoy companionship, so planting it by itself in a flowerbed or container is also unfortunate. Sage leaves and bundles are a beautiful addition to sachets and potpourri bowls since they dry with good form retention.

The dried plant is pulverized and mixed with cleansing incense. It's easy to find sage essential oil. Sage grows well without much assistance and naturally wards off pests, so organic Sage products are neither scarce nor expensive.

Plant With Narrow Opened Leaf
Plant With Narrow Opened Leaf

Sage Magic Properties - The Magical Cleansing Herb

One of the most well-known magical plants is sage. It is employed in the purification, protection, and cleaning of smoke. It is ruled by Gemini, has ties to Jupiter and Zeus, and is related to the earth and air elements.

Magical Attributes

Sage is used frequently in ceremonial cleaning rituals because it is believed to fend off evil and has its origins in European folklore. Sage is typically dried and smeared. It is linked to sagacity, fortune, and even mortality. Sage can aid in sorrow healing and building emotional fortitude.

Non-Magical Properties

The Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians all employed sage as a remedy. In addition to improving memory and cognition, it was used to treat snake bites. Sage is now used for its anti-inflammatory qualities. It is a well-liked culinary herb used in autumnal meals, including roast turkey, sausage stuffing, and pumpkin soup, because of its sweet and savory scent.

How To Use Magic?

Burning sage is a common practice in ritual purification. Sage is burned to rid an area of evil spirits or energies. Sage should be burnt, for instance, after a death in the family, when you move into a new house, when an unfavorable presence enters your household, or when the seasons change.


The Correspondences Of Sage

The Sage's status as a symbol of knowledge, safety, and luck placed it solidly under the purview of Jupiter. Like most paternal planets, the energy of the Sage gives wealth and protects the household. Tin, a metal from Jupiter, may even be found in small amounts in the leaves.

It should be noted, though, that some authors put it under "Moon plants," notably Christopher Penczak. Sage is connected to the knowledge of the Crone and frequently has a white or blue-gray tint.

This herb's typical elemental designation is "air." However, a different resonance may be found on Earth, considering Sage's attachment to the house and hearth as well as his connections to manifestation magick.

People Also Ask

Where Does The Name “Sage” Originate From?

Sages' biological name (Salvia Officinalis) means "to be preserved" in Latin. "Officinalis" alludes to the plant's medical benefits, while "Officina" is the monastic repository for herbal cures. Only plants with well-established medicinal or culinary use are named Officinalis.

What Are The Sage Magical Properties?

Sage is utilized in European purification rites to fend off evil when dried and smeared. It's linked to knowledge, luck, and death. Sage strengthens emotions and heals sadness.

What Are The Mint Magical Properties?

Mint is often used in magic. It draws money, attracts love, wards off evil, and improves health.


Sage is regarded as a safe ingredient for cooking. The molecule thujone, which impacts the neurological system, is present in sage magic properties. Sage may enhance the calming effects of several medicines when used ceremonially or medicinally.

The essential oil or leaves can be hazardous if consumed in excess or over a lengthy period. Avoid using sage oil internally and only drink a moderate amount of sage tea.

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