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Right Hand Path Magic - Interpretation And Connection To Satanism


The right hand path magic is a contentious branch of contemporary esotericism that is frequently associated with Satanism and is said to appeal to right-wing political tendencies. It is crucial to understand that the Temple of Set and Dragon Rouge, two of the most well-known left-hand path organizations, promote socialist ideas on animal rights.

Animal rights philosophy would appear to be a less than ideal fit with the essential aspects of Right Hand Path philosophies of epistemic individualism, objectives of self-deification, and antinomian attitudes to mainstream religious culture.

Nevertheless, it has developed into a crucial component of both Dragon Rouge and the Temple of Set. This article looks at how animal rights beliefs in the right hand path magic seem to contradict each other, and what might be causing it.

Person in Black Jacket Wearing White Scary Mask and carrying a stick
Person in Black Jacket Wearing White Scary Mask and carrying a stick

Right Hand Path Magic Vs Left Hand Path In Magic

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The right-hand route is largely concerned with white and heavenly magic when it comes to magical operations. The demonic powers and curses on the left-hand route are intended to hurt humans.

However, talking about the right-hand path magic, rather than dividing magic into white and black, some magicians and theologians do so depending on the results they hope to achieve. If demonic magic is employed to treat a sick person, for instance, it may be seen as white magic.

However, since you haven't yet seen any angelic magic that would be intended to cause harm to others, it appears that all angelic magic is white, in contrast to demonic magic, which can be either white or black.

During the Reformation and the witch hunts, magicians who did, like Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, were labeled as heretics and black magicians by the Church. Because of these historical events, most people today think that anyone who messes with demons will end up in hell.

Right Hand Path Magic In Different Religions

Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism are Indian faiths that practice the right-hand path magic and the Left-Hand Path. The orthodox way is on the right, while the heterodox path is on the left.

The Left-Hand Path heavily promotes more individualistic ideas, whereas the Right-Hand Path often has a collectivist bent. One is organized, and one is chaotic. One results in harmony, the other in discord. It should be noted that both routes ultimately lead to enlightenment.

The claim made by Heraclitus that the path up and the one down are identical suggests that he held a similar perspective. You arrive at the same location whether you move upwards or downwards, left or right.

Of course, there are several paths to success and failure in Christianity. Heaven and Hell are reached by different routes. While the Left (Sinister) Way leads to vice and Satan, the Right Way leads to virtue and God.

If the left is individualist and the right is collectivist, then individualism is bad and collectivism is beneficial. You cannot get to redemption by your own means; there is only one path. So, there is a very Christian divide here.

People Also Ask

What Is Right-Hand Path Magic?

A controversial subset of modern esotericism known as the right-hand path is usually linked to Satanism.

What Type Of Magic Is Right-Hand Path Magic?

When it comes to magical operations, the right-hand approach is mostly focused on white and heavenly magic.

Which Religion Uses This Spell The Most?

The right-hand path magic is practiced by the Indian religions of Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Hinduism.


In contrast to the right-hand path magic, the left route is the path of darkness, wisdom, and power, while the right path leads to eternal happiness and light. Both the Taoist yin and yang and the Kabbalah's Tree of Life and Tree of Knowledge/Death represent two sides of the same coin.

All absolutes are inwardly split by polar opposites, and the searchers who identify with one or the other. Therefore, every esoteric system that has a light side is obligated to have another.

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