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Best 7 Reasons To Learn Numerology That Will Convince You

The practice of numerology is getting increasingly popular. More and more individuals are learning it, either via participation in a course or by the reading of books and articles. We owe a debt of gratitude to the internet, which has provided access to free materials for self-study. Read more to know the reasons to learn numerology.

Celeste Pearl
Celeste Pearl
Apr 08, 2022336 Shares83.9K Views

Numbers may be found everywhere, and they have significance. Numerology, as the name indicates, is a language that is based on numbers. The most effective approach to begin learning numerology is to become familiar with the different forms of numerology and what the numbers mean. If you're interested in learning more about numerology, read more because we will give you the reasons to learn numerology.

Everything in the cosmos, including numbers, has an energy vibration — and they are no exception. According to Numerology, every number (and letter) has its own unique vibration, which has an impact on the tale of your life and may be predicted. Consequently, numerology is the study of the link that numbers and letters have with our personalities and major events in our lives. Aura reading is an ancient metaphysical science that exposes the blueprint of each and every human being's existence. It is one of the most accurate and effective self-help methods accessible today, and it has been around for thousands of years.

You will be aware that numerology is a highly effective and insightful technique for gaining a better understanding of everyday events. As a result, not only can you make use of numerology's wisdom and lessons, but you can also discover more about yourself, including your passions and desires, concerns and worries, religious beliefs and inner workings, and general or holistic view on life. Overall, being aware of recurrent numbers in your life is extremely beneficial for understanding, appreciating, and integrating essential patterns that appear in your experience.

The cosmos is always sending us signals and messages for those who have eyes to see, ears to hear, hearts to feel, and intuition to sense what is going on around them. After all that, why not take it one step further and study numerology?

What Is Numerology?

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What is numerology and how does it work? Numerology can be of assistance in the same way that astrology can. When you understand yourself and others better, you can better comprehend your surroundings and other people. Seeing the same number frequently and spontaneously might also be seen as a message from the cosmos.

Numerology is the study of the significance of numbers, as well as the harnessing and use of the energies that each of those numbers contains for the benefit of humanity. It is a branch of mathematics that is based on the study of numbers. Numerology is, at its core, a kind of communication. The ability to communicate effectively in this language and to make the most of it can open numerous possibilities. If you seek assistance from a professional numerologist or learn numerology on your own, you will get the benefits of both approaches.

Numerology is the study of numbers and the relationship between a number and a corresponding occurrence. A number's value, as well as its link to an event, are all factors to consider. Numbers are considered to be the fundamental building blocks of the whole theory and concept of numerology, and it is thought that there is a certain time for every event that occurs, from the individual's birth to his or her death.

SECRETS of Numerology. From START to FINISH. The OCCULT Meaning of Number SYMBOLS.

How Does Numerology Work?

Numerologists employ a variety of different types of numbers to interpret a person's horoscope, which aids in the discovery of his or her potential and future prospects.It is the sum of your birth date that represents the general traits of your personality as well as the direction in which your life will go. Your life path number is found on your birth certificate.

In certain cultures, the life path number is also referred to as the destiny number, and it is a numeric sum that corresponds to the letters of your whole name. It can provide information on your life's duties and accomplishments.

Hearts' desire number is obtained from the numerical sum of only the vowels in your whole birth name, which is referred to as the soul drive number. The fundamental ideas and deepest desires of a person are reflected in their appearance.

Your whole name's consonants are added together to form the number known as the Inner dreams number, which depicts the fancies or hidden dreams that a person has. It is also related to the first impression that others get of you as an individual. The birthday number is simply the day of the month in which you were born, and there are no reductions or computations involved.

How To Figure Out Your Life Path Number

To get your Life Path number, just take your birthday and reduce it to a numerical value that corresponds to your gender. For example, if you were born on July 5, 1989, you would first determine the individual values of the day, month, and year: July is the seventh month, hence the number seven represents the month of the year 1989.

Your birthday falls on the fifth of the month, as you would expect. Once you've gotten down to a single number, you may decrease your birth year to a single digit by adding its digits together (1+9+8+9 = 27) and then adding the digits from that total together (2+7 = 9). As a result, you now have three numbers to add together (7+5+9 = 22), as well as another sum to reduce (2+2 = 4) and another sum to decrease (2+2 = 4).

It is possible that you will wind up with another double-digit number after this step, depending on your birthday; simply continue lowering the number until it is a single-digit number. In this case, the number four represents your Life Path number.

What Each Number In Numerology Means

Here's the lowdown on each number's importance, which may be used to your advantage when dealing with any of the categories of numbers listed above.


As Siegel explains, "the number 1 is connected with people who take the initiative and forge their own way."It is intended for those who have this number as their Life Path or Natural Ability number to be trailblazers rather than followers in their lives." They can gain confidence by taking autonomous and decisive action, as well as by acknowledging and owning their own distinctive characteristics," adds Siegel.

The important word in number one is originality.


To put it another way, the number 2 denotes very perceptive types who are adept at building bridges, according to Siegel. They have a natural ability to read people and are excellent in their ability to communicate with others. They may have life-changing discoveries and breakthroughs that they might share with others in order to motivate them. They should be taught how to set limits and how to say no.

The important word in number 2 is "balance."


According to astrology, the third house is all about communication, and in numerology, it isn't too far off the mark. In Siegel's words, "the number 3 reflects all types of creative expression, and many people who have this number are inherently skilled."This number has the power to add charm and affability to a person's personality. Writing and public speaking can also provide opportunities for development and healing."He believes that 3s should learn to express themselves openly and honestly, rather than suppressing their difficult feelings.

The important term in number three is authenticity.


Are you pragmatic, reasonable, and well-organized? Then possibly the number 4 represents your Natural Ability. In Siegel's words, "the number 4 represents the practical builder who puts things together and sees things through to completion." They are logistical problem solvers with an analytical mind that is bent toward strategizing and putting a plan together," says the professor. "When it comes to the number 4, it is critical that they don't overwork, stress themselves out, or sweep their feelings under the rug.

The most important word in number four is "stability."


If you're a risk-taker who enjoys being impulsive and adventurous (think fire sign energy), you may be a 5. A free spirit, according to Siegel, is embodied by the numerical value of five."They have a strong desire to travel and are frequently restless."

5s are excellent communicators who often succeed in sales, marketing, branding, and other areas of the communication sector, among other things. Siegel argues that "they are concerned about being imprisoned," which can disrupt relationships and lead to a high turnover rate in the work environment." They should be exposed to enough danger and excitement in what they do so that they do not blame others for their imprisonment," says the author.

The essential word for the number 5 is "liberty."


The number 6 appears in the charts of both artists and people who work in the service industry, which corresponds to the sixth house in astrology, which is controlled by the service-oriented and hyper communicative sign of Virgo." The artist types can operate in a variety of fields such as design, beauty, fine arts, aesthetics, music, and so forth," says Siegel." The service kinds may be involved in therapeutic channels, social service, healing methods, community assistance, and so on," says the author. They have a deep and dedicated sort of love that allows them to give and adore their spouses and family without reservation."

Having said that, persons who bear the number 6 may have difficulty accepting themselves and find it difficult to accept affection from others." They can also be too critical of themselves, which can occasionally spill over into their interactions with others," adds Siegel." They should learn to love themselves in the same way they love others, and to recognize that they are sufficient in their own right."

Acceptance is the important word for the number six.


The number seven, according to Siegel, "rules knowledge and the truth."It is an enigmatic number that arouses intense interest. In cases where this number is significant, the person's inherent intellect will encourage them to specialize in a certain subject or to become experts in what they do. It brings a little of the clever geek mind with a proclivity for study to the table. Some people may be doubters, while others may be able to access spiritual gifts."

Teachers, trainers, advisors, and consultants are all examples of 7s." Many people find it difficult to trust others, and they may have been the victim of deception in the past," explains Siegel. Meditation, yoga, and self-inquiry are all excellent ways for them to connect with their inner selves."The best course of action for them would be to gradually acquire the trust of others."

Truth is the operative word in number seven.


As Siegel explains, "the number 8 denotes aspiration, desire, and the yearning to accomplish something in the material sphere."Those who have this number appear to be more likely to be offered positions of leadership as well as greater remuneration."They are well-versed in business and make excellent managers or executives. Money and power are two things that many people like and despise."

Their journey is about discovering what actually inspires them and achieving a sense of personal self-worth along the way." It is critical that people labor not only for the sake of their prestige but also for the love of their profession," adds Siegel.

The main word for number eight is empowerment.


In mathematics, the number 9 is the last single digit of a sequence of integers and denotes completeness, according to Siegel."With the 9th path, there is wisdom, understanding, and compassion to be found. They sense a call to reach out to others and make a difference in their communities. The people in this group are humanitarians and people with a social conscience. Many of them also work with the general public or the masses."

9s should be on the lookout for those in need who are sucking their energy away — energy vampires, if you will — and should exercise healthy detachment. The author, Siegel, says that "they may be required to let go of some attachments in life in order to maintain them on their path for mankind." They must learn to accept the route that life has laid out for them."

Surrender is the essential word for number nine.

Numbers From 1 To 9
Numbers From 1 To 9

Why You Should Learn Numerology? 7 Reasons

In a numerology horoscope or reading, couples may get help deciding on a name for their kid, get advice on their compatibility as a pair, or figure out which job path is the best fit for their personality.

A number reading is performed by an expert or competent numerologist in order to predict good or bad times in a native's life path. It also provides guidance on when to make major changes in your life, such as career transfers, and when to schedule key events such as weddings and other important milestones. Numerology functions are unique to each individual and cannot be generalized. Here are the reasons to learn numerology.

Having A Roadmap For Your Life Purpose

First and foremost, you can easily determine who you are, why you are here on the planet, what your greatness is, what your positive and negative characteristics are, what your potentials are, and what you should and should not do with your life by utilizing the numbers derived from your date of birth and name as a guide. Knowing yourself is your most significant accomplishment, as it allows you to determine your own reasons for living your life.

It is possible to determine the potential of someone by looking at his or her statistics in the same way. The knowledge of your Core Numbers is similar to having a map of your life; the numbers serve as your GPS navigation system. We are all born with "Core Numbers," which are derived from our dates of birth and our given names and are unique to each of us. The following are some instances of Core Numbers:

  • Number of Your Life Path (the most important one to know)
  • Number of Expressions
  • Number of the Soul Urge
  • Number of the personality Number of your birthday
  • Number of Desires in the Heart
  • Number of Karmic Debt
  • Psychic Numbers and Other Such Things

Each of these can help you navigate your way through life in its own manner. You can learn about what you are supposed to accomplish for the welfare of humanity, for example, by looking at your Life Path. Meanwhile, your expression number will disclose what qualities and talents you possess, as well as how you are intended to fulfill the destiny of your Life Path.

Self-Development And Understanding Yourself

Learning to appreciate other people's points of view will prepare you to be more open to the possibility of others viewing you objectively. Eventually, everyone will come to the realization that certain things should not be taken personally. The less you care about what others think of you and the more you realize that you will never be able to please everyone, the more successful you will achieve your goals.

Therefore, numerology may be utilized as a tool for personal development and self-improvement in this sense. It might assist you in gaining a deeper understanding of yourself, as well as what inspires you and what makes you tick.

Despite the fact that you should always follow your heart while making life decisions, numerology may be a source of inspiration in a variety of ways. Perhaps, as a result of understanding your strengths and weaknesses, you will be motivated to choose an alternative professional path. Alternatively, it may assist you in identifying a sector in which you may start a side company.

Choose Your Right Career And Business

After researching and reviewing a large amount of data, I have discovered that particular numbers are associated with various categories of employment and education. For example, the number 1 represents the qualities of leading, discovering, initiating, and managing, among others. It is possible for you to develop into a great leader, explorer, initiate, boss or manager if the number 1 appears in your core numbers, and especially if it appears as your birth number or life path numerology (or both). This term refers to not just a political leader but also a commercial leader, chief, boss, captain, group leader, or team leader among other things.

A job that is based on your numbers and your hobbies will be quite advantageous to you, as it will provide you with tremendous success. As a result, numerology may be quite valuable in determining the appropriate job path.

Choosing the appropriate business name is a very essential decision. Believe it or not, the right business name, chosen in accordance with numerology, can significantly increase the success of a company. On the other hand, a business name that is numerologically incompatible with the owners of the company can cause significant problems, and in extreme cases, can result in bankruptcy and the closure of the company. I am fully aware of the numerous large corporations that have failed to survive, and the primary cause for their failure has been the name of the corporation. The subject of this essay is one on which I would want to write a separate post. The name of the brand or the name of the product is just as significant as the name of the company. As a result, while selecting a brand name or business name, you should take numerology into consideration.

Understanding Those Around You

Aside from assisting you in knowing yourself, numerology may also be quite beneficial in understanding those around you. Naturally, this will have a positive impact on your interpersonal interactions. Knowing numerology should also be beneficial to others in your immediate vicinity, particularly your loved ones. You might be able to assist a family member who is in need.

In addition to helping with personal numerology, it may also be quite beneficial when performing compatibility numerology in your romantic relationships. Not just in your romantic connections, but also in your platonic relationships, such as your friendships, family members, and even with coworkers/business partners, you should be honest with yourself.

The Ability To Communicate With Light Beings And Spirit Guides

Because the vocabulary of numerology is confined to a small number of numbers, it is an easy language to learn (0 through 10, plus the Master Numbers). One number, on the other hand, might have a lengthy 'definition' that is comprised of a large number of keywords.

However, once you have mastered the "fundamental grammar" and "vocabulary," you will be able to read numbers indefinitely and effortlessly. Everything from calculating your Core Numbers to decoding "Angel Numbers" is covered in this course. If you're not familiar with Angel Numbers, they are messages from our Spirit Guides that we receive in the form of numbers. Ascended Masters, Deceased Loved Ones, your Ancestors, and Light beings such as Guardian Angels are examples of those who may be there. They are able to contact us through a variety of channels.

Angel Numbers are the most typical way in which our Guardian Angels communicate with us. It is common for them to appear in the form of eye-catching repeated numerals such as 11:11, 111, or 44. A message from your Guardian Angels is encoded inside these numbers and is intended for you to read.

You will understand what they are attempting to tell you if you are familiar with numerology. Additionally, you would understand the difference between seeing 11:11 and seeing 111. Perhaps someone who is not familiar with numerology would be unable to tell the difference between the two. However, someone who is well-versed in the subject matter may find it beneficial to be aware of the little variations.

To Know The Compatibility Between Two Persons

When it comes to determining the compatibility of two people, numerology is quite beneficial. If the vast majority of their core numbers are compatible, they are considered very compatible; on the other hand, if the vast majority of their core numbers are incompatible, they are considered highly incompatible. It is likely that if two incompatible people join together, they will have disputes and will not accomplish anything. Furthermore, they may be subjected to grief and natural calamities. On the contrary, if two suitable people get together, they will be extremely harmonic with one another, they will become devoted to one another, and they will accomplish great success in any joint enterprise.

Knowing one's compatibility through numerology may be quite beneficial in a variety of situations. You have the ability to select your ideal life mate, business partner, workers, and so on. You will have a very happy, prosperous, and long-lasting marriage if you choose a wonderful life partner based on your numerology analysis. In the same manner, selecting a proper business partner using numerology will help your company grow and ensure that there are no disagreements between the partners.

Using numerology, you can better comprehend the wants and desires of your loved ones by determining precisely what they want from you. This will allow you to better understand their demands from you personally as well as the relationship you share with them. When it comes to relationships, numerology may also shed light on how you come across as a person and what exactly your nature is over the course of the connection you have with someone.

Making The Right Decision

The readings are done through numerology to help in making the right decisions and choices in your life and for you. Often, we are confused about how to go about a decision and how to move ahead or choose the right choice or option that is best suited for us as individuals. By choosing the path that best matches with our chart made or drawn up by the numerologist, we can make our life much more satisfying and comfortable. Not only that but it also makes our life much easier to live and helps us have to face the least number of difficulties in our lives.

Understanding numerological meanings and symbolism can help you harness certain energies in your life to better help you achieve your goals. For example, by knowing what each number symbolizes and represents, you can specifically invite the energies of your choice to energetically help your pursuits. This can give you a boost and steer your endeavors in the right direction.

Let’s say you intend to start a business, you know that Numbers 4 and 8 are great business numbers that help you with abundance, stability, foundation, and structure. Number 4 also represents the home. Let’s say for example if you are in the market for a workspace for your business. You could look for office numbers which are reduced to either the Number 8 or 4. Being in that energy will surely help you achieve your business goals. This can be applied to anything from house/apartment numbers. You can even try this before purchasing a mobile phone number that you intend to use for a special purpose.

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Numbers are the fundamental units of numerology; numerology allocates numbers to human behaviors as well as to how the planets influence and affect an individual's life, and each of these planets is allocated a number in the system. Immediately after birth, the individual is under the dominion of a planet, and the location of the second planet is determined by the numbers allocated to each of these planets. The planets rule the individual until they die. Everything about the individual, including his or her primary personality characteristics, reasoning, preferences, and physical well-being, is dictated or controlled by the number assigned to the individual.

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