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Numerology Life Cycles - Major Influences That Will Dominate Your Life

Numerology Life Cycles divide your life into three stages depending on your age. Each of these cycles represents a general trend or pattern in your life. Each corresponds to the vibration of a specific number and will provide a general orientation of a more psychological nature during the period in question.

Kelly Hayes
Kelly Hayes
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Numerology Life Cyclesdivide your life into three stages depending on your age.

Each of these cycles represents a general trend or pattern in your life.

Each corresponds to the vibration of a specific number and will provide a general orientation of a more psychological nature during the period in question.

A Cycle reveals our preferences, priorities, or areas of interest as it was for the direction of our personalities and projects during this time.

These preferences, of course, shift with the arrival of a new life Cycle which will be further discussed in this article.

Understanding Numerology Life Cycles

Numerology Cycles Reveal The Next Chapters of Your Life | Calculate & Interpret Numerology Cycles

In numerology, the human life path is divided into three major cycles that are separated by 28 years, indicating when you will transition from one life cycle to the next and is determined by your life path number.

Each of these major life cycles can be assigned a number and interpreted in numerology to provide an overview of the major influences that will dominate your life during any of these 28-year periods.

A numerology life cycle describes the steps that an individual organism takes from conception to the point at which it produces its own offspring.

The mortality of life is based on the fact that we will all cease to exist one day, and the numerology life cycle can help us with that.

Here is a detailed explanation of each Numerology Life Cycle.

Early Life Cycle

An early life cycle (anytime between the ages of 25 and 35) requires you to maximize your individuality.

This challenging influence teaches you to think of yourself as independent, unique, and daring, which may define your personality for the rest of your life.

You enjoy all types of mental activities, such as writing, designing, or inventing.

You like the idea of starting your own business or discovering your special talent.

It is critical for you to believe that you will not live a conventional or boring life.

Middle Life Cycle

Middle Life Cycle (anytime between the ages of 26 and 61) occurrences in the mature period indicate some type of outstanding achievement.

You could, for example, start your own business or take on leadership roles.

Your field of endeavor usually involves the possibility of a high-profile career, innovation, or competition, as opposed to one that is traditional or in which you become lost in the crowd.

Later Life Cycle

While the later life cycle from 58 onwards provides a great opportunity for outstanding achievement, it may be difficult as you face the need to reinvent yourself.

After retiring from one field, you may pursue a completely new one.

This could also be the time when you finally break free from constraints and start your own business.

This cycle necessitates continuous effort and growth, which may alter your entire lifestyle during this time, making it the most exciting period of your life.

Even if you are in a romantic relationship, you want to keep your individuality and freedom.

Calculating Numerology Life Cycles

A man and woman looking at the sky while waising their hands standing in the field
A man and woman looking at the sky while waising their hands standing in the field

You've probably noticed that doing something at one time is easier than doing the same thing at another.

Numerology holds that we go through different numerological life cycles in which the universe assists us in various aspects of our lives during each year of the cycle.

There is a general trend or pattern to these numerology life cycles.

Furthermore, each of these cycles is associated with a challenge, which can be a personal problem or any inhibition that must be confronted and overcome.

Your Life Path determines the timing of your Life Cycles.

Your first Life Cycle begins at birth and ends at your first Turning Point, which is determined by subtracting your Life Path from 36. (four times nine).

Your Second Life Cycle begins there and ends 27 years later (3 times 9) when your last Turning point occurs.

Your third life cycle begins at the end of your second life cycle and continues for the rest of your life.

Each Life Cycle value is determined by your date of birth.

Your birth month, reduced by fadic addition, is your first life cycle value.

Your second cycle value is calculated by reducing your birth date, and your third cycle value is calculated by reducing your birth year.

The Influence Of Numerology Life Cycles On Your Life

A family walking with the man carrying a kid that is holding a kite
A family walking with the man carrying a kid that is holding a kite

The following are the various Life Cycle values and their meanings:

Life Cycle Number One

The number one cycle will influence the individual in such a way that ambition, energy, ventures, innovation, self-assertion, even authority, and the desire to dominate will be prioritized.

Life Cycle Number Two

The person in cycle 2 will value alliances (at work, in friendships, or in marriage), emotions, kindness, sensitivity, creativity, and attention to detail.

However, during such a cycle, receptivity risks taking the place of initiative and combativeness.

Where possible disagreements can arise with someone living in a number 9 cycle, and sometimes 1 and 8.

Life Cycle Number Three

This cycle will be enjoyable and beneficial to your creative work.

You're likely to squander many opportunities in order to have fun.

Your social life will take precedence in your life, and you will frequently be restless and bored during these years.

You will also appear to be extremely fortunate to others.

Life Cycle Number Four

In cycle 4, there is a point of view that favors the "ant's" way of life.

In other words, in this numerology life cycle, work, saving, effort, construction, and prudence are important.

As a result, one will relegate leisure, amusement, and all types of adventures to second place, where a possible strategic disagreement with people in opposing or distant cycles can arise.

Life Cycle Number Five

This cycle will be filled with a variety of changes.

Your interests, career, and circumstances will all change rapidly and dramatically.

Surprisingly, adventures will come your way, testing your adaptability.

During these years, your communication skills will be crucial.

Life Cycle Number Six

This cycle will direct the majority of your attention to your domestic life.

During these years, you will be constantly striving for 'balance' in your life.

You will be frequently asked for advice and given numerous chances to be creative.

Many responsibilities will be thrust upon you.

Life Cycle Number Seven

During this cycle, there will be a lot of soul-searching and self-analysis.

You will seek solitude for your thoughts and become disoriented in crowded or noisy environments.

You may experience significant personal growth during these years because wealth will come to you and opportunities will present themselves unexpectedly.

Life Cycle Number Eight

This cycle will bring you slow but steady progress toward your personal objectives.

You will reap what you sow during these years, for better or worse.

As goals will be set and tasks will be completed on time, you will need to fight the urge to be overly ambitious.

Life Cycle Number Nine

This cycle will provide you with limitless opportunities.

These will be difficult years for you.

It may be difficult for you to begin new projects.

Things frequently come to an abrupt or unusual end.

During these years, you will need to pay more attention to the practical side of life because this cycle will be a good time for creativity, particularly in artistic endeavors.

People Also Ask

What Is Numerology Meaning?

Numerology is the study of specific numbers, such as a person's birth date, in the belief that they have special meaning in a person's life.

How Do You Calculate Your Life Cycle In Numerology?

Basically, take the numerical value of your date of birth, add all the digits together by category (year, month, day), and keep adding each digit together until you reach a single digit.

What Is Numerology Life Cycle Used For?

Numerology Life Cycle can assist you in discovering the hidden meaning of the world. It can serve as your personalized guide to life, your chances of becoming something, and your strengths and weaknesses.


To sum it up, there are three Numerology Life Cycles, each of which is a force that influences how a person lives and what they encounter.

Everyone is a part of one of the three cycles.

Each birthdate number feeds the one before it.

When you have knowledge of your numerology birthdate number, your wisdom number of your life cycle, you are supporting your life.

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