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What Does A Numerologist Do?

Our need for consistency is one of the few aspects of the human condition that has remained consistent. Life might appear to be haphazard and ephemeral, with no rhyme or purpose. Reason and religion, ecclesiastical sermons and existential philosophy, tautologies and transcendence all arose from this need for pattern and meaning, and it is at these crossroads where numerology reigns supreme in the minds of millions.

Kelly Hayes
Kelly Hayes
Nov 29, 202210KShares228KViews
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  1. How Does Numerology Work?
  2. Kabbalah, Order, Meaning, And Numerologist
  3. How To Get Your Report
  4. Selecting A Technique
  5. Numerological Readings Deluxe
  6. Forecasts For Romance
  7. Self-Help And Career Advice
  8. Numerology In China
  9. Putting A Human Face On Numerology
  10. Claims Reliability
  11. How Reliable Is Numerology?
  12. What Does A Numerologist Study?
  13. What Is A Professional Numerologist?

Our need for consistency is one of the few aspects of the human condition that has remained consistent. Life might appear to be haphazard and ephemeral, with no rhyme or purpose.

Reason and religion, ecclesiastical sermons and existential philosophy, tautologies and transcendence all arose from this need for pattern and meaning, and it is at these crossroads where numerologyreigns supreme in the minds of millions.

People have attempted to modify the subjectivity of their experience to suit the apparent objectiveness of numbers, and vice versa, throughout history and across the globe.

The method used differs depending on the practitioner, which emphasizes the importance of the website you choose for your numerological forecasts.

Numerologist is one of the most popular websites for numerology enthusiasts looking for consistency and meaning.

How does that reputation stand up to scrutiny?

Let's crunch the statistics and see what our Numerologist analysis turns out.

How Does Numerology Work?

Pythagorean numerology table with black numbers and letters on a white background
Pythagorean numerology table with black numbers and letters on a white background

Before diving into the site itself, it's worth delving into the concept it purports to promote. As a site like Numerologist points out, though, it might be a trickier and more diversified experience than you might expect at first.

That's because, as the website points out, numerology has been practiced in various ways by many nations at various times throughout history. The site's numerological operations incorporate Chaldean, Hebrew, Hindu, Chinese, and other numerological systems, as noted.

Any numerological system that tries to blend number patterns, numerological concepts, and frequently philosophical or mystical notions to create a sense of a "greater design" or "meaning" to your life and the universe at large is known as numerology.

The universe can appear enormous and uncontrollable.

In whatever form, numerology says that it is not.

Kabbalah, Order, Meaning, And Numerologist

Take, for example, Kabbalah, one of the site's most fundamental kinds of numerology. It combines Judaic themes with numerological mysticism in mind-bogglingly complex patterns. For fear of diluting notions that require a life of study and reflection, the practice was traditionally exclusively taught to Jewish men over 35.

"God does not play dice with the universe," as Einstein famously said, is generally misinterpreted. He wasn't religious, and he didn't believe in fate, but he was advocating for the mathematical consistency of physics against quantum mechanics.

Einstein's concept of "God," like that of his acknowledged forefather Spinoza, was based on mathematics and "lawful harmony" rather than "mankind's fate and doings."

While both Einstein and Spinoza were great Jewish intellectuals who saw the world through the prism of mathematical rationalism, Kabbalah, a numerological style of Jewish mysticism, takes the idea of God "not playing dice" to its logical conclusion. It proposes that life is structured in patterns that are reflected in numerological patterns, rather than being random.

In contrast to Einstein's more secular marriage of Jewishness with mathematics, the renowned Jewish thinker Gershom Sholem resurrected Kabbalistic numerology for a new period, and his ideas continue to influence sites like Numerologist today.

Kabbalah and numerology as a whole are defined by their blend of number-based pattern finding and meaning creation, with the former's focus on alpha-numeric pairings in particular surviving on sites like Numerologist

How To Get Your Report

So, how about the actual website?

You'll be prompted to fill out some basic information when you visit Numerologist, just like you would on a dating or career site. While Numerologist does not have a bad reputation for frauds online, you should always be cautious about providing personal information on any website. If the site or person requesting your personal information makes you feel uneasy, don't give it out.

You'll get six different readouts after you give them this information:

  • Premium Numerology Report: This section acts as a sort of personal profile, diving into any special abilities or attributes the site's numerological systems claim you have.
  • The Relationship Compatibility Report gives you a quick rundown of your romantic prospects.
  • Chinese Numerology Report: This report focuses on Chinese numerology, which is described in depth below.
  • Customized Personality Report: A more in-depth look at your own characteristics.
  • A numerological description of your career status and possibilities, as well as a snapshot of your life and success.
  • Complete One-Year Forecast: A compilation of numerology-based predictions for the coming year, as the name suggests.

You'll be given a number right away, which Numerologist claims is the key to unlocking all of the extra data in these six readouts, as well as the wider principles of numerology they claim to deliver. On the one hand, you might be distrustful of everything. Whether or not you agree with its arguments, Numerologist at the very least gets directly to the point without giving you extended speeches or needing you to study a lot of stuff first.

To deliver numerological readings, the site employs a variety of methods for understanding the information you submit, as well as the number they provide you. For example, the site will present several "aspects" of your life that it claims you possess depending on your first and surname name and birthday. "Small heart longing," "karmic lessons," and "subconscious self" are some of the most esoteric examples.

Selecting A Technique

White technique word in a green background with black border
White technique word in a green background with black border

The website also provides a variety of numerological techniques. In addition to the aforementioned example of Kabbalah, some of its most popular offers include:

  • Cycles of the stars
  • Numerology in China
  • Numerology according to the Chaldeans
  • Numerology in Babylonia
  • Arithmancy

Numerological Readings Deluxe

Aside from these basic services, the site also offers a luxury service that includes 60-page reports on your numerological possibilities. While having more pages does not necessarily imply that the information is more "right" than on other sites, it does indicate that there is still more attention to detail than on many New Age sites, which is a repeating topic on this website.

At the same hand, while these 60-page reports are longer and more lavish in appearance, it is debatable if they offer anything substantive. It's just a more in-depth version of the same thing. If you enjoy what you're getting now and want a more "advanced" version, that's fantastic. If not, this might not be enough to persuade you.

These reports doinclude 12 additional items that they claim will assist you comprehend various "patterns" and "energies" in your environment. On the one hand, these are unlikely to convert newcomers. If you don't believe in numerology, on the other hand, you probably wouldn't have made it this far, let alone be considering purchasing a premium version of their product.

Numerologist, on the other hand, offers the first report for free, so if nothing else, it's wonderful that this site allows you to try out what they have to offer with no strings attached.

Forecasts For Romance

If you've been "Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places" (and who hasn't? ), Numerologist's love forecasts are yet another service that promises to have the answer. It works to construct a tailored report based on your assigned number as well as the other numerological data it has accumulated and delivered to you, just like the rest of the site's approach to numerology.

Of course, these numbers aren't meant to be taken on their own, which is why the romantic forecasts try to match your numbers to people with a compatible numerological profile, as determined by the site.

This form of matching, like any other dating service, necessitates a leap of faith. Having said that, the numbers you and your potential partners have been assigned are meant to reflect your personality. As a result, the numerological matching logic employed here is at least as effective as that employed by other matchmaking sites.

Of course, like with any dating site, honesty is a big element of these love predictions. Users on dating services are infamous for attempting to present themselves in a more favorable light in order to get matches. If you believe in Numerologist's numerological principles, you'll want to be as honest as possible when answering these questions in order to get the most "correct" reading possible.

Self-Help And Career Advice

Finding our way in our professional life can be just as challenging as finding our way in our personal lives. This is another area where numerology may provide structure and advice for people who believe in it, which is another pillar of Numerologist's business model.

Alternatively, perhaps you're more interested with aspects of self-care like reducing weight or becoming in shape.

Numerologist claims to provide numerological remedies to these problems as well.

Confidence and believe in the technique, like many other professional and self-help methods, are critical. If you're not yet convinced of Numerologist's methods, this can be a Catch-22. However, for individuals who have faith in the company's systems, the projections and advise provided might serve as part of a confidence feedback loop.

You believe in these projections, which helps you believe in yourself, and this process can guide and drive you to make the required changes and measures to succeed in your job or weight loss and fitness activities.

Numerology In China

Numerologist may be the site for you if you're interested in Eastern numerology, particularly Chinese numerology. It offers one of the most comprehensive and tailored Chinese numerology services among the various numerology websites available online.

Spiritualityand foretelling the future are important aspects of the Chinese numerology given on the site. These reports claim to dive into your personality, demonstrating Numerologist's ability to personalize their numerology method.

This approach's authenticity is something you'll want to investigate for yourself to see if it matches your expectations. Because there are so many various types of Chinese numerology, it's questionable which methods are employed here and how well they correspond to their "true" forms.

Having said that, it is fair to state that the site has received a fair lot of positive feedback from its users. That's a good sign, whether or not they're aware of the overall genuineness.

Putting A Human Face On Numerology

What is a modern website without a blog or a couple of videos? Although numerology is a millennia-old technique, sites like Numerologist attempt to modernize it with blogs and videos that keep viewers informed about the newest trends in the online numerological world.

On the site, for example, there are numerous numerology tutorials. These include anything from basic explanations to more advanced films and essays, as well as examples of numerology from all around the world. The latter is one of the best aspects of these contributions, as well as one aspect of the site that helps differentiate it from other New Age sites. As previously said, numerology is an ancient belief that has been expressed in a variety of ways by various cultures around the world.

Regardless of your feelings towards numerology, the commitment to multiculturalism through a variety of beliefs and cultures is something to be proud of. Numerologist can at least introduce you to diverse civilizations and their responses to the great concerns, which is laudable regardless of whether you come away with a newfound belief in numerology.

One of the other excellent advantages of this blog and videos is that they provide a personal touch to Numerolgoist.com, which is lacking on far too many other numerology and consumerism-focused websites. Numbers can feel cold, distant, and impersonal on their own.

Trying to find peace and understanding is one of the most powerful motivators for seeking solutions in any form. We need friendship and empathy because it's all too easy to feel like an inconsequential speck in the grandeur of a universal blank.

This is exactly what these blogs and videos offer. It's one thing to read up on all of the above-mentioned numerological principles; it's quite another to be able to put a face to them, especially one with a friendly voice and grin.

You want to feel like you're a part of something bigger when you're looking for significance. Whether you're looking for meaning through numerology, religion, philosophy, or something else, this is true. Numerologist goes beyond basic numerology to create a community by generating blogs and videos with regular contributors and hosts with whom you may become acquainted.

In conclusion, whether you believe in numerology or not, you can be confident that you belong on Numerologist - and that, at the very least, is reason to rejoice.

All of this ties back to one of Numerologist's most prominent selling points: individualized reports. Numerolgoist.com makes a point of attempting to express a more individualized side of numerology, as these reports illustrate, and this idea is emphasized in these blogs and videos.

The underlying MO is unmistakable. This isn't just a theoretical discussion, and these aren't just random fortunes made without respect for your wishes. (At least, according to Numerologist.) Rather, it's a tailored match, similar to a dating profile.

Naturally, like with any dating service, your results may vary.

A personalized approach, like on a dating site, is always more welcome, and at the very least offers the sense (or illusion) of a more personal approach.

Claims Reliability

None of this is intended to persuade you to believe in numerology or to claim that it is "correct." Numerology is a belief system that, like all other belief systems, is built in part on trust. As a result, skeptics believe it is unprovable, while believers feel it is unprovable.

Even yet, attempting to prove our role in the universe misses the point in part. While elements like numerology, mysticism, and New Age beliefs should never be used to obscure or contradict objective scientific fact, they can lend a sense of color and belonging to one's life.

To its credit, the website does feature a section – albeit buried near the bottom – that states that its forecasts and items are "for amusement purposes only" and are not guaranteed. It goes on to say that customers should use "common sense" when using the website and products, and that they should "contact the relevant medical or legal professional" if they have any questions about such sectors.

While it would be preferable if that information wasn't buried so deeply, as if the site was attempting to conceal it, its presence does at least demonstrate a more responsible approach to balancing personal responsibility and belief than other sites and organizations.

Concept in a higher power may be extremely reassuring, and websites like Numerologist strive to express such belief in the most peaceful and nondestructive way possible. Its focus on love, community, and a personal approach to numerology may not make its methods more real or wrong, but it does ensure that they are presented in a positive light.

We all want to feel like we belong somewhere, and there are few better venues to do it than Numerologist.

How Reliable Is Numerology?

In terms of precision, numerology is only as good as the numerologist with whom you're dealing. If you find the proper numerologist with significant expertise, they can present you with in-depth insights, so do your homework before paying for a reading.

What Does A Numerologist Study?

Numerology is the pseudoscientific belief in a divine or mystical connection between a number and one or more simultaneous events. It also includes the investigation of the numerical value of letters in words, names, and concepts. It's frequently linked to the paranormal, alongside astrologyand divinatory arts.

What Is A Professional Numerologist?

Numerologists claim to be able to predict the future using ancient methods using the numbers connected with a person's name, birth date, and other basic life events. They also claim to be able to read people's minds, determine their character, and calculate their luck.

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