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Check Marriage Prediction By Date Of Birth In Astrology

So you've found yourself in a relationship. Your heart is flying, and life is a dream come true. Will this romance, on the other hand, develop to a long-term relationship or marriage?

Georgia Ashcroft
Georgia Ashcroft
Mar 10, 202215.5K Shares283.2K Views

Marriage is the stage of life during which a non-believer will convert to a believer in the science of marriage prediction by astrology. Because of the difficulties that might arise after marriage, anyone would seek any type of assistance or direction in order to live a happy and fulfilling married life with their partner. A smoother marital life may be possible with the assistance of this advice.

Marriage predictastrology could never go thus far into Vedic astrology to provide individuals with the answers to their pre-marriage questions. Here are the characteristics that marriage astrology tells about how to go about having a successful and wealthy relationship. These factors contribute to the success of your marriage forecast.

In order to answer that question, we must first look at the 7th house in your astrological chart! The 7th house is the house of marriage and all serious partnerships, and it is ruled by the planet Venus.

First and foremost, you must determine which planet dominates your 7th house. Take a look at your own birth chart and note where the cusp (or beginning) of your 7th house is located, as well as which sign it is in. Then, look below to discover which planet dominates that sign — this is the planet that rules your 7th house, as indicated by the asteroid in your chart.

Next, determine where that planet is located in your own birth chart.When an outer planet in the present skies makes a good aspect to this planet in your birth chart, it is a strong indication of the possibility of a marriage.

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For example, in my own chart, if you look at the 7th house, you will notice the sign Libra on the cusp, which represents the beginning of a new cycle.Venus rules the zodiac sign of Libra, and in my astrological chart, Venus is located in Aries and my 12th house.To put it another way, if I were to get married, I would anticipate that my Venus would acquire a favorable aspect from one of the outer planets in the sky.

7th House

The 7th house of your horoscope is associated with love and romance.

Venus is the planet that is most conducive to marriage.The list of auspicious planets in everyone's horoscope includes Jupiter (Guru), Venus (Shukra), Mercury (Budh), and the Moon, to name a few.The planets Sun, Saturn (Shani), Mars (Mangal), Rahu, and Ketu are among those considered to be unlucky.Marriages are delayed when unfavorable planets are present, and marriages are hastened when fortunate planets are present.Those who have Mercury or the moon in their seventh house will marry at an early age, between the ages of 18 and 23.

It is predicted that you will marry between the ages of 24 and 26 years old if Jupiter is the ruler of the seventh house.The presence of the sun in the seventh house means that the marriage will be postponed and that it will confront several challenges.Mars in the 7th house is referred to as Mangalik yog, and it is known to create significant delays in marriage.If Saturn is in the 7th house, the applicant will not be able to marry until he or she is 35 years old or older, or even later.

Making A Commitment

Saturn in the sky will also play a part when you are ready to make a long-term commitment, because Saturn is the planet of obligations and long-term commitments.The transiting Saturn will form an aspect to the ruler of your 7th house as a result, and you may anticipate this.

In order for you to get into a long-term commitment like marriage, transiting Saturn must be related to your 7th house or its ruler. Say it out loud:As it turned out at the time of my marriage, transiting Saturn was coming into a conjunction with my 1st house!

Marriage Predictions By Date Of Birth

The date of birth can be used to forecast a person's marriage.Astrology forecasts based on a person's date of birth horoscope reveal all about their lives before and after marriage.Let's have a look at how we may utilize astrology to predict marriages based on birth information.

  • Out of the twelve houses in your birth chart, the seventh house is the one that is most frequently associated with marriage.In your life, the 7th house represents all of your relationships, and marriage is solely a partnership with your spouse.The 7th house is the most important house in terms of all key elements of marriage, according to astrology.
  • We next look at the 2nd house, which represents the collection of riches, the expansion of the family, and children, all of which are quite essential for any married pair.
  • The 4th house, which is associated with family life and happiness, is the next house to be considered for marriage prediction.
  • The 5th house for marriage prediction is the house associated with love marriages and romantic relationships.
  • It reveals if the individual will have a love marriage or whether the marriage will be organized with the assistance of family members and friends.The relationship between the Lordship of the 5th and 7th houses and the planets positioned in those houses determines whether or not the individual will marry for love.
  • After that, the 8th house is examined for marriage predictions based on the date of birth.This indicates the type of sex life and connection one will have with one's in-laws, as well as whether or not there will be an element of extra-marital affairs in the marriage.

Marriage criteria such as those listed above, as well as many other variables, may be determined from a horoscope.However, these are all technical aspects of marriage that only an astrologer can discern from a person's natal chart.Now, let us consider what marriage forecasts based on astrology entail from the perspective of the general public.

Using your birth chart, you may forecast your future life partner, the date of your wedding, and whether you will marry in love or through an arrangement.And after you've figured out everything, you won't need anything else.

Predictions For Marriage Time

First and foremost, you must determine when you will get married.Your horoscope determines the best time for you to be married, and you may obtain forecasts about the best time to get married.Is it true that there are specified cycles in the horoscope that indicate when a person will marry?The position of the first, second, fifth, seventh, and ninth Lords, as well as their Lords, can be used to determine the time of marriage.The Navamsa, on the other hand, demonstrates the same placement.In addition to the Dasha of the 7th house depicting the time of marriage, Dashas of the first and second houses as well as the fifth and ninth houses also aid in determining the outcomes associated with this.

The twin transit of Saturn and Jupiter is the second most significant aspect after the planets.A dual transit occurs when Saturn and Jupiter both impact the seventh house or its lord at the same time, in addition to the Dashas. This is known as a dual transit, and it occurs at the time of marriage.The marriage time may be estimated in the yearly horoscope using the Vivah Saham astrological sign.Now that you've determined the day and time of your wedding, the next issue is: who will you choose as your spouse?Who will be your life mate in the future, and how will you meet them?

Why People Are Going To Astrologers For Marriage Prediction And Marriage Astrology?

Many people are concerned about when they will be able to tie the knot.Will they be married on time, or will they have to postpone the ceremony?Who do you think they'll end up marrying?Is it going to be a love marriage or an arranged marriage?Then there's the question of their marriage.Will it be a success or a failure?After their first marriage does not work out, some people decide to marry again, and they want to know if their second marriage would be more successful than their first.They claim that marriages are created in heaven and that astrologers have no power to change a person's fate.As a result, many individuals are turning to marriage prediction services these days.

Although astrologers cannot predict or help you locate your soul mate, they may give advice and assist you in finding your better half by examining the alignment of the planets and stars in both your birth chart and the birth chart of your better half.When it comes to marriage astrology, astrologers also consider the best day and time to tie the knot, because getting married on certain poor days or at particular terrible times can bring chaos in a couple's lives.Marriage astrology and marriage prediction have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Basic Planetary Alignments Checked By Astrologers For Marriage Prediction And Marriage Astrology

Each of the twelve houses in astrology represents a different part of our lives, as is customary.The 7th house of a birth chart is associated with marriage and any type of collaborative endeavor.Marriage is a type of relationship in which you share your life with your spouse.The same home is also used for commercial partnerships, according to legend.Other houses, such as the 2nd house, 4th house, 5th house, and 8th house, are also considered for marriage to a certain extent.

The 2nd house is the house of accumulation or money, and an astrologer looks to see if marriage results in an increase in wealth or if it results in the birth of children, which is also considered wealth for a married pair.The 4th house is the house of family life, or the house where we live at home.An astrologer can tell if a person's marriage will provide them happiness and tranquility at home, or whether it will devastate these two elements of their life.

The 5th house is associated with love, marriage, and romance, among other things.It reveals whether or not the individual will fall in love with someone and marry them, or whether or not their marriage will be planned by elders in their family.In a natal chart, the relationship between the 5th house lord and the 7th house lord, as well as the planets positioned in those houses, will disclose the potential for love marriage.The relationship between Mars and Venus is very significant in the context of love marriages.

The 8th house represents the sex lives of spouses, in-laws, and any other type of covert partnerships or extramarital affairs that take place.A person's compatibility with their spouse and in-laws is determined by whether or not they would conceal anything from their spouse, such as extra-marital relationships or other personal matters, during their marriage.The planetary placements of the aforementioned houses, their lords, aspects and conjunctions of planets connected to these houses, as well as the appropriate age, date, and time of your marriage, must all be carefully examined in order to make an accurate marriage forecast.Marriage prediction by date of birth is the name given to this approach.

Specific Planetary Alignments Supporting Marriage In Astrology And Things To Watch Out For

In Vedic astrology and marital astrology, Venus and Jupiter play an important role.Because they are both considered natural marital signifiers.Because most astrological branches (e.g. Nadi) state Mars is a woman's spouse,In pure Vedic Astrology, Venus is the wife of a male native while Jupiter is the spouse of a female native.

It is crucial to assess the 7th house's lord and significator, Venus.Marriage is more likely to occur when the Dasha (major planetary) period or Antardasha (sub-period) of the planets relating to the 7th house are active in a native's horoscope, provided the house or its ruler is not malefic.Venus or Jupiter transits offer pleasant news of marriage.The 7th-12th house link can bring a foreign spouse, as can the 7th-9th house link.Marriage prediction by birth date helps examine this.

When Venus is in the 7th bhava, the bhava of marriage, it might cause a Kalathra Dosham.Inhibits a native's romantic and passionate tendencies.In this circumstance, several poojas and cures are required.Rahu or Saturn in the 7th house might produce marital troubles such as miscommunication.Having Ketu in the 7th house might lead to marital discord.Pravrajya Yoga (strong Saturn impact on Moon) can also lead to indifference in financial and marital life.Monks and sages do this yoga.To have a normal married life, such locals must do all prayers and medicines before and after marriage.A 7th house ailment might delay or deny marriage, or result in divorce or separation.All facts in the Rasi and Navamsa charts of the husband and wife, or boy and girl, must be examined.If the 7th or 9th house Lord is Vargottama (gained directional strength), remarriage is possible if the Dasha/Antardasha guarantee it.If the 7th house Lord is in a dual sign, a second marriage is probable.Again, marriage prediction by date of birth is required to examine this.

Having retrograde, combust or weakened Jupiter or Venus might postpone or refuse marriage.Mangal dosham is significant because it often prevents marriage unless certain cures are taken.It is usually caused by the malefic placement of Mars (mangal) in the chart.Mars forms the Manglik Dosha if it is in the 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house in your chart.Also, it is better if two Mangaliks (those with mangal dosham) marry than one Mangalik.Because there is a strong idea that if only one person is Mangalik, the non-Mangalik spouse may suffer a significant loss and perhaps lose their life.

The Navamsa, or 9th divisional chart, is also considered.Rather of counting houses like in a Rasi/Lagna chart (D1), it is crucial to see which sign each planet is in.To determine Mars' Navamsa sign and sign lord in the Navamsa and Rasi charts, we must first determine Mars' Rasi sign.


Astrology may help you find love, relationships, and marriage.When considering marriage, many of us consider whether it should be arranged or not.In reality, this is only the beginning of your marriage-related thoughts.Among the most serious concerns are those that occur in the later years of marriage.If you are facing similar concerns, or if you are a parent concerned about your child's marriage chances, you may need all the aid you can get.

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