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India Royale Zodiac Sign - Short Bio

India royale zodiac sign is Pisces. Because Pisces is quite sociable, according to astrology, they often associate with a wide variety of individuals. Selfless Pisces always want to serve others without expecting anything in return. Since Pisces is a Water sign, it is known for its sensitivity and clearly shows emotional capabilities.

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India Royale zodiac signis Pisces. Because Pisces is quite sociable, according to astrology, they often associate with a wide variety of individuals. Selfless Pisces always want to serve others without expecting anything in return. Since Pisces is a Water sign, it is known for its sensitivity and clearly shows emotional capabilities.

In the Pig Year, India Royale was born. The Chinese Zodiac sign of the Pig describes people who are really kind, well-mannered, and tasteful. They are affluent perfectionists who don't come out as snobs while enjoying nicer things. They like being of service to others and making terrific friends until someone close to them crosses them. They possess intelligence, a thirst for information, and exclusivity. compatible with goats or rabbits.

India Royale Zodiac Sign And Background

India Royale was born in her own country the United States on March 9, 1995. As of 2022, she is 27 years old. She is a Pisces by birth sign. She is a citizen of the United States.

Royale was raised in Chicago, Illinois, together with one elder brother and two older sisters. Despite having a significant social media following, Royale is much more than that. She is a businesswoman, an ambassador for Fashion Nova, a model, a fashion expert, and also a mother of two beautiful girls.

In 2014, Royale became a mother for the first time when she gave birth to Skylar Banks, her first child. Three years later, Royale met Lil Durk, who would become her future husband and the father of her second daughter. In 2017, Royale and Durk began generating romance rumors, and they have been together since then. Willow Banks, Royale, and Durk's first child entered the world on October 31, 2018. 2019 saw Royale debut her brand of reasonably priced, cruelty-free cosmetics and hair products as part of her aim to leave a lasting legacy via her abilities.

India Royale Beauty was an immediate hit, and the company's Instagram business page quickly grew to 25k followers. India Royale Beauty now has clients all over the globe, including hair salons that sell her products. In 2021, Royale created a mobile app for more easy buying and made her beauty items accessible for international shipping. Durk astonished his audience and India Royale towards the close of the previous year on December 19 when he got down on one knee and proposed to her.

India Royale Career

India Royale is best known as an Instagram model and a social media influencer at this point in her career. She is incredibly well-known due to the fact that she has over 3.5 million followers on Instagram. She uses Instagram to highlight the amazing photoshoots she does as well as content relevant to her vlogs.

She has just released her own brand of cosmetics. Her range of cosmetics is known by its brand name, India Royale Beauty. She uses social media to spread the word about her wares. Her business partner, Lil Durk, is also an advocate for the product. Additionally, she runs India Royale's Hair Vendor as the only entrepreneur.

In addition to that, she is the face of the Fashion Nova brand. On her channel with the same name on YouTube, she has over 429 thousand followers. On her YouTube channel, she covers a variety of topics, including vlogs, personal life, fashion, and beauty.

India Royale Posing in front of Blue Background
India Royale Posing in front of Blue Background

India Royale Height

It is estimated that India Royale has a height of around 1.65 meters, which is equal to 5 feet and 5 inches. She weighs around 121 pounds, which is equivalent to about 55 kilograms. She is endowed with a full and sensuous figure. Both of her eyes are a dark brown hue, and her hair is black in color. She identifies as a member of the straight sexual orientation.

India Royale Relationship

India Royale does not have a spouse. On the other hand, she is not a virgin. She has reportedly gotten engaged to the rapper Lil Durk. The year 2017 marked the beginning of the couple's relationship, and they now have a daughter together who goes by the name Willow Banks. In December of 2021, in Chicago, during a local radio station's Big Jam performance, Lil Durk made his proposal to Royale in front of the audience. In addition, she has a daughter by the name of Skylar who she had with her ex-boyfriend, and her ex-boyfriend, Lil Durk, has five children from a prior relationship.

India Royale Net Worth

India Royale is an influential figure on several social media platforms and a model. Her brand of cosmetics is called India Royale Beauty, and she sells them. Her success in the corporate world has earned her substantial wealth. It is now believed that her net worth is less than one million dollars.

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India Royale Wiki

You need to learn how to channel your skills in order to be a successful multitalented person in the present day. This statement has been very effectively shown by India Royale, who is a social media star from the United States. India Royale is from the United States. She is a model and an influencer on the social media platform Instagram.

She is well-known in the entertainment world as rapper Lil Durk's girlfriend, whose real name is Durk Derrick Banks. Royale is an entrepreneur in the fashion industry by profession. Her own cosmetics brand is called India Royale Beauty. In addition to that, she has a channel on YouTube that has over 400,000subscribers.

This stunning celebrity was born on March 9th, 1995, and she is now 27 years old. She stands 165 centimeters tall, which is equivalent to 5 feet and 5 inches in feet and inches. The allure of her attractiveness is heightened by the dark brown hue of her eyes and the glossy black sheen of her hair.

She maintains a healthy diet and is extremely conscientious about her appearance, as seen by the fact that she weighs 55 kilos (which is equivalent to 121 pounds). Her bust is 33 inches, while her waist measures 27 inches, and her hips measure 36 inches.

People Also Ask

What Is India Royale, Mixed With?

She is a citizen of the USA. The YouTuber has mixed ancestry, including both African and American ancestry.

Who Is India Royale's Baby's Father?

In October 2018, she gave birth to Willow Banks, her first child. With rapper Lil Durk, she gave birth to her first kid.

Who Is India Royale's Fiance?

Lil Durk, real name Durk Derrick Banks, is well-known for his romance and engagement to India Royale.


On March 9, 1995, Indie Royale was born in the United States, her native country. She will be 27 years old in 2022. India Royale zodiac sign is Pisces. She has American citizenship.

Together with her older brother, two sisters, and two younger sisters, Royale was reared in Chicago, Illinois.

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