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How I Reached My Goals Through The Law of Attraction


Are you unhappy with your current way of life? Do you ever feel as if the life you've always desired is only out of reach?

That's about to improve because I'm about to spill a few secrets that will totally alter your lifestyle.

You are in control of your own destiny. You have the power to create every image of your life that you need. With a quick shift in your thoughts and mindset, you can transform your life and manifest whatever you want.

Maybe you have a couple of goals in mind, but you're stuck. Will you want to be able to do the following tasks:

  • In your heart, find true love.
  • Make a lot of cash in your company.
  • Increase your level of physical fitness.
  • Obtain a large sum of money and riches.

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There are no limitations on what you can do. The key to achieving your objectives is to focus on your resources. After all, we exist in an electric world. It's everywhere around you, and it's also inside you. The energy is linked to all of the emotions.

Man facing clouds during golden time
Man facing clouds during golden time

Happiness, pleasure, love, and abundance produce positive energy in the body, while fear, guilt, sadness, and anger produce negative energy.

There is, though, something you can do to retake control of your emotions, energies, and life in general.

The rule of attraction has had a direct impact on my life. It has helped me achieve financial security, make a meaningful impact in the world, and cultivate stronger connections with my loved ones, among other things. And the law of attraction will assist you in achieving your objectives.

The Law of Attraction Will Assist You in Achieving Your Objectives

The universe is said to be ruled by a number of laws, one of which is the law of attraction. The basic principle of the rule of attraction is that whatever you put out into the universe, you will pull back to yourself.

If you always complain about how you'll never find true love, for example, these negative emotions can only attract more negative emotions, stopping you from cultivating more love in your life.

However, by being thankful for the love and happiness you have in other relationships, such as those with friends and family, you will attract more feelings of love and happiness, enabling you to form new bonds.

The rule of attraction taps into the world and everything within its limitless energies.

If you know it or not, everything in and around you is made of electricity. Energy makes up you, the universe, the food you eat, and all.

If you want to understand how the rule of attraction will help you fulfill your dreams and live the life you've always wanted, you've come to the right spot.

In the parts below, I've included a few tricks that I've used to make the law of attraction work for my aspirations and dreams. These same ideas, I believe, will help you manifest whatever you desire.

Now that you know what the law of attraction is, I'll teach you how I used it to achieve my objectives, and how you can too!

It's Important to Cleanse Your Energetic System

You may be accumulating toxic energy in your body without realizing it, which is preventing you from reaching your goals. Cleaning the energetic organ on a regular basis is important.

Since there are so many ways to cleanse the energy system, I'll just mention a few of my favourites.


Reiki therapy works with the body's seven main energy centers to optimize energy flow into and out of the body. By drawing on the universal force that is everywhere around you, you will use Reiki to channel healing energies from the universe into the body, raising your energetic waves to a higher level.

Crystals for Healing

Any healing crystals are specially formulated to cleanse your energetic system and supply you with more positive energies. Clear Quartz and Moonstone are white and clear stones that can help you release negative energies from your body, while Tourmaline is a dark stone that can protect you from negative energy.


Stretching and rotating the body aids in the free flow of energy. It's particularly important to stretch or change in the morning because you've been sleeping and your body has been still. Energy can get stuck in various regions of the body as you sleep, causing imbalances that prohibit you from completing your goals.


Meditation has many advantages, but it is especially important for those of us who deal with electricity (like Reiki or using the law of attraction). You can re-energize yourself by allowing your body to calm down and relax for a few moments of meditation. It also helps you establish a closer bond with your inner self, enabling you to be more aware of the energy movement inside your own body. Once you've cleared your energies in whatever way makes sense for you, it's time to start manifesting what you want on the blank canvas you've just developed.

Pay Close Attention to Your Emotions

Simply dreaming about manifesting your desires and being who you want to be isn't enough, I learned the hard way.

It's not enough to just think of anything. To bring positive energies out into the universe, you must really understand those emotions deeply. And, like a magnet, if constructive energy is released, it attracts more of the same.


The issue with genuinely pondering who you want to be is that you're pondering it. Since like attracts like, your thoughts will simply attract more thinking.

In this way, the law of attraction is identical to Reiki. When I use Reiki to heal one of my customers, I want to picture what their life will be like after they've been cured.

In my free time, I'm not concerned with a fractured leg or a cancer diagnosis. Instead, I send soothing energy to the person, imagining them healthy and content.

Thinking about how sad you are because you haven't found love yet might deter you from using the law of attraction to achieve your goal. When you dwell on feeling alone and depressed, you'll attract more sadness and loneliness.

Instead, imagine yourself in the blissful state you'll be in until you've found your soul mate. Concentrate on and experience the emotions of love and pleasure in your body. You will get more pleasure and affection in exchange if you put out happiness and love energy into the universe.

It's true, though, that you have a different goal in mind... Perhaps your career goals are intertwined with your personal goals.

Exchange your attachments with an open mind

One of the most common pieces of personal goal-setting advice is to be as specific as possible. You may be familiar with SMART targets, or goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-Sensitive. While SMART goals can benefit certain people, they are incompatible with the law of attraction.

You can get emotionally attached to the results as your mind becomes engrossed in the data. Rather than focusing on a predetermined result, dig further into your goal and find out what motivates it.

Do you want a raise at work and you want to be able to provide for your family? Or do you want to leave a good impression at work?

You have no idea what the future has planned for you. There are many paths that may take you to your destination, some of which can seem to be different from what you thought.

Maintain an open mind. This also helps to avoid negative emotions like tension, anger, and sadness.

Remember that real happiness arises from within, not from an outside source like an outcome, an object, or another individual. By letting go of your strict attachment to results, you will be able to build your own peace and contentment.

This open-mindedness practice will also help you be more thankful for what you do have.

Appreciate What You Have Right Now

Growing your level of respect would help you in a number of ways. It's especially important to note to be thankful when using the law of attraction to manifest your goals.


While having dreams, desires, goals, and aspirations is wonderful, there are still aspects in your life for which you should be thankful right now.

Striking a delicate line between relying on the future and living in the present is one of the most difficult ways of using the rule of attraction to accomplish your goals.

You must commit a certain amount of time and energy to preparing for the future while trying to accomplish your goals. However, if you're so intent on the future, you could lose out on the life right in front of you.

You'll have more negative feelings like nostalgia, disappointment, worry, and apprehension if you spend too much time worrying about the future. You simply attract more negative emotions into your life as you witness those feelings.

When you can see that, while you may not have accomplished any of your aspirations yet, you have a lot to be grateful for, you're sending out good energies into the universe, which can return to you in the form of more positivity.

So, the next time you feel a pang of sadness coming on, turn it around and find something for which you should be grateful.

Maybe you didn't get the promotion you wanted at work, for example. However, as a result of this, you will have more time to spend with your mates. Be grateful for the help you've received from your dad.

The law of attraction is basically a method of concentrating your mind on the good emotions you're having and then channeling that energy into attracting more good things into your life.

The law of attraction is similar to, but not equal to, the power of manifestations. When you show appreciation, the world responds by providing you with additional reasons to be grateful. If you focus on the love you have in your life, your relationships will deepen and prosper.

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