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Everxlear Review - Real Psychic Readings Or A Scam

Everxlear - Whether you're struggling with a career or life purpose question, have concerns about your love life or relationships, or simply need some guidance, a psychic can be a great resource.

You will receive objective advice and will be able to connect with messages from your higher guidance. Fortunately, psychics can now be found online.

In this article, we will present to you a review about one of the popular psychic platforms online which is Everxlear.

Everxlear attempts to bring the world's best psychics together on a single platform, providing you with nothing less than accurate psychic reading services.

But is Everxlear legitimate? Can they be trusted? In this Everxlear review, we'll tell you everything you need to know.

A Brief Overview Of Everxlear

A woman with her eyes closed while leaning on the wall with everclear logo
A woman with her eyes closed while leaning on the wall with everclear logo

Customers seeking psychic guidance can access hand-picked, high-quality psychics, astrologers, empaths, tarot readers, and more through Everxlear.

Everxlear is a unique psychic network. For one thing, Everxlear can hand-pick the best psychic for you, or you can browse their carefully curated list of advisors.

Furthermore, Everxlear has a slew of intriguing tools, including a mood tracker available only through the app, that will help you keep track of how you're feeling and what's triggering you.

Everxlear has a team of thoroughly vetted professionals who bring a variety of specialized psychic and empath abilities to the table.

Connect with their expert psychics who specialize in astrology, tarot, and intuitive guides to gain meaningful insight into your own life.

As an introductory offer, Everxlear psychics provide three free minutes to all new customers. You can chat with some of the world's best empaths and psychics for a small fee, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

If you want to learn more, you can extend your call at the advisor's per-minute rate. You can do all of this from the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Everxlear Psychics & Services

A woman wearing a white dress looking at the sky with her hands on the air and everclear logo on top
A woman wearing a white dress looking at the sky with her hands on the air and everclear logo on top

Because psychics can shed light on a wide range of issues, many of Everxlear's advisors provide services and advice tailored to the specific needs of love and relationship issues, bereavement, and major life changes such as career moves, wellness, and even pet-related issues.

The last one is ideal for anyone who has lost a pet and is curious about how they are doing. Of course, all of these issues must be handled delicately and precisely, and each of Everxlear's advisors has their own approach to finding the best solutions for their clients.

This includes using tarot cards, runes, and crystals, as well as astrology and numerology, as well as auras and dream interpretation.

Finally, Everxlear recognizes that all of these tools enable advisors to connect with their clients more deeply.

So you're bound to find a solution and a psychic advisor to assist you in overcoming any problems you're experiencing.

Features And Tools

The Everxlear interface is straightforward, with few tools aside from the basic search. Account settings are similarly straightforward: you can subscribe to or unsubscribe from promotions, select your preferred mode of communication (phone or chat), and receive messages.

Everxlear provides phone and online readings. Unfortunately, video calls are not available if you want to connect in person. Although chat is a more private and quiet option than calling, you may get more bang for your buck by calling.

Finally, Everxlear provides a "mood tracker," which encourages customers to track their daily mood, provide details, and track which behaviors or habits contribute to a specific mood. The mood tracker raises self-awareness and aids in the modification of any undesirable habits.

Here are some of Everxlear key features:

  • Provides a white-glove service in which customers are matched with the best advisor for their specific needs.
  • Before being admitted to the platform, all advisors are evaluated twice across seven criteria to ensure they are legitimate and trustworthy.
  • Customers can get advice on their own time. Speak with an available advisor or schedule a call for later.
  • Phone and chat messaging are provided one-on-one, ensuring a unique and personalized experience.
  • Those who are dissatisfied with a session can have their purchase refunded up to $25, allowing Everxlear to be used without fear of wasting money.

Everxlear Pricing

A computer, tablet and phone showing everclear website and some words on the left
A computer, tablet and phone showing everclear website and some words on the left

Every Everxlear advisor has their own rate, which ranges from $0.99 to $12.99 per minute (or per chat question). There are no bulk credit purchases or monthly subscriptions available in the app. Three free minutes are included in the trial offer.

If you prefer to chat, you can also pay per "volley," which is a series of responses to each question. When you ask a question in chat, you are setting yourself up for an answer (volley) or string of text responses (volleys).

Every time you ask a question, you will pay once for all answer(s). Additional charges apply each time you type a new question.

The average price is comparable to that of larger, more established psychic reading services.

Furthermore, unless individual readers choose to offer a "promotion," Everxlear offers no other deals or perks besides its introductory offer.

Everxlear Legitimacy

Everxlear is a legitimate psychic service and, as such, faces the same difficulties as other psychic services apps. The legitimacy of the services provided is a major source of contention (mainly when a company does not provide a tangible product).

Before beginning a contract with an advisor, Everxlear thoroughly vets them. Everxlear tests each advisor's abilities twice in three weeks after the initial application.

Once hired, an advisor is put on 10-day probation and is closely monitored. Everxlear hires advisors on a contract basis and does not allow outside contact.

Everxlear stands by its community credo and provides support and resources to those who require assistance beyond the scope of the app's offerings.

People Also Ask

Is Everclear Trustworthy?

Everxlear goes above and beyond when it comes to establishing trustworthiness. On the homepage, you'll notice a video of one of their advisors being interviewed on NBC's California Live. Furthermore, Everxlear's website contains a wealth of information about how they screen their advisors.

How Does The Everclear App Work?

The app has the same functionality as the website and is extremely simple to use (e.g., video chat, notifications, messages, profiles, and more). Everxlear officially provides services in English, but a few advisors appear to speak Spanish and Russian. Unfortunately, the app does not offer any special discounts aside from seasonal or personal deals (also available on the website).

Does Everclear Have Customer Support?

Customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by emailing support@everclear.com. Unfortunately, there is no way to call a member of the support team.


When looking for a good psychic reader online, it can be difficult to tell whether you are getting a genuine reading or being duped. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of similar online networks from which to choose.

Fortunately, Everxlear is a genuine source of insight and guidance. This network is an excellent place to look for psychic readings for guidance and peace of mind.

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