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Everclear Psychic Reading - Be Connected To A Trusted Psychic 24/7


Everclear - Do you ever find yourself wondering where your life is heading?

Or, what is in store for you in specific areas of your life?

Whether your curiosity is about relationships, finances, career, or a deeper aspect of soul-searching, Everclear psychic readers can help you find answers.

You can gain meaningful insight into your own life by connecting with Everclear expert psychics who specialize in astrology, tarot, and intuitive guides.

If you wish to find out more, read through this article as we provide all information you need to get started with Everclear.

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Everclear Psychic Reading: What Is It All About?

A woman smiling and talking over the phone and some wordings on the right side
A woman smiling and talking over the phone and some wordings on the right side

Everclear began as a way to help people find life guidance and clarity in the face of adversity. Everclear was founded by industry veterans who were inspired to create a better experience for people looking for life guidance. Since the company's inception, Everclear's advisors have assisted many clients in finding clarity in their lives and relationships. Everclear matches clients with a trusted, vetted advisor based on their unique needs, having curated a select list of top psychics, astrologers, tarot-card readers, numerologists, empaths, and other highly-skilled practitioners.

Furthermore, new Everclear users can get their first three minutes for free. Another advantage of using Everclear is that if you are dissatisfied with one of your psychic reading sessions, you can receive up to $25 in refund credits through their satisfaction guarantee. It's also worth noting that Everclear has some of the lowest rates available, with advisors charging as little as $1.81 per minute. Everclear's rigorous screening and testing process ensure that all advisors on its system have been vetted in order to provide you with a quality reading. Here are the key features of Everclear:

  • Customers can get advice on their own time. Speak with an available advisor or schedule a call for later.
  • Phone and chat messaging are provided one-on-one, ensuring a unique and personalized experience.
  • Offers a white-glove service in which customers are matched with the ideal advisor based on their specific requirements.
  • Before being admitted to the platform, all advisors are evaluated twice across seven criteria to ensure they are legitimate and trustworthy.

How To Get Started With Everclear?

A woman with her eyes closed leaning the wall with everclear logo
A woman with her eyes closed leaning the wall with everclear logo

When you first sign up for Everclear, you'll be asked to choose between reading with an empath and reading with a psychic advisor. If you decide to meet with a psychic reader, you can also specify which tools you want them to be skilled with. You can then choose whether you want to connect with a reader via phone or chat, and whether you want the platform to match you with an advisor or if you want to browse on your own. Everclear has psychics who specialize in all of the typical reading topics, such as love and relationships, destiny and life path, money and finances, wellness, career, lost loved ones, and pets. After answering these quick questions, you'll be matched with an advisor or you can explore advisors on your own.

Once you've found someone with whom you want to connect, creating an account is also quick and simple. To create an account, you do not need to enter any payment information. You can even choose to link your Everclear account to your Gmail or Facebook account to expedite the process. Once you've created your account and are ready to speak with an advisor, you'll be asked to enter your phone number in order to take advantage of their special introductory offer. After that, you'll enter your payment information and you'll be good to go.

Everclear Best Satisfaction Guarantee

Everclear provides a satisfaction guarantee as part of its refund policy. If you are dissatisfied with your psychic reading, you must contact customer service within 72 hours.

Everclear can approve or reject your refund request after reviewing it. If your refund is approved, your account will be partially or fully credited up to $25, depending on the strength of your claim. This credit will be available for future purchases on the site. This satisfaction guarantee is only available once per month.

Best Everclear Psychics

Different everclear psychics profiles
Different everclear psychics profiles

While most psychic reading websites rate their advisors on a scale of 1 to 5, Everclear's advisors are given a thumbs up. A client gives their reader a thumbs up if they had a positive experience with them and would recommend them to others. The higher a reader is recommended, the more thumbs up they have. Here are the top recommended psychic readers on Everclear:

  • Izzy - has received over 350 thumbs-up, and her abilities include clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. She is also skilled in tarot, pendulums, and crystals, and she consults with her angels and spirit guides to help her clients with their questions.
  • Aquarius - is a psychic and empath who works with crystals and oracle cards. She specializes in all aspects of relationships, including the law of attraction and the recovery from narcissistic abuse.
  • Jessi C - has over 450 client thumbs up and 11 years of experience giving readings She is an expert in tarot and astrology, as well as an energy reader and Reiki practitioner.
  • Athena - provides spiritual readings and is knowledgeable about energy healing, reiki, astrology, and numerology. She has over 350 client endorsements and 21 years of experience as a psychic reader.
  • Leeza E - With over 300 thumbs up, specializes in love and relationships and can read your POI's feelings and thoughts with just their full name and date of birth.

People Also Ask

What Is Everclear Screening Process?

Everclear employs a stringent screening process to ensure that its customers receive the best service possible. Aspiring advisors must submit their resumes to Everclear, and they will only be contacted if they meet the eligibility criteria. The candidates are then evaluated twice by the recruitment team based on seven hiring criteria.

Does Everclear Offer Free Reading?

When you sign up for Everclear, you will receive your first three minutes for free; simply add a valid credit card to your account! This introductory offer is only available to new clients, can only be used on Call Sessions or Chat Sessions, and must be redeemed within the first 30 days of joining Everclear.

How To Leave Reviews and Feedback In Everclear?

Leave feedback after your sessions to let others in the Everclear community know about your experiences with Advisors. When you finish a session that is at least 4 minutes long, you will be asked to leave a thumb rating and a written review. You have seven days to provide feedback on your session.


Whether you're worried about the future, your love and relationships, your career, or your overall life path, your hand-picked Everclear life advisors, psychics, and empath guides can give you the insight, support, and meaning you need to transform your life and rediscover happiness. Change your stress and anxiety for spiritual guidance and insights into the meaning of life with the help of Everclear .

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