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Ethereal Astrology - How Does It Affect Your Life?


Ethereal astrology says that your astrological placements show how you will live your spiritual life in this incarnation.

Ethereal Astrology Definition

Ethereal astrology is an exploration of the cosmos and a quest for the meaning of life. Astrological concepts are like a never-ending search for the most important things in life.

Like Greek and Roman mythology, astrology has been around for a long time, and it shares many common themes and concepts with astronomy.

As the definition of astrology puts it,

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Astrology is, the correlation between the astronomical positions of the planets and events on earth or within the individual.

- Cafeastrology.com

Astrology is like a window into your soul because it shows you hidden parts of yourself based on how the stars and planets were aligned at the time and place of your birth.

Astrology has the potential to help people make great changes in their lives if it is used properly. It helps one realize their full potential and forge a meaningful connection with their authentic selves, qualities that in turn increase self-assurance and output.

A detailed astrological reading can provide light on your character, potential, and upcoming events.

Digital illustration of countless glowing stars
Digital illustration of countless glowing stars

If it helps you create the life you've always wanted, it could change your world in profound ways. The cosmic forces are pushing you to live up to your full potential.

The Power Of The Moon

The full moon makes its spectacular appearance in the night sky once every 28 days, illuminating the entirety of the moon's heavenly allure in the process.

As it spreads its luminous, ethereal light across the cosmos, you can quite literally 'feel' the strength of it flowing through your own being at the same time.

And if you are one of the zodiac signs that is most influenced by the full moon, there is a good probability that the experience may transform you in some way!

When a full moon occurs, it is always during a period in which the moon, which is the ruler of your internal self, is forming an opposition with the sun, which is the ruler of your external self.

This opposition causes inner turmoil and compels you to take action. It is not unusual for long-suppressed feelings to burst forth to the surface like a volcanic eruption, and it is also not unusual for big realizations to come to light during this time period.

As the culmination of the lunar cycle, the full moon frequently ushers in transformative and illuminating experiences. This is likely due to the fact that the full moon is also the most intense phase of the lunar cycle. No matter how you feel about it, a full moon will always make you feel liberated.

Ethereal Astrology Placements

Finding out where your "big three" placements are in your horoscope, the sun, the moon, and the ascendant, is the first thing you should do when getting to know your horoscope.

These three planets each define a unique aspect of your personality, and when taken together, they produce an extremely accurate portrait of who you are.

Ethereal astrology placements have an effect on your sense of who you are. It is a sign that one has to take active steps toward finding out more about oneself.

The Real Ethereal—Astrology: All About Virgo

Ethereal Astrology Birth Chart Free

You can get an ethereal astrology birth chart for free from astro.cafeastrology.com. Cafe Astrology provides a free birth chart report, also known as a natal chart.

The comprehensive interpretation of your natal chart examines a snapshot of the sky taken on the day you were born, at the precise moment when your soul entered its body. This service examines each planet, house, and angle inside the chart, as well as any aspects that have been made.

With the help of this interpretation, they can do a thorough study of the many parts that make up our complicated inner workings.

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Ethereal astrology is the concept that the arrangement of stars and planets at the time of a person's birth has an effect on that person's temperament, personality, and environment. This belief is at the core of astrology.

Newspapers feature individualized horoscopes written by astrologers and based on the reader's birth date. According to the positions of various astronomical bodies, these horoscopes make predictions about the personal lives of people, define their characters, and provide them guidance.

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About The Authors

Michele Sievert

Michele Sievert - Using my astrological expertise and techniques, I have the ability to work out the opportunities which are important to you this coming year, outlining exactly what awaits for you and how to tackle the following months... giving you those fine details, the clues, that will make the difference between you making the right and wrong choice.

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