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Learn How To Connect Numbers With Reiki


This free Reiki course teaches you the skills and techniques necessary to assist yourself and others at each of the three Reiki levels, which you can also use like combining Reiki with numerology. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate. The discipline's guiding principles, the seven primary chakras, and conventional and unorthodox sacred symbols are among the subjects covered. The resurgence of Reiki will also be discussed in detail, as will the lives of some of its most influential practitioners. In conclusion, you can gain access to rewards and opportunities.

Numerology has assisted me in gaining a better understanding of who you are and how you might be a more successful healer. It's aided my Reiki students tremendously in determining the most effective way for them to channel Reiki to others as well. It's proven to be an extremely beneficial diagnostic tool for my clients before receiving Reiki therapy.

Two hands covering a word "reiki"
Two hands covering a word "reiki"

Numerology originated in ancient times, most notably through Pythagoras' writings. It used to take hours to make a birth chart, but as with everything else, Numerology has progressed to the point that it now takes only minutes. In reality, the Numerology system was inspired by Yogi Bhajan, the Guru who introduced Kundalini Yoga to the West. And, as many of us in this group know, both Kundalini and Reiki rely largely on breathwork. Some Reiki Master Teachers, Numerology Teachers, and students of Kundalini Yoga discovered numerous common characteristics.

Numerology is a useful tool that can assist us in determining who you are, how you process information mentally, our life lessons (aka karma), how others perceive us, and most importantly, who you truly are. It demonstrates our strengths and gifts while also assisting us in identifying our flaws, which is beneficial in assisting us in improving in those areas. Additionally, it elucidates our life's purpose and provides insight into accomplishing that purpose.

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In Numerology, it mostly work with the numbers 1-11. Any number greater than 11 is reduced to a single digit. For instance, the number "12" would be seen as a collection of single digits and added together: 1+2 = 3.

Consider your/your client's birth month, which signifies the "Lesson" (a.k.a. karma/life problems). Lessons are most prevalent between the ages of 0-18. Still, they will continue to come and repeat themselves throughout our existence until they are handled, and only the Universe has the authority to determine when a lesson is complete. Therefore, if you or your client detects a pattern and wonders, "Why does this keep happening to me?" it is time to embark on an inside trip. Identifying the "Lesson" number enables you to examine your life teachings from various perspectives and apply Reiki to them.

A list of months with an equal number in numerology
A list of months with an equal number in numerology

Now, keep in mind that these traits ONLY apply to your/your customer's "Lesson" number; therefore, you/your client have a great deal more to offer than the other eight numbers in other chart locations. Numbers in other positions serve to restore equilibrium or aid in the resolution of karmic lessons. Therefore some "Lessons" may have been addressed or are currently being learned. Additionally, personal year numbers and master cycles will be implemented!

The Three Levels Of Reiki

Each course level builds on the preceding one and defines a separate, specialized area of practice. There are three levels of course in traditional education. Hands-on Reiki self-treatment on a daily basis continues to be the cornerstone of practice at all levels.

  • Typically, the first degree is taught over the course of eight to twelve hours. Students use Reiki to care for themselves and exchange Reiki with one another. In this session, students will learn how to give themselves daily Reiki for the rest of their lives. Students learn how to offer Reiki with family and friends in full or quick chair sessions, as well as how to provide Reiki in urgent situations and informally through "spot treatment." Reiki clinical application is a frequent topic of discussion in Reiki classes for nurses and other healthcare professionals. During the session, which is mostly experiential, the Reiki master provides an outline of Reiki's history and precepts. Most significantly, the Reiki master introduces pupils to the Reiki system, training them to act as Reiki energy channels. Four initiations comprise the traditional first-degree training. The majority of people who wish to practice for their own benefit and that of their families only require first-degree training.
  • In the second degree, students learn to replace a mental connection for physical contact as necessary, allowing healing to occur even when touch is painful or unsuitable. (Psychotherapists, for example, may choose to seek a second degree in order to infuse their sessions with a higher level of healing.) Additionally, second-degree treatments may be employed in conjunction with hands-on therapy.
  • Reiki master is the third level. Previously, the Reiki master level of training was only available by invitation. This opportunity was extended only to experienced pupils willing to commit their lives to teach others how to utilize Reiki. Traditionally, master training has been conducted by an extended apprenticeship with a Reiki master rather than through a course. Only Reiki Masters are permitted to teach others Reiki.

Feel the certainty and peace of mind that comes with knowing that your life is balancing, harmonizing, and finally unfolding as the universe intended.

Realize the happiness, confidence, and love that you've always desired. Everything is within your reach!

To master Reiki in its purest form, follow a training course constructed directly from Mikao Usui's original translation and "old Japanese" text. These master teachings may endow you with the ability to assist people with their most difficult physical, mental, or psychological problems, regardless of how severe or long-lasting they are.

A new reality will saturate every fiber of your being. The newfound vibrancy and strength of this new reality vibrate through your physical body. Your optimistic outlook and enthusiasm for daily activities generate the creativity and joy need to face the world with purpose and joy.

Discover the true image of the life you were meant to live with the assistance of Mikao Usui, the Original Reiki Master! Your energy may flow freely as you integrate your new healing capacity, and your consciousness may shift. Believe when someone say that this experience will assist you in discovering a previously unknown aspect of the magnificent notion of "you"!

Finally, Reiki does not have to be expensive or require in-person education to be effective.

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About The Authors

Amy Daley

Amy Daley - My hope is that Joynumber.com will help you find your place in the world and allow you to believe in yourself and your divine purpose. You can accomplish that with a few easy steps, though they do take some effort to master. The first step is noticing these numbers and their patterns as you go about your day. The next step is knowing what they mean. Numerology will help you understand what you’re seeing and to apply practical solutions to help. You have the ability to change your life and manifest your dreams. Numerology simply helps you do that.

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