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Chiron In Pisces - Accepting The Wounded Healer's Healing

As with the other signs, Chiron in Pisces stimulates and intensifies your perceptions and emotions, but you channel this energy towards making yourself feel like you're perpetually a victim. When things aren't going well for you, the Chiron wound compels you to take the role of the victim in practically any circumstance. You would always point the finger at the Universe and question your own faith and convictions.

Kelly Hayes
Kelly Hayes
Nov 26, 202216.5KShares591.6KViews
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As with the other signs, Chiron in Piscesstimulates and intensifies your perceptions and emotions, but you channel this energy towards making yourself feel like you're perpetually a victim. When things aren't going well for you, the Chiron wound compels you to take the role of the victim in practically any circumstance. You would always point the finger at the Universe and question your own faith and convictions.

Is Chiron The Sagittarius Centaur?

This is a question for which there is no conclusive solution. There are a variety of internet sources, including Theoi com, which is considered one of the most credible online sources on Greek mythology. Just like the Sagittarius, we'll have to keep looking for the truth until we find it.

From April 2010 to April 2018, Chiron in Pisces sprinkles healing faery dust on us all, bringing us closer to wholeness. Chiron is in Pisces from Apr.20, 2010, to Jul.20, 2010, and then from Feb.08, 2011, till April 2018, when it dives into Pisces.So take a seat on the magiccarpet and relax. We're in for a very long trip indeed!

Both Chiron and Pisces have a lot of characteristics. Chiron the centaur is a mythical creature who is half man and half horse, and he is half centaur. The zodiac sign of Pisces is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions.

Both feature dualistic symbolism, which implies that there are several ways in which they might present themselves (a two-sidedness), as well as multiple ways in which their meanings can be interpreted. This is true of any planet or sign to some extent, but it is particularly true of the signs represented by dualistic or hybrid creatures: Gemini (the twins), Libra (the scales), Sagittarius (the centaur archer), Capricorn (the sea-goat), and Pisces (the fish) (the two fish).

Surrendering To The Wounded Healer

Chiron The Centaur

Chiron is a difficult element to master even in the best of circumstances.On the one hand, it represents our experience of running headlong into a brick wall of reality, as well as the ensuing wounds and scars that we carry with us as a result of that experience.

Healing and reconciliation with one's past is also important in this process.It is also about striking a reasonable balance between our physical and divine natures – between our creaturehood (and everything that is required to maintain our physical existence) and our sentience (and all that is available to us in terms of choice, reason and awareness).

Chiron represents our feeling of anguish, estrangement, and woundedness, and as a result, it is associated with suffering in many forms. As told in Greek mythology, the centaur Chiron was wounded and never fully recovered, and he was supposed to have grieved unceasingly as a result of it.

Despite this, it was his suffering that motivated him to look for relief, and his search resulted in the acquisition of knowledge, insight, and experience that allowed him to further his understanding of healing. As a result, he was able to counsel, educate, and cure others, earning him the title of Wounded Healer.

And it was only via an act of compassionate bargaining that he was eventually able to be free of his pain, by exchanging his life for Prometheus' liberation from agonizing punishment in exchange for his life.(See the "Pegasus" version of Chiron's mythology for further information.)

Consequently, Chiron is connected with terms like as "the Wounded Healer" and "the wound that never heals," among others. It is possible that our human nature may never be able to fully heal from some catastrophes, crises, and atrocities.

Although we donot have to let our wounds to define or devour us, there is a particular dimension to our experience of these things that cannot be simply washed away or forgotten. The memory of that suffering is ingrained in us to some degree, and for some people, that pain is never far away from their present-day consciousness. In the case of some of us, Chiron represents a more profound and long-lasting wound than in the case of others.

Chiron signifies a tough circumstance in which a perfect solution to the problem is rarely achievable, yet the complexity of the scenario necessitates taking action to remedy the situation. Is it possible to make a decision when one is stuck between a rock and a hard place? It all comes down to how you approach the situation.

When it comes to healing from sickness, Rev. Dr. Brent Hawkes once remarked, "You may not be healed of the disease in this life, but you can be healed of its control over you."Using Chiron solutions is the ultimate expression of the Serenity Prayer: "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, bravery to change the things I am able to change, and wisdom to distinguish between them."

This is the essence of Chiron's intelligent healing, as described above. Chiron, the fabled hero, did not merely withdraw into his cave and suffer in silence. First and foremost, he did everything he could to determine what might be done to remedy the situation, which included studying even more about the healing arts.

Then, even when it became evident that nothing could be done to totally eliminate the problem, he refused to just give up. Many of the famous Greek warriors and healers, including Jason, Peleus, Asklepios, Aristaios, and Akhilleus, learned from and were mentored by him.

It is not that there is nothing that can be done to heal these deep wounds, but it is similar to pulling out a plant in that a piece of the root is often left behind even after we think we have completely removed it. This is typically a significant factor in determining who we are, and it is just as vital to our spiritual and psychological development as any feel-good, positive, or inspirational event may be for our development.

Chiron, according to astrology, represents our unhealed wound and also indicates how to bring about some healing to it. It may be argued that Chiron is more than simply the Wounded Healer; he is also the Wound-ing Healer. That part of your life where you have suffered in some manner that never seems to be completely resolved is represented by this symbol.

Despite this, it is also the place in which you will find the most healing if you allow yourself to truly embrace the reality of your experience in that particular area of life.We frequently find that accepting the problem allows us to move forward more quickly than if we try to battle the problem instead of accepting it.

The ironic side of metamorphosis is represented by Chiron. Look at the sign and house where your natal Chiron is located, and you'll be able to identify the area of your life that requires Chiron's distinctive style of transformation.

Zodiac Sign Pisces

Pisces is noted for a variety of characteristics, including compassion, empathy, and sensitivity. When these characteristics are present, they might motivate a person to desire to assist, heal, and be of service to others. The Pisces part of us empathizes with the other person's anguish to such an extent that we may feel obligated to help them, if only so that we would not be damaged more by watching their distress.

A great deal of incredible and remarkable things have been achieved as a result of this degree of compassion and caring. Most people are familiar with Mother Teresa, who is possibly the most well-known contemporary example of this type of devotion (herself, born with Chiron in Pisces opposite her Sun, using the birth data commonly used for her). It is likely that Piscean people would be drawn to self-sacrifice, believing that by foregoing their own comfort, liberty, or well-being, they might make it possible for others to succeed.

A good and well-intentioned gesture on the one hand, with the potential to shield or save someone else from adversity on the other, is being made. And individuals do require rescuing from time to time — not to keep them from expanding, growing, and strengthening, but to provide a helping hand when they are unable to do it for themselves. And the selfless Piscean energy that exists inside each of us is capable of transforming our feelings of empathy and compassion into actions that put the needs of others ahead of our own.

The rescuer, on the other hand, may find themselves in a difficult situation if they do not take care of their own needs and get drained. If you cripple yourself as a result of excessive self-sacrifice, you will be of little service to anybody else around you.At its most extreme, this can result in a dramatization of martyrdom - the noble donor who is also unhappy in their own right.

At the worst, this position of chosen but powerless depletion might be used to justify manipulation or dishonesty on the part of the individual. This might even lead to the individual being what is referred described as a "psychicvampire," in which case the person drains the energy and compassion of those who provide their sympathy and support.

This is an illustration of why it is considered extremely bad to leap in after someone who is drowning - instead, toss them a lifeline while remaining safe on the bank where you can maintain your composure.

Most of the time, the Pisces in us is found somewhere in the middle of these two extremes. As a result of our Pisces sensitivity and compassion, we may wish to give to earthquake survivors in Haiti, or reach out to soothe someone we scarcely know who is in difficulty.

Our emotions are stirred up by their suffering and we suffer alongside them as we see their dilemma. And as long as we don't allow ourselves to be pulled down into the crisis, we may continue to be a valuable resource for people in need of assistance and support.

Chiron In Pisces

A similar thread runs through the charts of Chiron and Pisces: the possibility of misery. The combination of Pisces' belief that suffering is noble and Chiron's sense of pain as inescapable might magnify both their individual experiences of suffering and their idealization of suffering. Chiron in Pisces is a spiritually challenging planet, and it's possible to see pain as a worthy goal in and of itself.

However, there is a danger of being entrapped in one's own misery and suffering.The problem arises in assuming that if you aren't suffering, it must imply that you aren't doing sufficient effort to resolve or cure whatever wounds or flaws you are attempting to repair or address.

A more practical (and, in many respects, healthier) approach may be to consider pain not as an aim in itself, but rather as a symptom intended to inspire an end to the suffering that is being experienced. The situation might get complicated if Chiron's contribution of "the wound that will not heal" makes it hard to fix or even mitigate the problem.

Then it becomes necessary to look beyond your immediate discomfort and be willing to find a level of acceptance as expressed in the Serenity Prayer – not to resign yourself to helpless misery and not to cling to the illusion of having complete control over eradicating the problem, but to work within the constraints of your current circumstances.

When dealing with a situation, it may be important to just co-exist with it so that you may keep your integrity, individuality, and strength while simultaneously acknowledging that you are not invincible. We are all co-drivers of physical reality, which implies that we must occasionally share the driving seat with one another.

Alternatively, when Chiron is in Pisces, you may find yourself attracting wounded folks who want some type of healing. Whether or not you accept the task of being their healer should not be a choice to be taken lightly. When you are under the influence of Pisces' ultra-sensitive energy, it is easy to become absorbed in the circumstances and sentiments of individuals in your immediate vicinity.

If you are not adequately prepared for the experience of getting near to profoundly wounded individuals, it is likely that you may lose yourself in your efforts to rescue them – much like plunging into a swimming pool to save a drowning person – and you will get overwhelmed.

It is critical to be able to recognize and work within one's own constraints. Not only does this not imply abandoning a person in need, but it also implies acknowledging what you can and cannot really accomplish without jeopardizing your own much-needed personal strength.

This is especially true when it comes to the requirements of your physical body, such as maintaining good health, getting enough sleep, and taking the time and space you require to de-stress.

Chiron, on the other hand, is intended to be far more than just a tool for learning to "grin and bear it."Acknowledging our woundedness (which is not to be mistaken with surrender) may free up vast reserves of energy that would otherwise be spent in fighting against the inevitability of our situation.

That liberated energy can be channeled into extremely imaginative endeavors. Chiron himself benefited from it, since he went on to become a renowned healer and teacher. When Chiron is active, those who have a strong Chiron are frequently found in the healing areas, as they have a specific capacity to help others through the tough terrain that they have personally experienced.

Pisces is also a highly creative sign, whether it be in the realm of art, music, or spirituality. Whenever we give ourselves over to and immerse ourselves in the creative process, we are channeling our creative Pisces energy.

In the sign of Pisces, Chiron has the capacity to release some very moving creative energy that has the potential to have a tremendously therapeutic effect on both the creator and the viewer.

As Chiron transits Pisces for the next 8 years, pay close attention to your creative impulse – that flash of inspiration that shows you an opportunity to bring something potentially wonderful, exciting, healing, beautiful, moving, enlightening, or fulfilling in to existence – and pay close attention to how you respond to it.

The Chiron Return

In particular, the entrance of Chiron into Pisces is noteworthy because it indicates that all of the Uranus-conjunct-Pluto children born in the 1960s are about to experience their Chiron return. The return of Chiron occurs in everyone at the age of 50-51. As with every planetary return (when a planet returns to its zodiacal position when you were born), it brings to the fore the concerns, themes, lessons, and learning the planet has brought to the fore throughout its time on Earth.

You get an opportunity to reflect on how far you've come since your last visit, what you've done, and where you still have work to do to improve your situation.Unless you live to be about 100 years old, you will only experience one Chiron return in your lifetime.

It is the return of Chiron that leads you back to that deep wound and forces you to look at it more closely. There will be ways in which you have attempted to repair your difficulties that have been successful, as well as other approaches that have been less successful.

In most cases, it's typical for people to come to the awareness that certain elements of their woundedness will probably never totally go – and that's fine. It does not imply that you have failed.It does not rule out the possibility of a fulfilling, joyous, and decent existence.

This is where meditating on something calming, such as the Serenity Prayer, might be beneficial. If you don't feel comfortable with the "God-word," that's alright; simply leave it out or replace it with something more appropriate.

This is not a religious practice; rather, it is a spiritual exercise. By spiritual, I mean that it is about gaining a higher perspective on your experiences and connecting to a sense of something greater than yourself, whether that something greater than yourself is your community, nature, the universe (small-u) or the universe (capital-U), God(s), or the Cosmic Muffin. In order to feel like you're a part of something greater that will assist you when you need it, it's important to allow yourself to believe that you are!

Melanie Reinhart's Chiron and the Healing Journey is the greatest book available on the subject of Chiron and is recommended for anyone who want to learn more about it. She takes a psychologically in-depth approach, which I felt to be really pertinent to the Chiron growing process. Unfortunately, it might be difficult to locate the book in question. This is a book that is absolutely worth your time.

For anyone going through the mid-life transits, there's another wonderful book that I would definitely suggest to them: (Chiron return, Saturn opposition, Neptune square, Uranus opposition or Pluto square). Despite the fact that it is not an astrological book, the mythical and archetypal themes are present in nature.

Once Upon a Midlife, edited by David Chinen, is a multicultural anthology of faery stories, folklore, and folk tales that depict individuals in their "middle years" grappling with the themes, difficulties, and transitions that arise at this stage of life. Chinen has a beautiful way of weaving these concepts together in such a manner that you are reassured that you are not going insane, but rather that you are expanding and maturing in a way that is appropriate for your age.

Barbara Hand Clow's book Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner and Outer Planets is another excellent resource for learning more about Chiron in general. She provides a lot of extremely exciting and insightful concepts in this book, but she also delves into an area of alien connection that I personally found distracting and a little too "out there" for my tastes.

Many others, on the other hand, have praised the book and found herself relating to her "out there" thoughts. You should read and make a decision. Even only for the specific astrological insights, this is a site that should be visited.

A book about Chiron has also been published by Martin Lass, who is an incredibly multi-talented individual. What a coincidence: (Yes, that Martin Lass: the famous musician who also happens to be an expert in the field of astrology — who knew?).

This detailed and enlightening book, Chiron: Healing Body & Soul, by Lass, provides both natal and transit information, as well as sign, house and aspect interpretations, as well as Chiron's position as a member of the main aspect configurations. Chiron is the planet of transformation and healing.

Zane Stein's website, Chiron and Friends, is a fantastic online resource for anybody interested in Chiron. Zane provides a plethora of fantastic writings written by himself and others, as well as information about the other centaurs in the world (comet-like bodies that have unusual orbits in our solar system).

Joyce Mason has a blog called the Radical Virgo, in which she discusses Chiron on a regular basis, and she has also created a fantastic e-book called "Chiron and Wholeness - A Primer."

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