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The Celtic Irish Zodiac Signs

Many cultures have their own beliefs about the way the natural world affects individuals, with plenty of ways of using the details of a person’s birth to advise them when making decisions.

Michele Sievert
Michele Sievert
Aug 15, 2023484Shares21KViews

Many cultures have their own beliefs about the way the natural world affects individuals, with plenty of ways of using the details of a person’s birth to advise them when making decisions. The Celtic Irish zodiac is a tradition that is thought to be based on Druid rituals and their belief in the sacred power of trees.

The Druids played an important role in ancient Celtic societies, offering advice on everything from spiritual matters to legal disputes. The mystery of the Druidic culture lies in their lack of written records which has led to many theories and ideas as to the reasons they were so averse to recording anything about their culture and society.

Irish folklore and history have combined with the Celtic zodiac to create an image of the Irish as lucky. This is a common perception, influencing everything from Irish-themed online slotsto an international reputation as having the ‘luck of the Irish’.

Scholars have spent decades debating the meanings and symbolism behind some of the signs, but the Celtic zodiacis thought to include:

Birch Tree - 24th December to 20th January

The first sign of the year, the birch tree is a sign of new beginnings and symbolises regrowth and strength. Individuals born under the sign of the birch are thought to be patient in the pursuit of their goals and strong leaders.

Rowan Tree - 21st January to 17th February

Known for being thoughtful and creative, people born under the sign of the rowan tree have the gift of originality and the ability to see things from more than one perspective. Rowan symbolisesprotection and is often used to ward off evil when planted by doorways and gates.

Ash Tree - 18th February to 17th March

Ash Tree
Ash Tree

Ash trees are thought to represent the passage between the three worlds – the underworld, the earthly plane, and the spiritual world. It is sometimes known as the Tree of Worlds or the World Tree and is often also used to represent the past, present, and future.

Alder Tree- 18th March to 14th April

Insight, originality, and the ability to forge new paths are the traits most associated with the alder sign, and those born during this time have the self-confidence to follow their dreams and trust their own judgement. Thrill seekers and pioneers are born under this sought-after sign.

Willow Tree - 15th April to 12th May

This is the sign of poets and storytellers and anyone else that can see an additional depth in the world around them that others might miss. The strength and flexibility of the willow come through this sign, symbolising resilience and determination that cannot be quelled by adversity.

Hawthorne Tree - 13th May to 9th June

Also known as the Holy Thorn, the hawthorn is strong and can withstand difficult conditions without bearing any signs of having been affected. People born under the Hawthorne sign may be good at concealing their true feelings, but they are also known for their excellent memories and financial savvy.

Oak Tree – 10th June to 7th July

Known as one of the strongest trees in the forest, those born under its sign are thought to be stable and grounding forces and are known for being reliable and steadfast. As a home to many of the creatures of the forest, oaks are also known for being welcoming and offering succour to those in need.

Holly Tree - 8th July to 4th August

Holly symbolises royalty and the finer things in life, and as such, those born under this sign usually have a striking presence and make inspirational role models. As one of the most admired signs, the holly tree is also used as a decoration to ward off bad luck and usher in good fortune.

Hazel Tree - 5th August to 1st September

The hazel tree signifies wisdom and great learning, both as scholars and through their excellent intuition and natural instincts. As lifelong learners, those born under this sign may also reflect the magical nature of hazel trees in Celtic lore.

Vine Tree - 2nd September to 29th September

The vine symbolises balance and harmony in life and those born under this sign are peacemakers, diplomats, and soothing presences to have in any situation. Their understanding of the importance of balance is highly prized.

Ivy Tree - 30th September to 27th October

With the ability to find a home anywhere, those born under the sign of the ivy tree are thought to be cautious and tentative until they are certain of their course, at which point their tenacity and determination makes them a force to be reckoned with.

Reed Tree – 28th October to 24th November

The reed’s versatility and use in thatching, instrument making, and basket weaving gives those born under this sign the ability to turn their hand to anything they try. The reed sign is one of resourcefulness and outside-the-box thinking.

Elder Tree - 25th November to 23rd December

Druids would stand under elder trees when making difficult decisions and the sign is known for being fair and balanced in their judgements, with a love of justice and a strong desire to protect those that need it.

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