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5 CBD Chocolate Companies To Try

CBD chocolates are understandably growing in the world of edibles, and who would argue with the ‘why’? They pack chocolatey goodness and have several Cannabidiol benefits.

Kelly Hayes
Kelly Hayes
Dec 13, 2022139 Shares2.1K Views
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  1. Composition of CBD Chocolates
  2. CBD Chocolates and their Doses
  3. Health Benefits of Using CBD Chocolates
  4. Best CBD Chocolates in the Market
  5. Not Pot
  6. To Whom It May
  7. Conclusion

Sometime back, the only marijuana edibles people could name were cookies and brownies. Times have since then evolved, with more products making their way to supermarket shelves and online stores. A quick look at https://askgrowers.com/cbd/edibleswill show you one of the fast-growing CBD products in the market. Are chocolates worth the hype?

A CBD chocolate bar often takes the shape of ordinary chocolates. Some companies go big with custom shapes and decorations, but they are chocolates at the end of the day. Could eating a bar result in any benefits?

Composition of CBD Chocolates

These are yet another product infused with cannabinoids. CBD is well known for its medicinal properties as it is a phytocannabinoid which means that it is derived from plants. Like plants, humans also have their cannabinoid system known as the endocannabinoid. The interaction of the same when ingested results in the range of effects people report.

The final product is a combination of the cannabinoid and chocolate. Currently, users can find white and dark chocolate infused with cannabinoids. Making these chocolates at home can be easy if you have the ingredients. The recipe requires a fresh batch of CBD oil on the side which can be bought from numerous stores.

Regarding the process, you only have to melt some chocolate, stir in the oil, and then pour the mixture into a mold and allow it to cool. The end products will have the same impacts as when you ingest CBD oil. These products should not be confused with the full spectrum variety ones.

What distinguishes the two is the presence of THC. Full spectrum ones contain the full range of phytocannabinoids available in the marijuana plant. The others only contain extracted CBD, which could be from the weed plant or hemp.

CBD Chocolates and their Doses

Most people find dosing to be a sensitive issue when it comes to infused products. Frequent users of such products would find any amount of the same to their liking. On the other hand, seasonal and moderate users may require assertions of how much CBD mg they would be ingesting with a single bar.

Doses vary following individual preferences. Users quickly ask how much they should take in a day and how much would be too much. The best answer is that there is no definitive way to know how much of the product one can ingest. Different people have tolerance limits, and what could work for person A would prove too much or too little for person B.

Consensus points out that the average beginner should start with 10-20mg concentration. The product's packaging, in most cases, informs how much every single bar contains. For frequent users, anything around 40mgwould prove effective. With those with a high tolerance, there are always options for going higher.

In dosing, it is essential to point out that overdosing is possible. Cannabis users often think that overdosing results from taking alcohol, cocaine, heroin, and such drugs. Contrary to the same, weed can also result in overdoses. With CBD, the most likely symptom is heightened fatigue and drowsiness the next day after the use. Though the overdoses are not deadly, they may affect the user's effectiveness in general.

Health Benefits of Using CBD Chocolates

CBD chocolate; what is it good for? Any product in the market is alluded to offer something, increasing its appeal. What doCBD chocolates offer? The marketing of most products promises that CBD chocolates can help with a number of health issues. The FDA released a statement concerning the same where they shared their fears on the increased production of infused products. They argued that verification and standardization by the FDA were necessary to avoid goods overselling their benefits.

Despite these claims, researchers do show that CBD on its own has several benefits for users. These benefits get adopted into the chocolates, making them as potent as the cannabinoid. Another aspect that makes these chocolates effective is the fact that chocolates contain oils. Marijuana cannabinoids can only dissolve in the oil, and that is why the decarboxylation process involves heating the dried bud in some type of oil.

When it comes to the actual health benefits, the most prominent one is pain management. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, which result from the cannabinoid reacting with the brain. The phytocannabinoid reacts with the body's endocannabinoid system. It reacts with CB2 receptors minimizing pain transmission to the brain. From a practical perspective, cannabinoid is used to alleviate pain. An example is cancer, where taking regular amounts of CBD reduces pain.

Besides being a pain alleviator, the cannabinoid is also used for stress and anxiety relief. The effects of its use help with a range of mental disorders. In 2019 a study found that out of 11 patients, 91% showed reduced PTSD symptoms after taking CBD.

Comprehensively, cannabinoid contributes to an improvement of several health issues. Eating infused chocolates reduce the chances of getting diabetes, heart disorders, and other health issues.

Best CBD Chocolates in the Market

As mentioned, the FDA is highly concerned with regulating the CBD market. There is always the possibility of buying products that are not certified. The FDA's central regulation is that all CBD products should contain less than 0.3% THC.

Depending on the source of the cannabinoid, some are around the same minimum level, and those are at zero. If a broad-spectrum product contains THC, the advertisement should be made on the packaging. CBD can either be extracted from the weed plant or hemp. Hemp naturally contains lesser amounts of THC and, in some cases, none. Marijuana, on the other hand, contains high amounts of THC and the extracted CBD needs to be refined.

For this purpose, we will be analyzing the best CBD chocolates that have FDA certifications;

Not Pot

This is one of the top CBD brands selling low potent infused chocolates. The chocolates come in pretty heart shapes, and each contains a dosage of 5mg. This is the ideal product for individuals that have a lower tolerance. The other unique feature of the product is that it is made from dark natural chocolate. The entire pack contains 30 pieces of chocolate.

To Whom It May

This company gives you four distinctive flavors of infused chocolate bars ranging from cherry to savory truffle based on a rich chocolate flavor. They advertise their products based on using them for creative purposes and also for relief. Each flavor has a different potency helping everyone choose what they want most.

Gron CBD

Gron CBD comes in two primary flavors; the Deepest Darkest Chocolate bar and the Magical Milk Chocolate bar. Both of them have a comprehensive composition of 100mg of CBD. The 100mg represents the whole bar, and each piece contains a specific amount. They advocate that their products are natural and contain no amounts of THC.


These are among the earthiest flavor of CBD chocolates. They contain hints of ginger and earthy chocolate. Users often report it being great at pain and stress relief. Like Gron CBD, Kiva bars contain a total of 100mg. Besides the Ginder Dark Chocolate, they also have the Coffee Dark chocolates.

Leif Goods

This company produces both full and broad-spectrum chocolates. Their Mint Hibiscus, Peanut Butter, and Jelly contain a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio. The Diamond Flake Sea Salt chocolate is all CBD and has no amounts of THC. The bar itself contains 100mg of CBD.


As extraction technology improves, more and more cannabinoids are being infused into various products. CBD chocolates are a novelty that has been gaining traction. With use, there is the question of dosage and the benefits they offer. Like any other cannabinoid product, users should approach them with some restraint. It is always advisable to watch how many you take at once and buy them from a legitimate company. That way, it is easier to determine how many pieces to take.

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