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Best Casino Lucky Charms 2022: Lucky Amulet For Gambling


Best Casino Lucky Charms 2022: Lucky Amulet for Gambling

Gambling lucky charms are divine tools that many bettors believe will increase their fortune or offer good odds in a game. Since many gambling games are based on chance, these are popular in the gambling scene. While some bettors may initially be skeptical, hearing success stories of others who have used these will quell such thoughts. So, it's rare to see gamblers without a lucky charm, as it increases their confidence in winning their game.

Key Takeaways About All We'll Review:

  • Besides carrying gambling lucky charms, strategy sheets, or cheating at the table, gamblers have employed other esoteric means for winning.
  • There are a lot of gambling lucky charms games with a variety of features. 
  • Among them are the popular best free online slots with no download, no signup with bonus rounds and free spin bonuses available now, namely: Lucky Lady's Charm Deluxe slot machines, 10 Times Lucky, Lucky 88.
  • Red color is popular among the Chinese, red is believed to enhance a player's luck. So, many players come to gamble with red clothes, red underwear, red footwear, or red socks. 
  • In this article, we will look at: What are the lucky charms for gambling? What is good luck in casino? and much more.

Top Chinese Lucky Charms for Gambling

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The Chinese are among the most superstitious cultures, and they have got many casino lucky charms for bettors. With many gods of gambling and fortune in Chinese culture, bettors have many to choose from. Below are some of the best Chinese lucky charms that a punter can possess.


Chinese Dragons

Dragons are mythical creatures in Chinese culture, believed to be the pinnacle of power. This belief in their strength was so strong that emperors were believed to have descended from dragons. In those eras, it was a crime for commoners to have items with dragons engraved on them. This mythical creature also symbolizes good luck alongside great strength, power, and nobility.

It is important to clarify that Chinese dragons have been the inspiration for many providers to create no download free slot machines. The list of verified and trusted themed games 2022 includes: 5 Dragons, Dragon Link, 50 Dragons, Dragon Laws, etc. A wide collection of the best dragon slot machines is available without downloading and registration with free spins, bonuses, scatters, etc.

Twelve Chinese Zodiac Animals

The Chinese Zodiac comprises rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig. These animals represent the years in China, but they also show more. They can predict a person's future course and reveal a couple's compatibility for marriage. As these animals represent specific years, they are also believed to represent the fortunes of people born in that year. So why is this one of the best Chinese gambling lucky charms?

Hence, most gamblers pay attention to readings of their Zodiac animal, which would bring them good luck. Some punters don its entire Zodiac collection of ornaments, as doing so brings good fortune.


Double Happiness Symbol

The Double Happiness symbol is so popular as Chinese gambling lucky charms. This symbol comprises two connected characters for happiness (xi), which is used to wish the couple good luck. This symbol's origin goes back to the Tang Dynasty when a student fell ill on the way to a court examination. A herbalist and his daughter nursed him back to health.

According to history: This student fell in love with that girl and returned to marry her after scoring the highest in the examination. On their wedding day, they doubled its character 'xi' and hung it on their wall. Since then, it has been popular at Chinese weddings, and some gamblers also use it to wish themselves luck.

Jin Chan (Three-Legged Toad)

Jin Chan or Chan Chu is a mythical creature that's depicted with a coin in its mouth. The Chinese believe this toad appears at the full moon near households about to receive good fortune. They also believe that keeping a graven image of this creature wards off bad fortune. Many gamblers keep an ornament or talisman depicting this toad as their gambling luck charms.


Lucky Golden Cat Statues

Besides Egyptians, the Chinese also consider cats to be sacred creatures. A golden cat statue is believed to symbolize good symbol, abundance, and protection. This statue also symbolizes the transformation of evil. So, many punters take these cat statues along whenever they need that extra dose of luck to win their games.

Sometimes this statue is a two-sided cat, with one side having a smiling face and another a frowning one. Its smiling face has a raised paw that attracts good fortune, luck, and wealth. Its frowning holds a broom to sweep away bad things. But despite all this, this is a great example of casino good luck charms with a good aura.

Lucky Bamboo

Contrary to what people think, some lucky Chinese charms aren't meant to be carried about. One such is its lucky bamboo, an indoor plant that only requires little sunlight and water to survive. This plant is native to SouthEast Asia and is believed to be more than regular bamboo.

This lucky bamboo is supposedly from the Dracaena plant family, and this plant family is believed to symbolize good karma. So, besides improving the home’s ambiance, it also brings good fortune into a home. As such, gamblers keep this plant close whenever they want to play.


Three Chinese Lucky Coins

Feng Shui is a Chinese art that offers guidelines for creating a positive environment. This guide involves organizing the living space to balance energies in the environment. Among many tools recommended by Feng, Shui arts are three lucky Chinese coins. These three coins are usually copper and tied together with a red string. The psychology of colors of casino gambling lucky claims that it is the green color that positively affects the minds of the players and attracts.

Its three coins symbolize fortune, luck, and prosperity, while the copper is a traditional symbol of wealth. These coins are usually hung on a home's front door or other areas representing the 'Xun' position. But punters keep these coins on their person to invite good fortune into their game.Try this good luck charms for casino games.

Aside from the Chinese gambling luck charms that are mentioned above, there are other popular good luck ones that bettors appreciate. These are worn by gamblers on their necks, carried in their pockets, or kept around them. Some of these charms include:


Four Leaf Clover

Irish in origin, the four-leaf clover is one of the most popular representations of luck. Its four leaves on that clover represent love, faith, hope, and good karma. It's said that druids carried four-leaf clovers as Celtic charms, as they offered them protection from misfortune. Some historians say this leaf allowed the holder to ward off evil spirits, see fairies, and enjoy good luck. Although four-leaf clovers are wonderful, chances of getting one are like 1 in 10 000, as it's very rare. Gamblers carry these lucky amulets for gambling around in pots or plant them in their homes to enjoy the good luck they bring.



The horseshoe is another popular gambling luck charms icon; you can attribute its origins to a Christian tale. In that tale, St Dunstan (who later became the Archbishop of Canterbury) worked as a blacksmith. He forged a horseshoe for the devil but tricked him by putting the horseshoe on the devil’s foot. He made a promise never to enter houses with horseshoes on their door to remove them. Since then, horseshoes have been believed to gather good karma in the house where they are hung. Many gamblers believe in this tale, so they keep a horseshoe or a horseshoe-shaped ornament for luck.


Lucky Acorn Charm

Acorns are believed to be the world's luckiest nut and have lots of mysticism to support this. Oak trees attract lightning but are not destroyed by the wrath of the Norse god of lightning, Thor. As such, these trees are believed to be sacred to Thor, making druids collect their acorns for good luck charms. To this day, many Scandinavians put them on their window sills to seek protection from lightning. On various platforms such as Amazon, you can purchase these Chinese gambling lucky charms.


Cat's Eye Gem

Since its discovery by the geologist Abraham Gottlob Werner, cat's eye gems have been believed to possess metaphysical properties. Wearing it as an ornament was believed to ward off evil spirits and protect against hidden dangers. Some people also believe wearing this gem can allow people to regain their lost wealth. In some versions of history, this cat's eye gem enhances concentration and promotes deeper understanding and good judgment.

With this many benefits from wearing cat's eye gems, it's a given for this quartz to be found around gamblers. Most bettors carry it in their purses or jewelry in their bracelets, necklaces, and rings, as lucky charms for gambling.


Rabbit's Foot

A rabbit's foot has always been associated with good luck for never clearly defined reasons. But, no one cares about these reasons when that charm works, or so some say. In the 20th century, rabbits' feet were believed to attract fortune, especially when they were cut off in horrible conditions. Many companies of the time advertised their rabbit's foot by saying that a black person cut them off at midnight.

People like President Franklin Roosevelt and actress Sarah Jessica Parker carried rabbit foot ornaments for good luck. Since such personalities believe it works, many bettors are convinced to do the same. Many players claim that you can actually try this variant of Chinese lucky charms for gambling.



In Thailand and many other Asian countries, Elephants are sacred creatures. The Chinese also take the elephant as a powerful Feng Shui symbol. They believe that this animal symbolizes strength, fertility, power, stability, wisdom, and food luck. This is why many elephant ornaments have their trunks pointing up as a good sign.

Apart from Feng Shui believers who place them before their doors, casinos also buy into this belief. So, you can visit some casinos and see elephant statues or ornaments used for decorations. While playing a game, some gamblers keep an elephant symbol on hand as a good luck charm.


Laughing Buddha

Buddha is one of the best lucky charms for gambling and has auspicious origins in Chinese culture and are known to bless believers. The laughing Buddha is also believed to bring good luck to a household, especially when you rub his belly. It is based on the image of a monk called Pu-Tai or Hotei. This ornament is characterized by its big belly and happy smile.

There are many poses for the laughing Buddha, but the luckiest ones have him holding a bag of coins. In recent times, punters have adopted it as their best lucky charm for gambling. They run his belly before playing a game to acquire his fortune.


Hamsa Hand

The Hamsa hand is one of the best lucky charms for gambling and a palm-shaped amulet with an eye engraved in the center of it. This palm symbolizes fortune, protection, and power, most popular in North Africa and many pagan cultures. In ancient Mesopotamia, this amulet supposedly wards off evil, enhances the fertility of the wearer, and brings good luck. The Hamsa hand has different designs, with some having two symmetrical thumbs and others showing a natural hand. Why not pay attention to this lucky charms in gambling?

Many religions today, like Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, and Buddhism, use a version of the Hamsa hand for good tidings. So, you can come to a poker game and see someone with a Hamsa hand amulet. Sometimes, bettors have its picture depicted on their shirts.


Nazar Boncuğu Amulet

Nazar means evil eye in Arabic, and while this isn't particularly lucky, it's believed to protect against bad karma. People's hearts are impossible to fathom, and many might be harboring ill will towards you. To protect against this evil energy and ill intent, the Nazar Boncuğu Amulet is worn. It's believed that this amulet reflects these evil energies to senders.

Tourists in Turkey are usually encouraged to buy these amulets for protection. In betting games, not all opponents offer goodwill when they congratulate you. So, some gamblers wear this amulet to protect their minds from the evil thoughts of their opponents.

Best Lucky Slots: Good Luck Casino Games

Some casino game developers have created slot games that embody the concept of fortune. On most of these games, you'll see lots of lucky symbols appearing on reels, while others offer no bonus features. Unlike other slot games, these games require immense luck for the punter to land winning combinations. These lucky charms casino games include:

  • Lucky 88 is a retro free online slot game from developer Netent. This 3-reel slot game offers 3 rows, 8 paylines, and a chance to win 1000 times your stake. It comes with a (Return-To-Player) RTP of 96.80% and simple gameplay that offers no bonuses. Nevertheless, players are free to bet on the number of paylines they want.
  • 10 Lucky Spins is an online slot no download game from 1spin4win, and it's a high-volatility slot with an RTP of 97.2%. This 5-reel slot comes with standard 3 rows, 10 paylines, and a maximum win of 1000 times your stake. Lovers of classic slot games will enjoy this free slot machines game as they'll see fruit symbols on reels. There are no cumbersome bonus features, so it offers simple gameplay.
  • 10 Times Lucky is a digital scratch card game that looks like a online free slot game. On reels, players will see a four-leaf clover, pots of gold, and other lucky symbols. Players can play this game with a chance to win interesting cash-outs of up to £60,000.
  • Break Away Lucky Wilds is an online slot game from developer Microgaming. This slot is played on a 5x5 grid reel with 88 paylines with an RTP of 96.89%. Players enjoy tons of bonus features like the rolling reels feature and the super stacked wilds feature. When players land its free spins feature, it offers a chance at winning its maximum pay of 11 363x their wager. 
  • Lucky Lady's Charm Deluxe: Developed by Novomatic, Lucky Lady's Charm Deluxe slot is a 5x3 reel slot with an RTP of 95.13%. This medium-volatility slot game comes with 10 paylines. While playing this casino Lucky Lady Charm online game, you'll see many lucky symbols appearing on reels. Lady luck slots game bonus feature here is the free spin, which increases your chances of winning its jackpot of 15,000x your wager.
  • Amigo Lucky Fruits is another themed game that plays out on a 6x4 reel. This high-volatility no download slot game comes with 40 paylines and a max win of 2000x your wager. While playing this game, you'll see classic fruit symbols and a lucky one - the horseshoe. This free slots no download game doesn't offer any free spin or bonus features.
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