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Using A Battery Powered Tent Heater For Camping


This article is all about the battery powered tent heater for camping. When the colder months arrive, campers are constantly on the lookout for innovative methods to keep warm inside their tent. Battery-operated tent heaters are the safest and most convenient way to keep warm in your makeshift home.

But there's a catch: these heaters don't work with ordinary home batteries. While many other camping accessories may and do use a lot of electricity, a portable heater consumes much too much. The little batteries are just incapable of completing the work.

So, what's a person to do when they're expecting a couple of nights while sleeping beneath the stars? Stargazing is an amazing activity especially in camping when you are one with the forest and stars.

And while stargazing, you wouldn't want to shudder in the cold night breeze. So we have listed a variety of ways to keep you warm outside and inside your tent, but none match the comfort of a large heater.

"What about battery-powered tent warmers, and do they work?" is a query we've heard. Although battery-powered tent warmers are available, the fact is that they are relatively tiny, low-power personal heaters.

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Battery Operated Tent Heaters

You won't be camping on a powered site if you're looking for methods to operate a heater inside a tent with batteries. That means you've probably already set up a power supply for your camping fridge, lights, and other essentials.

To utilize a battery-driven heater, you'll need a portable power source, similar to how you'd use a battery-powered camping blanket. If you want to camp for more than a couple of days, you'll need camping generators, power banks, a solar blanket, and a battery setup.

To suggest there is an abundance of 12v camping heaters would be a complete falsehood. The fact is that propane is used to power the majority of tent heaters. When it comes to creating enough heat to keep the interior of your tent warm, these heaters are significantly superior.

Top Battery Operated Tent Heaters fully operation with red, yellow and black color design
Top Battery Operated Tent Heaters fully operation with red, yellow and black color design

Portable Battery For Camping

Camping batteries are rechargeable power sources that are primarily intended to serve as power banks for charging your gadgets while being off the grid. You may, however, utilize the same battery to power your camping portable heater.

You'll need the largest battery you can find to heat your tent for at least a couple of hours if you're going to power your heater. The good news is that you can charge these batteries with solar panels even if you're entirely off the grid.

There are just a few batteries that can power a 12v camping heater (they can also be used to power other things like battery-operated kettles or even small battery-operated air conditioners). Keep in mind that batteries have always been costly power storage devices, so they aren't cheap.

That's 1516Wh in the Yeti 1500X Portable Power Bank. It can charge your electronics and power your electric heater for many hours. It may be charged in 14 hours using a 120W power source. Also, 400W solar panels can charge in 4 hours. Suitable for complete off-grid camping.

In terms of capacity, the Jackery Explorer 1000 is the second-biggest portable bank I've seen. Solar panels or regular power outlets may charge this. In the evening, plug it up to solar panels outdoors and you'll receive a completely charged battery. In comparison to the previous two, the BALDR Portable Power Station stores 461Wh of power. Smaller batteries need less time to charge, especially when using solar panels.

Alternatives To Battery Powered Tent Heaters

Your neighborhood's electricity has been knocked out by an ice storm in the middle of winter, and the temperature on the thermostat is dropping. You're on your own since the electricity provider is unable to operate due to blocked roads. Are you ready for it? If not, prepare for the worst by purchasing a dependable non-electric heater to keep your family warm when your HVAC system fails.


Propane heaters range in size from enormous outdoor tower heaters to little portable warmers. Propane heaters utilize refillable propane tanks and canisters ranging in size from 16 ounces to 20 pounds. Propane heaters with small canisters are portable.

When utilized properly, they may be used inside or outdoors and are portable. Some of them are small enough to take camping. As explained later, small propane heaters may provide up to 18,000 BTUs of heat. The bigger outdoor-only models' tower form makes them ideal for patios and decks. These massive heaters can provide 40,000 BTUs of heat. A propane heater's safety features include low oxygen and tip-over shutoffs.


Kerosene heaters are a great alternative for extra home heating since they burn cleanly and quickly. Like propane heaters, kerosene heaters are classified as radiant or convection. They look like towers with a broad base for the fuel and a cylinder for the combustion chamber.

Their circular shape allows them to warm air from all sides. Radiant heaters are rectangular and have an electric fan or reflector that directs the heat. Kerosene heaters use liquid kerosene, which is readily available. Unlike propane, which is lit by a spark, kerosene is ignited by a wick. Wicks lived for about a year.

Natural Gas

According to the US Energy Information Administration, natural gas is the primary source of heat in over half of US homes. If so, a non-electric natural gas heater may be suitable for you. Like propane heaters, natural gas heaters connect directly to the home's gas line.

If the gas line isn't already there, a professional may be required to install it. Natural gas eliminates the need to refill a propane tank, but also limits mobility; the heater must be situated near a permanent gas connection. As a consequence, most natural gas heaters are larger and more permanent. The heater cannot be connected to a natural gas line. Only connect natural gas heaters to a natural gas line.

How Long Will A Battery Operated Heater Last?

This question is better solved if we know the battery and heater we will use. To determine how long a battery will operate a space heater, divide the battery's capacity in watt-hours by the heater's wattage.

For example, the chart below summarises the operating duration heater.

Heater run time (hours) = Battery Capacity (Wh) / Heater rating (W)

Do Propane Heaters Need Electricity?

Propane heaters don't necessarily need electricity to operate, but most modern heaters, especially furnaces, are designed to use electricity, and won't work without it. Without electricity, you'd need a space heater and an ignition source, and you'll have to operate it manually.


Battery-powered tent warmers are practical and safe extras to bring the next time you go camping, whether you simply need some additional warmth inside your tent or are planning a winter camping excursion. This article will help you a lot when buying a battery powered tent heater for your next star gazing camp!

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