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List of Archangel Names and Details About Them

All of us have a team of heavenly support consisting of God, the archangels, former spiritual masters, spiritual guides as well as spirit loved ones. All these entities hear your prayers sent through a network of unseen forces at the core of our spirits, connecting us to others.

Michele Sievert
Michele Sievert
Apr 07, 202324.7K Shares588.1K Views
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  1. Archangels Serve Humankind
  2. Archangel Michael
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  4. Archangel Azrael
  5. Archangel Uriel
  6. Archangel Chamuel
  7. Archangel Haniel
  8. Archangel Gabriel
  9. Archangel Ariel
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All of us have a team of heavenly support consisting of God, the archangels, former spiritual masters, spiritual guides as well as spirit loved ones. All these entities hear your prayers sent through a network of unseen forces at the core of our spirits, connecting us to others.

When we pray, many refer first and foremost to our Creator, God. We ask God's appointed experts and volunteers to support us directly through the donations that are provided to them by God, as we call upon those Archangels, former spiritual masters, spiritual guides, and spiritually loved ones. We campaign for and respond to our prayers on our behalf.

The Archangels have also been assigned the monumental task of overseeing life on this planet, including soul contracts, walking paths of life, the spiritual growth of minds, order in the natural world, etc. There is a different field of specialization for each Archangel who works together with most other Archangelsto make the best journey for everyone on Earth when working in partnership only with Heaven and God's plans.

Archangels Serve Humankind

Many orders of angels exist. The Archangelswere tasked to accompany us on the road of our life on earth by God's special approval. Each has unique concentration areas and may be requested for assistance at a certain time. The Archangels are not tired and therefore can take place during a period in over one place. You want us to call for help, and we want to recognize their existence as well as the miracles we encounter can be attributed to their caring help and God's hand. Whereas a formal prayer for assistance is soothing, it's not really needed. When you ask for guidance, you talk to the Archangels in such a conversational tone, as you did with your closest buddies. It is worth mentioning that, in regards to the colors of energy, whatever the Archangels carry as well as the form of the animal spirit, they can vary a little for each individual. Your own experience and that they seem to you can become very special and depends on your personal symbols as well as experience database. Archangels with male or female attributes could look to you. There really is no fixed sex as entities mostly in spirit, and thus you are in its most suitable shape. The following list contains some of the better-known Archangels with brief descriptions of their expertise, what they may be called for, and how they appeared to me in energetic form, narrative visual images seen through my clear-sightedness gifts (e.g., extrasensory vision), and symbolic animal forms.

Archangel Michael

Michael seems to be the head of this order among all the Archangels. The sword in his hand is also portrayed. He seems like light shimmering golden fire, as a portrait of a bright golden feather, humanly dressed in white wings and bearing a sword or glowing in the gold aura, and then as birds of prey like hawks and falcons; it's really the color of even higher Celestial energy chakras far above the head. He's the big defender of anything good. It could be called on along with defense for strength and courage. He also seems to let you know that you are loved and safe. He is trustworthy and mighty. It strengthens the determination to heal in healing circumstances, provides positive energy via love, and fosters the continuous quest for reality inside the depths of your soul. His recovery includes the treatment of the loss of a dear one, addictions, fitness disorders, depression, faith restoration & assistance, mostly in cutting off relationship strings and extending all facets of mind, body, and spirit. The guardian of all who works inside the light of the Lord is Archangel Michael also.

Archangel Raphael

The mission of this incredible Archangel is to heal mankind at all levels, and especially to heal the physical organisms of all living beings. Raphael seems to me to have been a deep royal blue energy in the form of white-winged hands holding outward in the face to bring recovery or with an amazing blue aura, and a wolf or widow in the form of a deep blue chakra situated in the fronted area between the eyes. The wolf's nutritional energies and deep loyalty, and also his fierce protection are combined to aid in healing. Archangel Raphaelcould appear as a wild reassurance of healing and also as a reminder to just be careful with yourself and others during the healing process. If you or anyone that you love need to cure the physical body, call Archangel Raphael.

Archangel Azrael

The responsibility of this Archangel is a tower of power to help us cure the loss of the beloved, sadness, and diseases that damage our mental and emotional systems. Archangel Azrael also assists those in the transformation from earthly life into heavenly creation. This Archangel seems to me as bright red energy, connected throughout the base of our spines only with the root chakra. Red is energy that encourages us to still be on Earth at home. In the form of a human being dressed in white, Archangel Azrael often shows a red, shining heart that symbolizes healing love and reminds me that we have unconditional love for one another. Doves are yet another way Archangel Azrael takes as signs of peace, reminding you and your situations that you really are in peace. Archangel Azrael can experience a rare state of calm in order to appeal for help in stressful circumstances, toxic conditions, sorrow, depression, and mental or emotional diseases. It is not really a sensation of euphoria but rather calm and inner stillness. Azrael prevents the human ego's negative voice from entering and accepting the recipient's thoughts.

Archangel Uriel

This Archangel, emblem of the wizened shrine, helps to feel the soul that can threaten to overwhelm from period to period. I believe that Archangel Uriel is really the light blue energy (this color is linked to the throat chakra to tell our truths), or the deep ochers or mustards that are aligned with the solar plexus chakra in the stomach, which administers intuition as well as psychicenergy. In human form, the Archangel also emerges, with wings and a white lantern that illuminates the way or even in the animal form of a blue jay or even a bluebird. Archangel Uriel helps us learn how to be alone, how to understand our own society, and the secrets of our life to be revealed inside our spirits. Whenever you or someone you love, due to your isolation, you call on Archangel Uriel to allow you to see the marvels of your soul or even the soul for which you pray. In addition, Archangel Uriel can be called upon to discover the mysteries of the cosmos. Responses will be provided through spiritual contact, automatic writing, reflection, and epiphany. Throughout the form of the bluebird or blue jay, whenever this Archangel occurs to you it is a reminder that you must be aware of your course and also that your current thinking style may contain faulty knowledge. Take a look at what you thought, seeing a blue jay and bluebird, to decide whether Archangel Uriel was trying to make you see yet another side to a better outcome. To have seen the bluebird or blue jay may also give a head over a potentially negative situation. It doesn't mean that there is a terrible situation, but one that requires learning. The uphead lets you be willing to accept something, recognizing that the problem is only temporary.

Archangel Chamuel

That is the unconditional Archangel of loyalty and self-love. Archangel Chamuel occurs to me in a soft green, pink energy full of love, in human shape, with wings, also with pink or green dresses with hands put over the heart, and as a rabbit or hare. The rabbit's vitality recalls gentle love and friendliness. Rabbits construct earth burrows to live in that in their families. They snuggle together for comfort and care for each other when storms rage overhead. Archangel Chamuel thus brings great warmth into our hearts and inspires us to reach out with love and care to others and care for ourselves. The cure of this Archangel focuses on the chakra of such a heart as well as the cure for mental problems that relate to oneself and many others. Call Archangel Chamuel to make you love and appreciate who you are and to help with every relationship in your life.

Archangel Haniel

The unique feature of this Archangel seems to be the healing of family ties and connections. It seems to me to be pale blue energy, in human form with wings as well as a gold chained collar, symbolizes how we are connected to each other, and in the form of a turtle. The color is related to the neck chakra that is necessary to communicate with the person. The tortoise energy highlights relationships and indeed the curing of abandonment problems. Call on Archangel Haniel, who has been made a mate, children, and romantic relationships, to help to mend the relationships of your childhood home. Archangel Haniel's healing mechanism is mild. It focuses on dialogue through an exchange of open discussion in which the two parties exchange opinions and feelings in forms that you and others would hear and embrace.

Archangel Gabriel

The mission of this Archangel was to develop ideas and imagination, to believe in one's own self and goals, and to be known as that of the great messengers. Archangels Gabriel appears to me as an energized, bright, violet force in human form, dressed in white, carrying the golden horn, and also in crow, raven, or lion, as that of the crown chakras at the top of the head, from which spiritual communication flows. The crow and raven's energy focus on the other side's messages. Archangel Gabrielserves as just a muse in order to communicate inspiring messages to earth's people to encourage advancement and to create new ideas. This energy creates deep confidence in oneself to achieve the ambitions and goals to be achieved. In areas that Archangel Gabriel helps in are spiritual openness and willingness to use the simplicity, confidence, and innocence that we encounter as children. To support proposals, inspire innovative efforts, and the energy, opportunities, and resources to complete projects, please call Archangel Gabriel. The energy of the lion, which symbolizes Archangel Gabriel's power, determination, and playfulness, helps us to achieve our aims and reminds us of relaxation when required in order to restore the mind, body, and spirit to full strength.

Archangel Ariel

Archangel Ariel emphasizes the natural world and its unbelievable healing abilities as an archangel who rules planets Earth as well as its creatures. For our human being's life, Earth provides whatever we need to live on physical levels. The restaurant forces of Archangel Ariel and its focus on the cycles and rhythms of every life assist us with the graceful embrace of death and life, love & loss. I find this Archangel vigorously as pale purple light energy blended with pink (these colors are connected to the chakras of the crown as well as the heart, which must be balanced as we move through life), in a human form with the wings and clothed in earthy colors, as in the form of swans, ghosts and ducks surrounded by trees and various animals. The water bird's energy symbolizes the emotional essence of the spirit, along with the deep peace which can be glided through life with profound confidence in the direction that you want to follow. To help avoid and recuperate natural disasters, to assist throughout the health and growth of animals and plants, and also to bring peace to your life by means of natural resources, call on Archangel Ariel.

Final Words

These are all the Archangel's names to whom you can pray if you are in a problem and want the help of somebody. These Archangels will surely help you with your problems and show you the path to cope up with the issue.

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