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Archangel Assistance Ritual Meaning - Story Of Your Life

Many of the angels that God created were given the responsibility of the archangel assistance ritual. In addition to assigning each individual a personal guardian to watch over them in this life, God has also chosen three archangels to assist us on our journey to paradise.

Celeste Pearl
Celeste Pearl
Aug 26, 20227.7K Shares409.2K Views

Many of the angels that God created were given the responsibility of the archangel assistance ritual.

In addition to assigning each individual a personal guardian to watch over them in this life, God has also chosen three archangels to assist us on our journey to paradise.

This truth demonstrates how much God loves us by surrounding us with strong heavenly creatures to serve, watch over, and defend us.

These three heavenly aids, in particular, were assigned certain tasks, and we are urged to call upon them in our time of need.

Here is a lovely prayer to the archangel assistance ritual that explains the function that each archangel has been assigned by God and how that function might be of assistance to us in our time of need.

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Religious Paintings On A Cathedral Ceiling
Religious Paintings On A Cathedral Ceiling

Spirit Guides And How To Communicate With Them

You have spirit guides who are delivering you beneficial messages regardless of who you are, where you are from, or how your life is currently going.

Here's how to figure out who your guides are, ask for their help, and stay in touch with all the different kinds of guides.

What Are The Different Types Of Spirit Guides?

Some spirit helpers have been with you all along, perhaps even before you were ever born.

Others joined your team because you needed them at various points in your life, and you can still ask for additional spirit guides out of your own free choice.

The group of spirit guides that have been assigned to you as your spiritual guidance squad may comprise any or all of the following:


Leaders in the angelic realm, archangel assistance ritual, have a strong, enormous energy signature.

When you invoke an archangel, the energy in the space may alter if you have energy sensitivity or are an empath.

Archangel Raphael, for example, specializes in healing, and each archangel may work with a great number of people at once.

Guardian Angels

You alone have a guardian angel, and we all have more than one.

Angelic guardians have dedicated their entire life to looking out for you.

You may contact them at any moment for help right away.

They will always, and without condition, adore you.

Keep in mind that angels work with individuals of all faiths and spiritual beliefs and are nondenominational.

Religious Artwork
Religious Artwork

Spirit Animals

Your deceased pet, who is now a member of your spiritual support team, may be one of your spirit animals.

Spirit animals may also be any animal that has something to teach you, such as a peacock who can help you understand the value of beauty or how to boldly embrace your talents, or a wolf who can help you understand the significance of meeting your basic requirements.

The first time you encounter a spirit animal can be in a dream, in your garden, or in a coworker's coffee cup.

Ascended Masters

Ascended masters like Mother Mary or Buddha formerly lived as humans and underwent profound spiritual development.

They now have a unique position as authorities in the spirit realm and as mentors and instructors to people like you.

My guides have told me that all ascended masters are partners and work well together, no matter what culture or religion they were part of in life.

Departed Loved Ones

People you care about who have passed away may decide to become one of your spirit guides and actively encourage you from beyond the grave by doing things like bringing you job chances or fostering relationships.

Whether you had a close relationship with one of your grandmothers in life, she might serve as a significant spirit guide for you.

In reality, you might have a spirit guide from any deceased person.

If you dance, you could have a spirit guide on your team who was once a performer and dancer as well and is now trying to support you as an artist.

Religious Practices And Archangel Assistance Ritual

There are no prescribed routines every week.

However, it might be suitable to plan a weekly community-based gathering of Orisha seekers, devotees, and practitioners if the Religious Services Department is used to accommodating requests for weekly prayer and study.

The practices, rituals, and traditions differ even from family to family, since the rituals represent the cultures of the countries from which practitioners and seekers have descended.

The focus of neighborhood festivals is typically the worship or study of a particular orisha to which family members have committed.

The Orisha is usually presented with fruit.

Initiated priests and priestesses may experience an altered state of consciousness, or trance state, as a result of drumming and dancing, which are both forms of prayer.

The worshiper channels the Orisha while in a trance state, providing the community and individuals with knowledge, performing healing, etc.

Everybody who is invited is welcome to participate in household rituals.

The Orisha worshipers place a lot of value on one's ancestors or again.

In the many forms of tradition, all rites and rituals start with paying respect to one's ancestors.

It is recommended for individuals to observe worship or devotion to one or more specific Orishas in prisons.

No matter the specific religious or cultural distinctions based on a person's place of origin or geographic location, scheduled group services are accessible to everyone and are for the benefit of all Orisha worshipers.

People from different cultures may be drawn to Orisha worship and research out of an interest in the paranormal or for spiritist rituals.

Participation is welcome, but seekers and guests must respect the traditions and customs of the practitioners by observing or engaging in activities courteously without imposing their customs or beliefs or interfering with the services.

A Stained Glass Church Window with a Beautiful Design
A Stained Glass Church Window with a Beautiful Design

Super Easy Archangel Assistance Ritual

Although there are many angels, there are only seven very strong archangels that can help us in our everyday lives.

Each has a unique attribute and a mission to carry out.

They were made to assist humanity and the cosmos, and some believe they are even more powerful than guardian angels in the celestial realm.

Each one is connected to a different colored beam of light and has its healing power and frequency to help you.


The archangel Michael is identified with the color blue, which stands for power, trust, and protection.

Whenever someone starts to drain your energy, you can use their power by doing this simple ritual.

Find a tranquil place and meditate there for a while.

Ask archangel Michael to shield your physical form and aura, and visualize a deep blue glow cloaking you.

Imagine it extending down to your feet.

Imagine putting its hood over your head and zipping it up to your crown chakra to shield your energy field from the prying eyes of others.

Say to yourself, "Divine love protects me," and then repeat it to yourself over and over again throughout the day.

The ride ends with him being thanked for his assistance.


Golden yellow is associated with Archangel Sophie and represents heavenly wisdom, illumination, and enlightenment.

Use his energy to awaken your intuition and guide you to your inner resources for solutions.

Spend a few minutes clearing your thoughts and making sure any outside distractions, such as phones, emails, and other devices, are turned off.

While you think about it, ask archangel Sophie to clear your mind and help you find a way out of your problem.

Visualize a bright yellow light developing all around your head and growing.

Put your fingertips in the middle of your forehead and your thumbs on the temples on either side of your head.

Stretch the skin on your forehead by gently pulling your fingertips over it.

Imagine that all the stress and slow energy that has built up in your third-eye chakra is slowly leaving, which will make it easier for archangel Sophie to help you.

Declare: "Divine knowledge leads me," and keep repeating this mantra to yourself all day to strengthen your connection to a higher power.

You'll be shocked at how quickly your problem's solutions start to appear in your head and in real life.

Archangel Sophie is thanked for his wisdom as the ceremony comes to an end.


When it comes to love, archangel Chamuel is the go-to angel, and rose pink is typically connected with him.

Spend a few minutes concentrating on your breathing while you have your eyes closed.

Ask archangel Chamuel to help you make your current relationship stronger or better, or to help you find a romantic partner.

Focusing on your desire, see a rose-pink ball of light around and entering your heart chakra (the center of your chest).

To stimulate your thymus gland and produce the proper frequency in your aura for manifesting your wishes, lightly tap the center of your chest.

To aid archangel Chamuel in removing any grief or heartache preventing love from entering your life, keep a rose quartz crystal by your bed as you sleep.

Say to yourself, "Divine love flows through me," to keep its energy going throughout the day.

Archangel Chamuel should be thanked for his unwavering devotion to completing the rite.


White is associated with the archangel Gabriel, who promises to offer you purity and tranquility.

Ask Archangel Gabriel to use his mighty beam of white light to cleanse whatever concerns, worries, or emotional anguish you are going through by taking a moment to calm your thoughts.

If he showered you with his bright light, it would wash away the bad worries you have.

Imagine it leaving your aura and body as a soiled brown material and draining out of the plughole.

For many minutes, allow the white light to purify and cleanse you until your body and aura seem and feel vibrant.

Saying "Divine light purifies me" can help you keep your energy field strong and clear all day.

Thank archangel Gabriel for his aid as the ceremony comes to a close.


Archangel Raphael is an excellent angel to call upon for any kind of healing, and the color green is his hue.

By going to a peaceful area of your home and asking him for assistance with your difficulty, you might ask him to wash away your grief.

Imagine that your heart is surrounded by a beautiful green glow that fills your whole body.

Imagine his healing light entering every cell in your body and triggering your body's innate power to heal itself.

Declare to yourself, and then repeat to yourself throughout the day, "Divine love cures me (or the person's name)."

Archangel Raphael should be thanked for his assistance in completing the ceremony.

Inner Peace

The angel of peace, archangel Uriel, is drawn to the hues of purple and gold.

Use this really easy exercise to help you relax and calm your thoughts so that you can sleep better at night.

Breathe deeply for a few minutes while seeing an eight-shaped pattern of purple and gold light forming all around you.

Bring the thumb and index finger of each hand together to form a circle.

This is a hand mudra that you may do to relax and align the energy in your body.

Saying to yourself, "Divine peace flows through me" can help you keep your cool and stay calm throughout the day.

Archangel Uriel should be thanked for the ritual's serene spirit.


Archangel Zadkiel is related to Violet and stands for kindness, freedom, and forgiveness.

Use his forgiveness to assist you in forgiving others or yourself.

Ask him to assist you in forgiving the person you're upset with while closing your eyes (or yourself).

Imagine that you are moving toward a violet flame of light that is much bigger than you and is growing right in front of you.

Call on the violet flame and say, "I'm ready to forgive myself and let go of all the shame and guilt I'm holding in my heart and spirit, so it can be cleaned and neutralized."

You might also say, "I am willing to forgive (say their name) and release any anger, resentment, blame, and judgment I hold in my heart and spirit into this flame," if there is someone else you are having trouble forgiving.

Then, repeat to yourself throughout the day, "The violet flame releases me from my agony," to help your past pain vanish.

Archangel Zadkiel should be thanked for his help in concluding the rite.

People Also Ask

What Kind Of Archangel Zadkiel Is?

Archangel Zadkiel, who is Violet's relative, represents kindness, liberation, and forgiveness.

Make use of his mercy to help you forgive others or yourself.

Which Archangel Is Responsible For Healing?

Archangel Gabriel, who is linked with the color white, assures you of his purity and serenity.

The color blue, which is associated with strength, trust, and protection, is used to represent the archangel, Michael.


Don't worry if you feel estranged from the spirit and some archangel assistance ritual.

You have and will always have a connection with spirit.

Whether you feel your spirit guides or not, they are present and working on your behalf in the background.

Even if we sometimes feel cut off from the spirit during our most difficult times, this is precisely when the spirit can and wants to help us the most.

Feeling connected to your faith and your spirit guides might help you find your footing while you're going through significant changes.

Every night before bed, spend 20 minutes watching a documentary or watching a movie with spiritual themes listening to a podcast by a spiritual leader who speaks to you or reading an uplifting and inclusive spirituality book.

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