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Aquarius Best Match In Love, Sex And Friendship


Are you looking for Aquarius best match? The Zodiac's 11th sign is Aquarius, the Water Bearer (from January 20 to February 18). The Water Bearer, or in other cases, just three squiggly lines, is used to symbolize it (hence why many people mistake Aquarius for a water sign).

Aquarius, also known as Kumbha in Vedic astrology, is a fixed air sign that is controlled by Saturn in ancient astrology and Uranus in contemporary astrology. The energy of this sign is eclectic, creative, and forward-thinking.

Aquarius Personality Traits

What is Aquarius's best match? There are various ways to be an Aquarius, just as there are different signs. The unknown, though, and what would appear "experimental" or "avant-garde" to the rest of us, are known to appeal to this sign.

It's a sign that anticipates trends, and Aquarians have a calm, airy outlook on the future. Because of this, they are often called the archetypal outsiders or eclectics of the zodiac.

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The Water Bearer, a person emptying a jug of water, is the symbol of Aquarius.

The Aquarian superpower entails looking backward while determining how to go ahead into the future. It is ruled by Saturn and Uranus. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of time. Uranus is the planet of epiphanies, revelations, and revolutions; it was discovered at the same time as electricity was.

Astrology Horoscope Circle
Astrology Horoscope Circle

Aquarius Traits

  • Creative
  • Humanitarian
  • Innovative
  • Optimistic
  • Peaceful

A Perfect Match For Aquarius

Due to their shared intellectual language, fellow air signs (Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini) and fire signs are often the most suited for Aquarius friendships and love partnerships (Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries).

The connection between Libra and Aquarius will always overcome difficulties in their relationship. Scorpio and Aquarius make a wonderful couple. There is a natural attraction between the two signs. They are less likely to experience romantic problems, but they will have to give up too much in their union.


Aquarius Challenges & Opportunities For Growth

Aquarians have enlightening ideas and are like the crisp winter air. That chilly air, though, can occasionally be a little far away.

Unlike their opposite sign, Leo, Aquarius prefers "us" over "me" and is less at ease in the spotlight. However, like most other signs, Aquarians may pick up a lot from their opposition. Take the lead, get to know people, and occasionally let your guard down, Aquarius!

Aquarius In Love And Sex

Aquarius is a great experimenter in both life and love. This sign is open to experimenting with various love and relationship scenarios.

Aquarians tend to be prepared to commit, settle down in relationships, and hold space for their lovers since they are a fixed sign. The average Aquarius wants to find their best friend, someone they can trust and talk to about their lives.

But given that they are known to value their alone time, Aquarians often value their own space in partnerships. Therefore, if the Aquarian in your life occasionally wants some space to themselves, don't take it personally.

Aquarius In Friendship

Aquarians often seek companions with whom they may have shared intellectual interests because air signs are known to be highly cerebral. They are constantly looking for someone to have deep conversations with about life.

As a result of Uranus being their ruling planet, Aquarians are enchanted by new knowledge and anything that surprises them. This is why they are drawn to music, art, and discoveries that are unconventional.

Aquarius Is A Money And Career Sign

The Zodiac's innovators, scientists, experimental artists, and craftspeople are known as Aquarians.

The planet Uranus, which rules the sign of Aquarius, is linked to innovation and novelty. Aquarians, like Pisces, are frequently most at ease in subjects that are just beginning to make discoveries. This sign's purview includes ethical technology, electronic music, and forward-thinking technologies.

The average Aquarian is not simply out for themselves; they are always considering what is best for all mankind. This means that the sign will be happiest in jobs that put sustainability, the future of the earth, and social peace at the top of the list.

Aquarius Compatible Zodiac Signs

Although there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to astrological compatibility, Aquarians tend to be drawn to those who can assist them in their big-picture thinking.

People Also Ask

Whom Should An Aquarius Man Marry?

One of the greatest partners for an Aquarius guy to have a long-term relationship with is a Gemini lady.

Who Is Aquarius's Enemy?

Taurus and Capricorn are frequently adversaries of Aquarius. While Aquarius likes to do things their way, Taureans enjoy following the rules.

Who Is An Aquarius Twin Flame?

Gemini's twin flame might be Sagittarius or Aquarius since they will grant them independence and freedom and satiate their need for adventure.


Wondering who Aquarius best matches? Aquarius is a free-spirited, sometimes distant, and well, pretty wacky and strange sign of the zodiac. This is because they are unique and one-of-a-kind in their strange and unique traits.

In addition to being the sign of friendship, Aquarius is renowned as the humanitarian of the zodiac. They have a strong desire to improve society and the globe at large.

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