Angel Number 3 – The Shocking Truth Behind Most People Don’t Know

Angel Number 3 Doreen Virtue

Why there is such an “angel number 3” thing? Well, firstly numbers are an essential part of our daily lives not only in mathematics and science but also in the spiritual aspects of our lives. Angel numbers are increasingly becoming one of the most mysterious phenomena in the world today as millions of people from all over the world irrespective of creed and religion are sharing instances of noticing the specific sequence of numbers from different sources like billboards, timers, and even clocks.

Spiritualists, therapists and renowned authors all over the world, attest to the fact that number sequences are messages from the spiritual realm to human beings. According to Doreen Virtue, a therapist and a respected author in her book titled ‘Healing with the Angels’, she has detailed that angels always do their best to get our whole attention in order to communicate with us.

According to her, angels have the good intention of healing our lives yet most of us ignore the signs that they give to us and put them off as mere coincidences and imagination.

Number 3 Angel Message

Before going into angel number 3 meaning, it’s important to understand why it’s called “Angel Numbers”. It is believed that everyone has a guardian angel who guides us through our thoughts, words, visions and even feelings. They communicate and show us signs through our physical eyes in repetitive number sequences in two notable ways.

Firstly, angels show you meaningful number sequences arranged physically in a repetitive manner and secondly, angels can whisper into your ear to enable you to look up in time to see the number displayed on your phone, clock, and advertisement or on something else.

When angels do this, they want you to analyze the message in it further by asking them to give you the meaning of the numbers that keep recurring for you. Angels therefore consistently look up for ways to guide and give us answers and when they show us number sequences, it is a good sign for their devoted power and love. Always listen to your angel’s guidance which comes through thoughts, feelings and even visions.

When you frequently see recurrent number sequences, it is a constant reminder of something magical happening to you and when you see number sequences that are symbolic of your personal life as birth dates, telephone numbers and anniversaries angels are showing you deeper personal messages that you ought to be keen on.

angel number 3 doreen virtue

Angel Number 3 Meaning

According to Doreen Virtue, angel number 3 communicates messages of inspiration, optimism, creativity, joy, self-expression, spontaneity and enthusiasm.

The number symbolically represents an increase and growth in financial, emotional and spiritual levels and carries the vibrations of the ascended masters. Importantly, the ascended masters help you as an individual to focus on the spark within your inner self and help you to find clarity, peace, and love.

Consequently, the ascended masters who are the angels, want you as an individual to follow you inner wisdom and intuition so that you can take appropriate actions by using your skills and creative abilities. The angel manifests your desires in order to enhance yourself and that of others by constantly encouraging you to pursue your dream with lots of optimism and enthusiasm.

Doreen further argues out that when the angel number 3 constantly appears to you, it shows and communicates that your affirmations and prayers have been heard and responded by the universal beings and urges you to have strong faith in your desires and goals which will be manifested during the right time.

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Number 3 Meaning In The Bible

Moreover, the angel number 3 represents the Trinity, that it the mind, body, and spirit meaning that you are receiving divine protection, guidance, and help. Spiritually, it says that Jesus Christ is with you and will always help you during your most difficult times.

In the bible, it significantly shows that Jesus is working on your behalf. Interestingly, the number 3 is a number of creation and completion that is associated substantially with divinity in various religions such as Christianity (1). Seeing the number three regularly is a different reminder from the universe of the creative potential and our divine nature that we were created from.

Spiritually, angel number 3 is common to those who are involved in spirituality and frequently appears in our daily experiences during the day and night addressing us in our work-related documents and even phone numbers.

Therefore, when you constantly notice numbers frequently repeating themselves three times, it is a full expression of spiritual alignment. Through prayer and meditation, people believe that number sequences that keep on appearing to them reveal additional information sent from God through the angels.

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3 Angel Number Numerology Meaning

Numerology is a sacred science on the study of numerical values of letters in ideas, words and names which from ancient to modern times has maintained its relevance. It is the strong belief in the mystical relationship between a number and a coincidental event in somebody’s life.

Numerologists believe that it is through numbers that we can see messages in a three dimensional way showing us opportunities, lessons, guidance and growth that is contained in every experience that we go through in life. Experts in numerology believe that numbers are huge containers of pure energy and they strongly believe that numbers have spiritual wisdom.

This, therefore, tend to explain why the spiritual realm uses numbers to communicate with human beings. Pythagoras, a great mathematician once attested that everything that occurs in the universe is mathematically precise with each number having its own unique meaning.

Therefore, the placeness of numbers in sequences is completely deliberate and hold special meaning being communicated. According to numerology, the number 3 shows that sources of wisdom and love are just nearby you to benefit from. The number 3 is often associated with good fortune and luck.

Final Words

In conclusion, numbers are an important way in which one can communicate with the angelic realm. Research from various sources in the Bible, numerology and even spiritually shows that numbers are an important way in which human beings are taken to the magical world of higher beings.

Angels are incredibly pure spiritual beings who are always looking for ways to answer our questions as human beings, guide our paths and communicate to us through the use of numbers. Number sequences are therefore clever ways in which angels deliver messages making you aware of their presence.

Specific sequences of numbers that appear are hidden meanings and we should not ignore them as mere coincidences since they are ways in which angels are passing insightful messages to you and you ought to be willing to figure out what it means.

We hope this article answer your questions about Angel Number 3 meaning! So, what other numbers did you see?

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