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3 And 7 Marriage Compatibility - A Fascinating Combination Of Two Very Different Types Of People


Jupiter is the governing planet of number 3, whereas Neptune is the ruling planet of number 7. These two numbers are drawn to one another by nature. The number 3 denotes a genius, whereas the number 7 denotes self-sacrifice. This symbol signifies mutual respect, love, understanding, and a nice family environment, which is ideal for marriage.

Because the two numbers 3 and 7 marriage compatibility are opposed, some people feel they are irreconcilable. However, it is the same opposing nature that draws these two individuals together. Arguments and confrontations are never a good fit for this couple. As a result, building mutual understanding and conversation is critical before reaching a consensus. The key to success will be an open and honest discussion about desires, requirements, and objectives.

3 And 7 Marriage Compatibility Enneagram

Achievers and motivators in Enneagram Type 3 are often active, enthusiastic, self-assured, and goal-oriented. Because of their passion for nearly everything (particularly new things), their adventure-seeking focus, and their broad variety of interests, Enneagram Type 7 is known as the Enthusiast, Adventurer, and Generalist.

We'll look at the compatibility of an Enneagram Type 3 with a Type 7, as well as how the relationship appears when it's in balance and when it's on the verge of falling apart. The Achiever (3) and the Enthusiast (7) are high-energy pairs who may complement each other since they both have enough energy to keep up with each other.

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Both have busy schedules and various activities and are extroverted, cheerful, gregarious, vibrant, and outgoing. They have a positive attitude and a hope for a better future, which might inspire people around them. The Achiever (3) adds a practical emphasis, a feeling of urgency, and a concern for appearances to the dynamic. They are more concerned about what others may think of them, and they devote time and effort to ensuring that the pair is suitable, successful, and well-liked in the community.

Enthusiasts (7) are motivated by a feeling of adventure, a desire for pleasure, and a desire to try something new, so they are less bothered by what others think. They may be spontaneous and outrageous, attributes that are both balanced and sometimes therapeutic for the achiever. Resilient and unconcerned about failure, they can be spontaneous and provocative (3).

The Achiever (3) brings a feeling of fun and adventure, boldness, and good cheer, while the Enthusiast (7) brings a sense of fun and adventure, boldness, and good joy. They operate together, with the enthusiast (7) developing ideas and plans and the achiever (3) stepping in to ensure that the plans are carried out correctly. Others wonder how they can keep up with this couple's energy level, which is nearly legendary.

Both Achiever (3)s and Enthusiast (7)s are prone to staying on the go and automatically focusing on the positive. With so much energy directed outward, it might be difficult for this pair to take the time to analyze underlying difficulties and challenges. This partnership might also have an aspect of superficiality to it.

The pair may seem to be in love, but there is no actual closeness between them. The emotional connection may be lost if people are unable to remove their masks, calm down, and expose their flaws and vulnerabilities. The downward spiral may be initiated in this atmosphere in several ways.

If the couples damage one another without recognizing it, avoidant conduct might accidentally start the downhill cycle. Enthusiasts reinterpret unfavorable events to make them good. In bad conditions, the achiever's protection strategy is to work more.

Because neither of them is very adept at dealing directly with unpleasant matters, little resentments might deepen, frustrations can mount, and worries can go unresolved. The closeness that the couple formerly enjoyed is damaged until they learn to slow down, sit quietly together, and honestly address actual concerns and the relationship itself.

Competing agendas, on the other hand, may be a problem. Both Achiever (3)s and Enthusiast (7)s are self-interested, and it may be difficult to find a compromise when their objectives diverge. Both dig in their heels as their defenses tighten, the achiever (3) focused on their aims and the enthusiast (7) focused on their freedom. Both couples may feel compelled to flee, believing that their life objectives are in jeopardy. This pair may put individual interests ahead of the partnership, resulting in separation if there is no mechanism in place to put the relationship first and halt the momentum.

A Couple standing on a garden with heart-shaped flowers and both wearing sunglasses and a hat
A Couple standing on a garden with heart-shaped flowers and both wearing sunglasses and a hat

Number 3 And 7 Marriage Compatibility

When it comes to personality qualities, the numbers 3 and 7 are about as far apart as you can go. The number 3 yearns to be exceedingly sociable and continually engaged in some activity, while the number 7 yearns for quiet and seclusion. They will not operate properly if the number 7 is put in too many social situations.

You don't want to deal with confrontation, so if you want your love connection to go beyond the first date, you'll have to learn to compromise in the long run. To be effective in this connection, you must be able to communicate openly about your needs and desires. You may go your separate ways throughout the day and arrange time together to reignite the flame.

Two numbers may always be compatible as long as you accept that your partnership will have more obstacles than others. It will work out as long as you have chemistry together and remember what your differences are and how to work them out as a relationship. It has a lot to do with the fact that number 7 is alone.

It will be alright as long as number 3 doesn't mind going out with friends and leaving number 7 behind on occasion. The second point is that number 7 cannot get envious when number 3 wishes to go out since the relationship would be ruined if number 3 is kept pent up. According to Numerology, a number 3 personality may not be particularly compatible with a number 7 personality.

Birth Number 3 And 7 Marriage Compatibility

You are under the influence of Jupiter and Ketu if your birth number is 3 and your number is 7. They like to remain alone and live a lonely existence. They are of average height. They will be a mix of the old and the new, of tradition and innovation. They have lovely faces. They don't get along well with others. They only speak after pre-planning the points they want to make.

When complications develop, they will argue a lot to achieve their goal. They will never discuss things that aren't essential. Others will not agree with their principles. As a result, people will have misconceptions about them. Having dedicated friends is tough for a group of this size. If they make such pals, they will be physically and emotionally bonded to them.

They have a short fuse and may easily get enraged. They will point out and condemn anybody who makes a mistake. They will keep their problems hidden from others. They excel in research, the arts, and education. They'll be thinking about something all the time. Some people who have to work will not spend their free time. They'll be thinking or writing about something even then. They will have strained relationships with their coworkers. They have an inquisitive mind. They are capable of developing new things if they have the appropriate labels.

They have the potential to expand rapidly in businesses that deal with liquids, stones, jewels, and minerals, medical ships, and arts-related professions. A suitable name change will ensure development. Some of them work on their own in the profession. Due to their lack of communication, they may not be able to build their trade as much as they would want. Furthermore, they do not discuss their concerns with others or try to find a solution for them. They also do not seek advice from others when challenges develop in their firm.

As a result, they haven't had much business success. However, if they change their names as described below, their company will grow. There is a lot of patriotism and religious devotion among them.

They will dedicate their lives to their nation and faith. But, no matter how genuinely they serve these two causes, they will eventually grow aloof, believing that they are of little service. Even if their adversaries are stronger, they will face them head-on. In their personal lives, they are perplexed. They will benefit if they alter their name to correspond to their date of birth and the fad numbers.

Do Life Paths 3 And 7 Get Along?

A Three/Seven partnership always seems to be a fantastic match, but this might also entail living up to their expectations. It's stressful to keep up with them, and their shared characteristics make it difficult to confess or look at difficulties. They are both under constant pressure to be "fantastic" and "perfect."

Is 7 A Lucky Number For Marriage?

Most people believe this number to be very lucky, and this year, couples from all around the globe have picked the dates 7-7-17 or 7-17-17 for their weddings. Indeed, the 7th of July, 2017 is likely to be even more popular since it will be the 10th anniversary of brides and grooms who were married on that day.

Life Path 3 And 7 Compatibility [Numerology Secrets Revealed]


These two form an intriguing duo, representing two very distinct personalities. The 3 are restless, dynamic, and always on the go, surrounded by a whirlwind of activity, travel, and social interaction that the 7 find insufferable. The seven need isolation and quiet to recharge, and they can only handle so much human interaction before fleeing to their haven. Because of the opposite natures of the 3 and the 7, confrontation seldom works well in this couple, and this is a partnership that may either survive a few weeks or last a lifetime.

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