Angel Number 5 Meaning - The Real Messages Angels Trying To Tell You.

Last updated: April 04, 2020

Angel Number 5

Hidden meaning behind angel number 5

If you keep seeing the angel number 5, it’s a sign of major changes to come.

Brace yourself and pay attention, because the answers are in your angel number!

When you repeatedly have numbers appear to you at random times of the day, there’s a good chance that your angels are trying to communicate something to you.

Angel numbers, such as the angel number 5, contain a message of hope, encouragement, and guidance. The great thing about these changes is that they are going to bring you into better alignment with your divine purpose. You will be receiving more love, abundance, and energy.

Angel Number 5 Spiritual Meaning

The number 5 might be a reminder that you should remain positive in whatever you’re doing. If you’re on a spiritual journey, the angels might send this number to you to encourage you not to relent.

The number 5 may be a sign that you are about to receive divine healing and breakthrough. According to the Bible, God blessed everything he had made on the fifth day (1). From this allusion alone, we can see that the number 5 indicates that there is going to be an increase in your life.

Angel Number 5 Dream Meaning

Numbers play an important role in life. So, when you see a number in your dream, you have to take it seriously and try to decipher its meaning. Each number you see might represent a level of growth. It is necessary for you to analyze this number and try to understand the message the number is trying to pass across to you. Also, you need to examine the number that appears to you, whether it comes in the form of a single digit or in a combination of digits.

Numerologists advise that you sum the numbers that appear in combination digits into a single digit so as to understand the overall message. For additional insight, you can still check what the individual numbers represent.

For example, if you keep seeing number 14 in your dream, the message could be two-fold – that you are on your way to perfection as is represented by number 1 and that you should start building strong foundations as is represented by number 4.

Overall, the number you see in your dream may indicate the date for a positive change in your life. Dreaming of angel number 5 might represent signs of well-being or personal freedom. It may suggest that you’re learning your life lessons.

angel number 5 spiritual meaning

Angel Number 5 Doreen Virtue

Balance -The number 5 stands for balance. Meaning that there must be a balance between material and spiritual aspects. The hand and feet have 5 parts each. If the toe of your feet is cut off, you can no longer have the balance to run. Same goes with the thumb of your hand. With the thumb cut off from your hand, you can’t grab a thing with a firmer grip.

Love – When you are passing through an emotional problem and you start to see the angel number 5, it’s a sign that you need to take care of your emotional wellbeing. It might also symbolize that you need a change in your romantic relationship.

Your romantic relationship should not weigh you down; rather, it should be a source of joy and happiness. If your relationship is not making you feel better and more accomplished, and angel number 5 starts to surface, then you need to either begin to fix things or abandon the relationship altogether.

Life Lessons – Your guardian angel is there to guard and instruct you. The number 5 may signify that your angel is informing you of the fact that either, you have major changes coming your way or that you should make specific changes in your life. It may also communicate a need to remain positive to your current situation irrespective of what you are passing through.

When changes come, your situation might be difficult to bear and you may want to give up. However, you can rest assured that your angel will provide you motivation, guidance and the support that you need. Your angel will make you realize that every obstacle that comes your way is only a lesson and not a punishment.

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Loyalty -One of the biggest gifts to individuals to whom the angel sends the number 5 is that they are loyal. They detest cheating and prefer not to be in a relationship than to cheat. When the angel number 5 starts to appear, it may be an indication that your partner is cheating, or you are about to cheat.

Health – Angel number 5 may be an indication that you need to show more concern towards your health. You need to analyze your life to see if there is anything causing harm to your overall physical and mental wellbeing. You might want to exercise to prepare your body for a major health breakthrough or change your diet for a future opportunity.

Changes –Angel number 5 may surface to inform you to get prepared for change because if you don’t, it might affect your life tremendously. These changes could be in your marriage, personal life, career, or even in your studies. You need to remain positive to the change because when these changes come, your angel will not force the change on you.

Rather, he will only encourage and guide you as you move through the transitional period. Our angels want to remind us to watch out for signs that change is in the offing, as well as not to resist change when it begins taking place

Angel Number 5 And Risk – Those to whom the angel number 5 keeps appearing are known to be risk takers. The number could be a sign to take a risk or that the risk you are about to take is not worth it. You need to be observant and quick to decipher what the number represents. This will enable you to know when to take the plunge and when to bide your time

Personal Freedom/Individualism – Last but not least, when the angel number 5 is revealed to you, it could be a sign that you are self-centered, and that you do not care about others. It could mean that you’re so mindful about what makes you happy that you do not give due consideration to what others think or feel about it.

Also, people that keep seeing this number hate staying in one position for too long and are easily disenchanted with the status quo. When the number 5 sign starts to surface, it may be an indication to turn over a new leaf; perhaps start your new business or leave your current job.


When you keep seeing angel number 5, you just need to maintain a positive outlook and make the most of these changes so that they will reward you in the most satisfying ways.

These changes may look harsh and sudden at first glance, but they’re actually a long time coming. You may not have noticed the signs in the past, but some of these changes took months, even years, to happen.

It’s an invitation for you to let go of the old and bring in the new. Don’t resist these changes because you will still have to go through them sooner or later.

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